Brutally Honest Note To The American Left (Liberals, SJWs, CNN, Democrats, etc)

You people are idiots who create exponentially more division, disparity and destruction in one day than Trump and his entire base ever will in their combined lifetimes. You’re a cancer on our nation’s progress and unity, and you guise your historically-consistent, Democrat-inspired bigotry as some kind of moral good. You demand that we all judge each other by identity (race, ethnicity, gender) before character — and you confer pity on brown people and scorn for white people.

You think you’re doing good.

You think you’re helping.

You truly believe, because you’re bigots, that brown people are incapable of succeeding without your pity and political/social activism.

But your efforts to “help” only exacerbate division and pain, while shredding the hope and individual liberty of those you purport to fight for.

If you want to do good and help people, don’t let me stop you. Go do it.

If you want to be a bigot who thinks black and brown people need lowered bars, and white people are the root of all evil and must knock themselves down a few pegs…have at it. Go preach that regressive trash anywhere you please!

But stop insisting that the government exercise charity and bigotry on your behalf. Because there are a lot of us who see right through the idiocy of your efforts and the prominence of your plain-sight bigotry, and we don’t any part of helping you further divide and destroy our nation.


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One comment

  1. I will never allow them to destroy our country. Prepare to defend our freedoms for they fully intend to take them away. They no not the wrath about to be unleashed against them.


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