The Media’s ‘Trump Threatened Cohen!!!1!’ Charade

The outrage of the day over at CNN had nothing to do with revelations that Nathan Phillips did the journalistic equivalent of giving them and the rest of the mainstream media a date rape drug and then drawing phallic symbols all over their faces while they slept.

No, apparently Resistance Jake Tapper and the rest of the CNN Democrats are big fans of that action.

The outrage today, instead, related to the news that Michael Cohen would no longer be testifying because — per Cohen’s attorney — he’s intimated by “threats” from President Trump.

This is the easiest thing in the world to see right through, but nobody I’m reading or hearing has articulated it yet. So I will…

Cohen was set to testify before a Democrat-led House committee with respect to his work for President Trump throughout the 2016 campaign. The fact that the media was initially so excited about this is a bit perplexing, because there was never any chance that anyone was going to learn anything of any substance that hadn’t already been leaked or otherwise revealed. Cohen’s entire life is laid out chapter and verse for all the Trump haters on Mueller’s team and in the Southern District of New York to see. He was President Trump’s attorney, and they literally raided his office, home and apartment — forcing him to abandon attorney/client privilege and divulge every scrap of detail available to him regarding his work for Trump.

But the media and their Democrat BFFs will take their pants off and start drunk dialing each other any time there’s any hint of a possibility that they can use something in the news to further fabricate their anti-Trump, pro-Resistance story lines. And Cohen sitting in front of Congress, even though he’s already a whipping boy for Mueller and the SDNY, was sure to provide the media with ample opportunity to pretend something big happened.

Then we found out that Cohen wasn’t going to be able to discuss anything relating to any ongoing investigations. And the instant thud across the partisan media was audible.

“But wait!”, Cohen, his attorney, and the drunken media dirtbags who love them all simultaneously chortled. “We can still turn this into something big. Even though everyone already knows that we just suffered a huge let down despite the fact that Cohen was never going to give us anything newsworthy to begin with. And even though everyone already knows that, to make matters worse, we just found out that he was basically going to sit there the whole time and say something like ‘I’m not able to answer that question at this time’ — let’s still pretend that it was going to be a bombshell. And then let’s say that the reason that bombshell won’t happen is because…

…wait for it…

…the big, bad wolf — President Trump — threatened him!!!1!”

And that, of course, is what they went with.

The Cohen testimony was never going to be interesting or fruitful.

And days before it was set to occur, we find out that he wasn’t even able to discuss the things that he and his attorney had already leaked to Democrats in the media like Resistance Jake Tapper and NeverTrump Chuck Todd.

So buried under the disappointment of all those letdowns, the media decided to play up the idea that something huge was going to happen, but now it can’t, because — go figure — Donald Trump is the debbil. And they spent the entire day on Wednesday openly weeping to each other and their 39-person panels over that hilariously contrived storyline.

Again — nobody really seemed to pick up on this. Maybe that’s because there are only like 7-8 of us actually still watching CNN.

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One comment

  1. I’ve never seen Jake Tapper because, as noted in a previous comment, I don’t subscribe to cable. I don’t support those mainstream outlets that propagate fake news. Cable television is part of the problem.

    My mental health and overall happiness are significantly improved since cutting the cord 20 years ago.

    I mean, I still hear Tapper’s name mentioned on talk radio, but I will not pay one penny to support CNN.


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