Republicans Will Keep House & Expand Majority In Senate

Those who say Republicans will lose the House were wrong in 2016, and those who say Republicans will keep the House were right in 2016.

Are we in for a repeat of the biased media getting yet another brutal wake up call from the voters? Man I hope so. While the sweet, sweet schadenfreude of that fateful night in November 2016 still hasn’t even begun to fade, I always welcome more of it!

Here’s the reality: Even if Republicans do lose the House, it will be by a thin margin that pales in comparison to the historic losses Democrats suffered under Obama. And that’s pretty solid. I hate to play the “moral victory” game that the mainstream media do every time a Democrat comes close to winning, but that’s what it will be.

For nearly 3 years now, the entirety of the media has insisted that President Trump is a racist, a rapist, a Russian spy and/or literally insane. And, by association, anyone who supports him must either be an idiot — or be okay with any/all of those nefarious accusations. That’s a whole lot of negative 24×7 campaigning that Trump and his coalition have endured. And it comes from every corner: Hollywood, academia, and virtually all of the mainstream media (except for AM talk radio and a few folks over at Fox News).

That means a few things…

First, it means the America First / Drain The Swamp movements as espoused and pursued by President Trump are incredibly durable. Even in the face of the most dishonest, biased, irresponsible and often disgusting abuses by our allegedly impartial media — President Trump and the Republican party were able to avoid the same crushing losses that Obama and Democrats endured in 2010. And Obama/Democrats had the media helping them. It’s really amazing. And it makes conservative voters like me, who are used to getting beat up by the media and now expect very little in terms of good news, feel terrific.

But even more importantly, it means we shouldn’t be at all surprised if the electorate stopped telling pollsters the truth. If for three years the media has insisted that people who support President Trump are either idiots or bad people, it stands to reason that a lot of people aren’t entirely forthcoming with their support for him. I think we saw that in 2016, and it’s very possible that we see it again in 2018.

And today, on election day in 2018, we see all the exact same people saying exactly what they did in 2016.

The media along with useless relics like Larry Sabato are certain that the Democrats will win the House, while Republicans will hold the Senate.

But people like Bill Mitchell and Mark Grant, both of whom accurately predicted the 2016 results, say Republicans will hold the House.

So the people who were wrong in 2016 say Republicans will lose the House.

And the people who were right in 2016 say Republicans will hold the House.

Per Grant, who appeared on “Squawk Box” this morning, the economy is booming and that will be the driving force that voters take with them to the polls today.

Per Mitchell, about a week ago…

And what was Mitchell saying a week before the November 2016 election?

He’s got plenty more insights peppered across his Twitter feed to support his belief that Republicans will keep the House, and you can scroll through and read them for yourself by clicking here.

But ultimately, it’s just striking to me that here we are again: With all the supposed experts saying one thing, and the few people who correctly predicted 2016 saying something else.

I’m prepared for Democrats to narrowly win back the House tonight, and I think even that would be pretty remarkable considering how narrow their gains will be despite historical trends and all the help they’ve gotten from their most vocal propaganda arm: The mainstream media. But if Republicans maintain control of the House — wow. It would be only slightly less incredible than President Trump’s own victory in 2016. And of course the media will learn nothing because they’re not “news” anymore. They’re now anti-Trump propagandists who pretend to be news. But it will be fun tonight to watch all the CNN hosts and pundits suffer through yet another brutal night of having to sit around and talk about all the wonderful ways that President Trump crushed them.


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  1. This an important election for the Republican Party and President Trump, but it is an essential win for the Democrats. Should they fail to take the House or the Senate, their fossiized leadership is in dire peril. Fractured into three factions (far-left/old guard/moderates) they will immediately set upon one another like ravaged wolves. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 2020 becoming the last gasp of the Democrat Party as each faction struggles for control..


  2. I can hardly wait to see the media heads bawling their eyes out.
    Maybe they will wake the he11 up and realize that the American people are SICK of them LYIING always!


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