Dear Kellyanne Conway: I Must Be An Idiot


I just don’t get it. I guess I must be an absolute idiot. I mean I know that President Trump is his own primary counselor, but man I begged and pleaded with you guys — and I know most of you heard it — when I suggested adopting Make America United Again.

Kellyanne you could have been out there saying it in his defense. You still could be. You could show him what the test drive looks like. And when he saw how well it handled, he would absolutely adopt it. And then it would have started happening. Our nation would actually start becoming united again. Because you’d all be helping disarm the biased media and segregationist…err, divisive…Democrats.

And the most important part is also what makes it the easiest for you to assert and defend, which is that you don’t even have to reference anything he’s doing. All you have to do is reference what the media and Democrats are doing to divide our nation. And then point out that by countering them, President Trump is working to make America united again. In addition to making America great again, strong again, safe again, etc.

And then, who knows. He might even find some success in the endeavor. How? Why? Because it’s not just something that’s politically expedient to say; it’s also, conveniently, absolutely true!

The division in our nation is 100% at the feet of those who demand we view the world through racial, ethnic, and gender based lenses. The division in this country is 100% at the feet of those who use “white” as a pejorative, and insist that black and brown people are perpetual victims who stand zero chance of leading happy and full lives unless they are given special treatment by white people who are simultaneously working diligently to knock themselves down a few pegs. They crush the individual liberty of those they purport to help, and they inspire hatred and division at every social and political dock they visit. And it’s rampant not just among the Democrats and the political news media, but also throughout academia and Hollywood. There is an Institutional Left in this nation, and it more than anything else creates the division, disparity, and ultimately destruction that are combining to suffocate our country. And with four simple words you can start that conversation nationally, while at the same time defending our president and disarming those who seek to destroy him.

But you guys have, and will no doubt continue to, wholesale ignore that. And I just don’t get why. And I can only be left assuming that it must be because I’m an idiot.


FOOTNOTE: I can hear some of you already responding with three thoughts…

First, in your understandably unflinching defensive posture on behalf of President Trump (which I absolutely share), you’re ready to attack anybody who dares to challenge him or the few people around him that he can count on to defend him. Totally fair. But it’s because I’m such a big fan of him, and them, that I’m compelled to try diligently to help them. I don’t know that I’m right. I might not be. But I believe that I’m right, and will leave nothing on the field when it comes to communicating that because we’re literally talking about the future of our nation and the entire free world.

Second, some of you might be thinking that it’s ridiculous that I thought Kellyanne or any of the rest of the campaign could have heard me. I mean they hear from millions of people with unsolicited advice. But I did have some unique proximity to the early team that included meeting with Corey one on one at Trump Tower. And I also got a pissed off email response from Kellyanne after chastising her for trying to appease the media by walking back then-candidate Trump’s immigration position. They heard me!

Finally, some of you might be thinking that it’s useless to suggest making America united again, because our opposition on the other side of the aisle are so far gone that any pursuit of uniting our nation beyond the partisan psychosis that’s crippling us today, is useless. I understand why you feel that way, too. But you’re thinking of 10-20%, at most, of the Left. The vast majority of loyal Democrat voters are not too far gone for us to reach. The reality is, we’ve just been relying on absolutely terrible messengers who are either uninterested or incapable of even beginning to reach them. That’s why so many of us rallied behind President Trump, and that’s why he won. He did exponentially better at winning socially and culturally (ie, where it matters most) than the people at National Review, Weekly Standard, and the entire professional Republican community had ever even come close to in recent decades.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to do more. And given the velocity with which our nation’s solidarity is cratering, and the pain and destruction and hopelessness left in the Democrat and media’s wake, it’s urgent that we keep finding ways to do even better still. And I believe firmly that if capable communicators like Kellyanne Conway got out there and started talking about how President Trump is working to Make America United Again by combating the media and Democrats who so flagrantly and consistently work to divide our nation, then that message would wildly resonate from coast to coast as it further empowered us while weakening those who oppose us.

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  1. Absolutely NOBODY ever agrees with another human being 100% of the time, ask your spouse! Secondly, the SOLE reason that the Dems will NEVER get ‘along’ with Trump is that he has all the power and that is the prize and always will be.
    Trump is a rare man who enjoys what I call SELF POWER and he does not NEED the acclamation or approval of anyone, which is the main reason that he is doubly hated…they are unable to move that rock!


  2. Division is sown from the Left, and unity requires that conservatives yield to the Marxist tide. Go along to get along is RINO conservatism. Shall we sacrifice our principles for the sake of compromise?

    Pushing back and resisting the tide is what is called for. Yes, it is polarizing — like a cold slap in the face can bring someone to their senses.


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