It’s 2019 & Liberals Are Still Unwitting Bigots Who Divide & Destroy More Than They Unite & Heal

Enabling illegal immigration is an act of bigoted sympathy by mostly well-intended (but wildly wrong) liberals. At the high end, you have big business Rs and power-hungry Ds gladly fostering the problem. But it’s supported and promoted most prominently in the grassroots, where activists and voters claim allowing illegal immigration is a moral imperative.

It’s not.

If these activists/voters want to do good works as individuals, that’s terrific. But offloading morality to the government, particularly in such a dangerous and ineffective way, will only create more problems. The illegals they’re allegedly “helping” have their entire lives turned upside down by crippling dual senses of entitlement and lawlessness. But because the illegals are largely brown and poor, the SJW Americans promoting the lowered bars don’t actually see capable individuals. They see charity cases who can’t possibly live happy, full lives without some kind of handout [from the entire American population]. This bigoted sympathy crushes any semblance of raw, authentic, organic liberty that the otherwise hard-working and family-oriented illegals might have had.

I lived in a neighborhood comprised primarily of illegals, and got to know them: The vast majority were hard-working people of faith who loved their families deeply…and who believed their number one job was to scam the US government for as many benefits as they could get. They didn’t see anything wrong with it. And they didn’t see anything wrong not because they’re bad people with a predisposition toward crime and/or fraud — but because people like AOC and Bernie Sanders and your liberal friends on Facebook all told them that their skin color, ethnicity and class means they’re entitled to break the law. And that only evil racists would stand in their way. And so that’s who these newcomers to America become. They become identity-obsessed scam artists with hearts of gold who are told they’re doing the morally right/just thing, and that anyone who disagrees is just racist.

Illegal aliens in America are largely seduced by power hungry Democrats and greedy Republicans in a benefits-for-loyalty scheme. The grassroots SJWs promote and enable the manipulation and destruction by claiming it’s an act of charity and morality. They’re all culpable in the lives that are destroyed, and the disunity engendered all across our nation. They are, in the aggregate, the greatest blight not only our nation’s progress and unity — but on the hopes and dreams of those good people who seek nothing more than a better life for themselves and their families.

So I’ll tell you what I told the last liberal: Stop “helping.” All you’re doing is creating more division, more disparity, and more destruction. If you want to do good as an individual, then have at it. Go sponsor someone or find a reputable charity that helps individuals in legal ways. But if your plan is just to call me racist and insist that we lower the bar for people while promoting entitlement and lawlessness…I’ma push back. Because no matter how well-intended you are, and whether you realize it or not, what you describe as “empathy” is actually bigoted sympathy that deems hopeless anyone whose experiences are diverse from your own. And you’re not helping anyone with your dimestore brand of do-nothing activism that leans on the government, instead of yourself, to do the charity for you.


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