The Media & Democrats Are Starting A Race War

The political news media and their Democrat BFFs are doing everything in their power to start a race war in America.

Whether it’s intentional or not is of zero consequence.

Their goal, as has been the case throughout modernity, is to destroy conservatism while promoting leftism. But in pursuing that goal the media and Democrats have ratcheted up their dishonest and disingenuous race pandering to historically irresponsible and destructive levels.

This author has long highlighted the plain sight bigotry of the [historically consistent] Democrat party, and their media allies. These people — who purport to want unity and equality while combating racism — demand that we place a higher premium on skin color than on character. They say that if you claim to be colorblind, then you’re the racist. And they say the only people fighting racism are the ones who explicitly engage in it by judging skin color before anything else.

They tell us that it’s good to teach kids to focus heavily skin color. They tell white kids that their opinions aren’t as valuable as brown kids’, and that brown people need pity in order to succeed in America. They don’t use those explicit terms but that’s exactly what’s implied in their “social justice” lessons.

The word “white” has become a pejorative and is used with reckless abandon throughout mainstream culture. Literally every time someone in the media or Democrat party uses “white” to describe someone, they’re denigrating that person.

Literally. Every. Time.

It’s a horrific cycle that’s ramped up in staggering measures ever since Trump won in 2016…

  • The media and their Democrat BFFs say they want to fight racism
  • They do so foremost by demanding that we judge everyone — ourselves and others — based on skin color before anything else (ie, they tell us that in order to prevent racism, we must all become racists)
  • The judgment they tell us to assert amounts entirely to nothing more than “White people are inherently evil, and brown people must be pitied”
  • This makes brown people feel bad for themselves while blaming white people for all their problems. And it makes white people, who never before in their lives felt the need to lean in to any kind of “white pride,” start looking at race in ugly and defensive ways
  • Racial tensions rise thanks to the media sensationalizing race at every possible opportunity
  • The media and Democrats blame conservatives for the rise in racial tensions, while crediting themselves for trying to end racism
  • Many in our recreationally-engaged electorate buy the coordinated spin, wholly unaware that it’s the media and Democrats who are actually exacerbating racial hatred in America

The really painful part for observers like me is that people buy the media+Democrat spin only because virtually nobody on the right is talking about this.

I wrote a piece a while back called “What Republicans Can ‘Do For’ Black People,” and the core argument was this…

What the GOP can “do for” black people is to stop treating them like their skin color means they need some kind of unique treatment or solution.

The piece fell on deaf ears. And I couldn’t understand why. It’s so simple: Stop perpetuating the myth that skin color matters. I didn’t expect it to serve as a wake up call to many in the grassroots because I don’t have any real reach, but I was devastated that nobody in conservative media saw any value in helping amplify that message so that it might reach a wider audience.

And so we drag on, and incidents like that with the Covington High School students emerge further highlighting the problem(s). As noted a few days ago, that entire episode served as a stark reminder that bigotry is still rampant in America: Adults all across our nation — left, right (NeverTrump, National Review, etc), and center — saw an old brown person with a drum, and a young white person in a MAGA hat, and immediately cast judgment as to who was right and who was wrong.

It wasn’t a deceptively edited viral video or an incomplete set of facts that garnered the tremendously misguided judgment. The real culprit was the bigotry in the hearts and minds of those who cast the obscenely uninformed judgment.

As evidence emerged showing a more complete picture, many virtue signalers on the right apologized for their initial attacks on the high school students. (At least one notable exception: Dinosaurs like National Review’s Nicholas Frankovich whose despicable observations were scrubbed from NRO’s pages but is still standing by his tremendous idiocy. A characteristic all too common among the National Review’s collection of useless grifters, who have gotten rich trying to convince us that they’re the keys to success when it comes to promoting conservatism and individual liberty — even though we’ve spent decades getting crushed socially, culturally, politically and legislatively by the Left while chortling amongst ourselves over the alleged depth of Jonah Goldberg’s “wisdom.”)

The media and their Democrat allies, however, are sticking to their story. Despite their hero — the Native American “elder,” Nathan Phillips — being exposed as a lying fraud who was the creepy and clear aggressor, they’re still trying to blame the kids.

And they’re of course still packaging every ounce of their analysis in racial terms. According to the media and Democrats, the 16 year old kid in a MAGA hat should’ve exercised more maturity and life experience than the 5,603 year old Native American “peace keeper.”

Threats of violence, actual violence, hoax hate crimes committed by liberals and SJWs — all completely ignored, absolved and subsequently normalized by the media and Democrats, as long as these terroristic acts are committed by people who hate Trump and are inflicted upon those who support him.

So now, thanks to the right’s inability and unwillingness to indict the media and Democrats for inciting hatred and racism under the guise of “progress” — and the right’s further failure to lead by example in these conversations as the GOP has otherwise done so critically throughout our nation’s history — brand new racism is being created every single day, across every social and political ideology, contributing to a terrifying hotbed of racial unrest.

The media and Democrats won’t stop until they’ve started an actual race war. And when that day comes, they won’t own their culpability. To the contrary, like they did with the 2008 financial crisis, they’ll pretend they and their liberal allies had nothing to do with it — and place all of the blame on those evil conservatives they’ve been busy warning you about.

