Open Letter To Charlie Sykes, Who Works The Wednesday Morning Shift At The NeverTrump Stripper Pole

Hi Charlie,

You’ve never done a single thing to help advance the conservative movement. You’ve built an entire career preaching to already-faithful conservatives, while watching those conservatives get pummeled socially, culturally, and politically.

Then Donald Trump comes along and exposes you, and those like you (Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Stuart Stevens, Ana Navarro, etc) as the useless grifters that you are.

And you’re just furious about that. Understandably. Anyone would be. You’ve not only been neutered professionally, but your entire brand and legacy has been reduced to — at best, if you’re lucky — obscurity.

But your mindless opposition to Republican efforts, and your persistent and passionate assertion of Democrat talking points, cannot be explained away by pointing to the pulpy, mangled remains of what I’m sure used to be your healthy ego.

What else drives it?

It’s not principle. I mean maybe it is, I guess, if you only have one single principle and it’s hatred for the man who exposed your uselessness and demoted you from starting player on the right to waterboy for the left.

But that simply cannot be your only principle. There still have to be some others that you care about like, for example, securing our southern border to help secure our nation and reduce the pain/suffering on both sides of the border that our broken system has not only allowed but invited. That has to matter at least a little bit, no?

So it’s not your principles.

I guess it must be that, now revealed to be nothing more than a useless talker who oversaw the decades-long curbstomping inflicted on the entire right thanks to the stewardship of ineffective activists and communicators like you, it’s just about your brand at this point. So even when Trump leaves office in 2025 having done more to advance the causes that legitimately forward-thinking Republicans have for decades fought toward, you — and your progressive allies in the media and Democrat party — will still pretend to be reeling about how awful everything was. And you’ll be able to say “Yeah but I fought against him the whole time!”

Which brings me this, which I wrote several months ago…

Let’s Start Talking About 2024 Before Conservative Media Grifters Hijack The Conversation

Anyway, just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I see right through you. And so does everyone else. And it’s not a pretty sight. And that’s unfortunate, but it’s really not anything new for you. Your uselessness, inefficacy, and enabling of those who oppose Republicans and conservatives, has been there your entire career. The hard part for you today, and the reason you’ve stopped pretending that you are or ever were anything other than opposition to conservative goals, is because Donald Trump’s ascendancy exposed just how terrible you and your ilk were at your jobs in the first place. I’m not claiming that you never shared the same goals as conservatives. I’m just noting that you were in a unique position to help advance them, but you were too scared of the mainstream media and too distracted by the business side of your conservatism, to actually be any good at it.

Take care,


Not much else to say on this one other than Charlie has long merited this type of exposure, but I was compelled to get it on paper after watching Buck Sexton dismantle Sykes’ hilarious “conservative” defense of Democrat talking points. You can watch that debacle here…

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  1. Gosh, I don’t even know these people … Charlie Sykes, Buck Sexton, Stuart Stevens or Ana Navarro. Of course, I don’t subscribe to cable nor are these people heard on my local talk radio.


  2. Sykes stirs the commode for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and survives on the click-bait slops.

    Trump 2020 vision for the future. Make America Great Again.


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