CNN Reporter Humiliated By Unhinged Democrat

CNN’s Manu Raju got dogwalked on Wednesday by notorious anti-Semite and Democrat, Ilhan Omar.

Raju was doing his usual thing: Pretending to be an impartial journalist while stalking opportunities to make Democrats look great and Republicans look terrible.

That’s really what made this entire thing so special.

But first, here’s the clip…

The best part about this entire thing is that Omar is such a hot mess right now, she didn’t even care that Raju was lobbing her a total softball.

It was CNN’s usual question for Democrats…

Donald Trump said or did ‘X.’ Tell us your thoughts on why that makes him a racist, a rapist, a Russian spy, and/or literally insane.

It’s what CNN does all day, every day. It happens in their studios, it happens with their people in the field, and it happens in the halls of Congress. Every story, all day, every day, from every angle, is always about how awful Trump is and how great anyone is who hates him.

But Omar is such a flailing mess after getting Demsplained to over her public Jew hatred, that she’s smacking around poor little Manu Raju who’s just trying to give her the same easy questions he gives all Trump haters.

It’s really kind of hilarious when you think about it.

I mean you have Omar, who’s totally unhinged and fighting like some high school brat who thinks she’s better than everyone else. And the mess she’s in is all of her making because after being misled into thinking she’s a superstar in the Democrat party, her racism finally caught up with her and she’s now spent the last several days getting pummeled by everyone in that party. It was, and remains, a tremendous spectacle.

But then you have Manu Raju getting just humiliated by her, all for lobbing a total softball.

This is CNN, folks. They’re so predictably biased and unethical that even the Democrats they’re trying to help will smack them around just for being there. It’d be one thing if Raju was asking even a remotely difficult question. But he wasn’t. He was doing his thing: “Tell us more about how awful Trump is.” And she dogwalked him for it.

Picture a guy catching his wife in bed with another man, and then getting berated by his wife for coming home early. You just pictured Manu Raju’s afternoon with Ilhan Omar.

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