Quick Update

I haven’t written in a while and probably won’t for a while either. There’s only one piece I really feel like writing lately, and that’s about the right’s imminent reckoning in 2024.

I love that Trump won. That was huge. But we’re losing the culture war at core levels and doing little to turn that around. In fact a lot of our messaging really just makes things worse for us.

But there’s no piece forthcoming. I’ve been at it for 3 years and right now am more compelled by work and family than anything else. So that’s where I’ve been putting my time. I did want to drop a line here though just to share the update.

Things aren’t dire. At all. I wrote a while back that Trump can absolutely navigate a Democrat led House. He can. He will. We’re good for now. (I also wrote a while back that Mueller’s investigation will amount to nothing criminal, but plenty of fodder for the anti-Trump media et al.) None of that — the congressional make-up, the Mueller investigation — matters. Trump will do fine. He’ll keep doing his part.

We’re just up a creek after he’s gone. In part because for all his instincts, insight and successes as POTUS…he too is among the GOP’s worst enablers of the destructive, divisive identity politics that — like it or not — are heralded as virtuous to what’s become generations of young people.

It’s a long story. I’ve written about it throughout these pages, but again: There’s another piece that needs to be written, and right now I feel months if not longer from writing it.

Until then, thanks for swinging by.

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