Covington High School Story Exposes Bigotry Of Media, Democrats & NeverTrump

The whole Covington High School incident is a stark reminder of the bigotry that’s rampant all across our nation. To be clear, a reminder for those liberals and others who allege to want “better:” Just because someone is brown, doesn’t make them a victim. And just because someone is wearing a MAGA hat, doesn’t mean they’re in the wrong. It’d be great if those who purport most loudly to oppose racism and bigotry (Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media) weren’t such steadfast proprietors — however often unwittingly — of both.

Even before additional footage emerged that showed the “elder” instigating the confrontation, the ferocious chorus of pearl-clutching virtue signalers was disgusting. I often point to the media and Left when lamenting both existing and increasing bigotry. But in this case there was plenty of blame to go around.

From every corner of every social and political dock, presumably thoughtful adults were crucifying the kids for…

…I’m still not sure what, exactly.

In what was said to be the most damning footage, I saw one kid standing there cloaked in a nervous smile while his friends laughed and jeered at the whole scene.

There was nothing even remotely wrong with any of that.

Would it have been better if the “elder” exercised his vast lifetime of experience and pursuit for peace by disengaging from the situation? Sure. But both groups were there to assert their Constitutional rights to free speech, and the elder had as much right to stand there chanting and banging his drum as the kid did to stand there smiling nervously.

It was only after the additional evidence emerged that we learned…

  • The “elder” was the instigator
  • The black nationalists were the ones hurling racist and homophobic slurs
  • The allegedly honorable “elder” went on CNN (an always willing participant in fomenting hatred and division based on hoaxes and fake news) and blatantly lied about what happened
  • The kids who had spent 24 hours being doxed and threatened and viciously attacked by basically every adult in America were the closest thing to victims this story would reveal

Four important elements that uniformly destroy the narrative initially pushed by liberals and the media.

But why were the liberals, media and even many on the conservative right — namely among the NeverTrump ranks — so eager to weigh in so ferociously?

It’s because Nathan Phillips (the “elder”) is brown, and the kid in the video is white and wearing a MAGA hat.

Even people who know the media lie and are working hard to paint all Trump supporters as racist got in on the action.


Because the media’s 24×7 anti-Trump campaign is working.

Adults — left, right and center — saw an old brown man with a drum, and a young white man with a MAGA hat, and they couldn’t wait to make sure the whole world heard how outraged they were at the young man’s “horrific, atrocious, hateful, racist behavior.”

The same flimsy reasoning happens when a video emerges of a young black man helping an old white woman across the street. Videos like that shouldn’t “restore your faith in humanity.” But every time one comes out, virtually everyone you know is sharing it on Facebook and saying they have tears in their eyes.


Because the kid is black.

It’s ridiculous, and it sheds some unfortunate light on a question I’ve struggled with for my entire adult life: Why does it feel like there are so few people in our country who are truly capable of judging character instead of skin color?

The answer, it increasingly appears, is that the vast majority of us are nowhere near capable of doing so.

I’ve long written about the media and Democrats’ plain sight bigotry…

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And I’ve long lamented that more on the right don’t call them out for it…

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The events of the past day have shown me that while the media and Democrats do the most to foster identity-based division, hatred, resentment, disparity and destruction — many on the right are willing and able marks to help bolster that agenda.

And so I find myself in the unenviable position of echoing the left for a change: The next time you see a situation unfold, stop and ask yourself if you’re letting race and/or the media’s culpability in eroding race relations influence your perspective. Because more often than not, in 2019, effective bigotry and racism are a product not of hatred — but of pity. And if you see an old brown man with a drum, and a young white kid in a MAGA hat, and you automatically decide the kid is terrible and the old man is noble…it’s not your good nature surfacing. It’s not your woke awareness for current social dynamics. It’s the pity you confer on the brown person, and the supremacy you apply to the white person.

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