All I can do is point out what I see happening. Racism based on hatred, once appropriately marginalized to the fringes, is now being popularized as long the hatred is directed at white people. And a new type of racism, based on pity for brown people, is running roughshod throughout every inch of our culture from our schools to our entertainment and our politics. And it’s all being done thanks to the “help” of progressives, many of which are at CNN, NBC and the others masquerading as impartial journalists.

And nobody on the right is really talking about in any meaningful way. To the contrary, when someone on the right does broach the race issue, they either perpetuate the myth that focus on skin color is good (eg, President Trump adopting mainstream segregation when he talks about “black unemployment”, “Hispanic approval,” etc) or they adopt the easily debunked media+Democrat narrative that President Trump is a racist who is mostly if not solely to blame for the rise in tensions (eg, NeverTrump media leaders like Seth Mandel, Rich Lowry, Erick Erickson, et al).

At the rate we’re going, a race war is absolutely coming. And I implore my brothers and sisters on the right who support our President not to engage in it. People today rarely hold themselves to the standard of turning the other cheek, but if ever you can muster the faith and strength to do so — this is the time and place do it. Do not allow the lying, bigoted, destructive, regressive media and Democrats to make you become the monster they spend every waking minute trying to convince the world you already are.

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  1. WHAT IF SOMEBODY IS TRYING TO KILL YOU? Still stay out of it, like always and always and always bvefore?


    • Of course not. If someone is trying to kill you, you pull out your gun and shoot them. But if someone is trying to provoke you into violence, you turn the other cheek. Like MLK Jr., a great Republican, taught us. And if…when…the media and Democrats are working hard to turn you into a racist, you stay mindful of the fact that they (the Left) thrive off of hatred and division — and you don’t give them what they want. You don’t participate in the race war that the media, Democrats, and even some establishment GOP idiots are fomenting. Defend yourself? Yes. Play into the media’s hands to further divide/destroy our nation? No.


      • Always inspiring to see some superstar like you say “I don’t not know how to Bible all that much but I sure as heckfire know that it’s wrong to write ‘bullshit’ so I’m gonna have to abbreviate that.” Pull your head out of your ass, slappy.


      • Thank you for turning the other cheek. Thannk you for revealing your self. Thank you for ignoring your purported religiosity. Thanks for being you. 🙂




        And you.

        Always you.


      • “Turn the other cheek and don’t become a racist or engage unnecessarily in violence” is exactly the same thing as “Let idiots who think that’s too much to ask run roughshod in the replies.” You’re on a roll today! Take a look around this site, slapdick. I’m on offense the entire time. Just because you’re a douchebag, doesn’t mean I’m gonna change that up. Pretty sure we’re done here. You go back to trolling comments. I’ll keep writing.


  2. Charter schools are filling up with kids who want to learn.
    Kids meaning all kids, not just rich or white.
    That was the reason LA teachers struck.

    Unemployment for Black and Brown Americans is better than ever in history.
    Black small business is up 400%.

    The only places where people of color suffer the most are in Democratic cities.
    The best thing we can do is start sending U-haul trucks to Chicago and Baltimore etc.

    There is nothing going on main street that resembles a race war.


    • You’re right that education is at the core of the problem. And you’re right that charter schools create a tremendous opportunity for kids to get a better education. But the exponentially bigger and far more important point: Education starts and ends at home. School is just the middle man. So kids who fail, have parents failing. That, more anything, is what drives so much disparity among Americans who happen to be black. 17, 29, 53, 72. Those are percentages of broken homes by race. 17% of Asians have broken homes, 29% of whites, 53% of Hispanics and — staggeringly — 72% of blacks. And nothing drives disparity more than broken homes. It’s not only empirically proven, but also logically obvious. I’ve written about this (a ton!) as well. If you search for “education” you’ll find some of those pieces.

      And I realize there aren’t activities on main street that demonstrate a race war. I do however watch the national media, and their sheep on social media, very closely. And it’s worth sounding the alarm that they’re stoking racial divide, and it’s working very well in many, many, many quarters.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Very well said.
        I’m a parent.
        It is my # 1 priority as a human being.
        I must be patient,
        Truth and moral clarity take some kids longer than others.
        One day they put together,
        “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,”
        happens when there is truth and moral clarity.
        So far it’s been worth the wait.


  3. Having been raised in Brooklyn in the late 40’s, early 50’s, I have to say that race relations are far worse than they were then (in New York). We lived separately, but otherwise were educated together, worked together, played (Harlem) together and got along quite well. Any prejudices were shared equally in both races!

    Not ALL people are meant for each other. What is wrong with that? Must the very rich opera-goers be penetrated with the great unwashed? Must each of us tolerate other folks who do not share our particular tastes. (I hate hot spicy food, now being shoved in my face..thanks, Mexico!) It used to be that variety was the spice of life. Now the naysayers are telling us that we must all be alike. Like the women’s ONE HAIRDO of today!

    Sorry, I have friends who are Jewish, friends who are black, friends who are white. What I cannot tolerate are the empty-headed Democrats who seem to be hypnotized to follow the leader!


  4. When we elect esteemed party member comrade kommissarina Cortez president the white inbred magic MAGA hat wearing kulak deplorables will be placed in camps and the glorious people’s collective utopia will commence. Forward! To each according to his needs, workers of the world unite.

    “Peace means absence of opposition to socialism.”

    Karl Marx


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