Do Remorseful Democrats & Media Deserve Forgiveness?

The media and Democrats are responsible for generations of disparity and suffering among black people compared to everyone else. And it will be two or three generations after the Democrats are once and for all defeated before our country can start to reduce that disparity.

In the meantime, those black people negatively affected by Democrats’ bigotry are, however tremendously unfortunately, casualties. I simply don’t know what we can do for them, as any handout only perpetuates the myth that they inherently need or are entitled to one. (And when someone believes they need or are entitled to special treatment, it corrupts if not outright destroys any healthy sense of individual liberty that may have once existed. But of course Democrats love that because powerless people are much easier to control, and people dependent on you to help them are much more loyal.)

The Democrats — along with the media, academia, and Hollywood — did this. And as they are exposed as the greatest impediment to our nation’s progress and unity, many of them will start backing away from their bigoted and socialist tendencies. But I struggle to give them any quarter because I think about the generations of lives they’ve ruined, are ruining, and will inevitably continue to ruin until long after their social and moral impotence leaves them entirely devoid of power or influence.

Keep in mind, especially for those who may be new to these pages, I’m the one who’s always talking about the Left’s good intentions. I’ve noted often that not only is it advantageous for us to understand their good intentions, but it’s intellectually dishonest not to. And I stand by that. Even though they see only evil, greed, or hatred in my intentions…I know what their good intentions are.

But there are some days when I think about all the destruction they’ve done, and it becomes very difficult for me to want to let them back away so easily from their long and consistent history of destroying people’s lives based on skin color. Their victims past, present and future certainly won’t get any do overs. And I’m not sure the Democrats and their allies in the media should either, even if they start backing away from their regressive ideas and behavior.

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One comment

  1. I’m not so deceived by the Democrats true intentions. Altruism is simply a Machiavellian scheme to gain and hold power.

    The appearance of empathy only serves to further the Left’s self-interest and personal gain. The end goal is to overthrow the American system and establish a socialist state.


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