Democrats & Media Collude To Downplay Their Shared Bigotry

While the accusation is thrown around pretty loosely in politics, few and far between are the explicit examples of racism that we can point to when it comes to sitting politicians. Of course the Democrats are enduring a slew of credible accusations right now. In recent days we’ve seen two top Democrats in Virginia admit to wearing blackface, and Elizabeth Warren (aka Fauxcahontas) caught fabricating her racial background to enhance her professional stature.

But if you read this website with any regularity then you already know that Democrats (liberals, progressives, celebrities, media, SJWs, etc) are guilty of racism and bigotry every day in plain sight.

Just two recent examples that you can set aside to read later…

Media & Democrats Are Starting A Race War

Liberals Are America’s Most Effective Hate Group

So it’s great to see them getting called out for it. And I hope more people will awake to the reality that nobody creates more division, disparity and destruction than the media and Democrats who — with tragic irony — claim to be our nation’s foremost advocates for equality and progress.

But I doubt that will happen. Call me a pessimist, but I’ve spent the better part of 15 years watching the media and Democrats sow hatred and division by pushing a myth that Republicans are racist. It’s extremely painful to watch, especially when so few seem to really see and understand the engorged levels of destruction and hypocrisy at play across the entire equation.

But that’s the way it’s been, and will probably remain.

And while three top Democrats are embroiled in racially-charged scandals of their own callous making, the narrative will quickly shift back to Donald Trump. And the cycle will continue as the media and Democrats push false accusations of racism, thus creating the very racial unrest and disunity they claim they’re trying to end.

The blackface worn by Virginia Democrats, and the racial identity theft committed by Elizabeth “Running Joke” Warren, are explicitly and objectively awful. And here are four other examples of explicitly, objectively awful racism from elected politicians…

1). Joe Biden’s staggeringly bigoted suggestion that being “clean and articulate” is a big win for black people

2). Harry Reid being impressed when a black person can speak with “no negro dialect”

3). Barbara Boxer implying with absolute certainty that all black people think alike

4). Barack Obama insisting that there’s such thing as a “typical white person,” and he knows the definition of what that is

The Democrats are as racist today as they were in 1863 and 1964, only today they call it “social justice” and they truly believe they’re doing the right thing. Racism and bigotry in 2019 aren’t about hate, as much as pity. That’s why Biden and Reid are so floored that a black person can be clean and speak well. That’s why they think brown people need lowered bars like amnesty, and that’s why think white people need to knock themselves down a few pegs (ie, “check your privilege”).

They pity black and brown people. They see themselves as the cause of, and solution to, all of black and brown peoples’ problems. And the bigotry just grows and spreads until you have people like Barack Obama proudly saying that there’s such thing as a “typical white person,” and that he knows the definition of what that means. And nobody bats an eye. Nobody flinches. Nobody takes any substantive issue with it.

And now the more explicit examples emerge of Democrats’ bigoted and exploitative racial posture, and everyone is pretending to be surprised. It’s not surprising. It’s right there, every day, in plain sight, for all to see.

Democrats, liberals, progressives, SJWs — they’re all bigots and racists. Some are explicit racists who proudly judge themselves and others based on skin color, and others are more subtly racist as they define “progress” as conferring pity on brown people and scorn for white people.

But they’re the greatest blights on our nation’s progress and unity, and it’s always been that way, and there’s no indication that it’s going to change any time soon.


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  1. I have been saying this for years. Ask why we need welfare that gets your answer about what they are right away. they are the biggest racist bigots out there.


  2. there is no way the democrats are going to let a Republican take over in Virginia. You gotta be joking there righteousness only applies to the enemy.


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