Republican Voters Don’t Care About Race Or Gender; It’s Socialism We Reject

When Stacey Abrams loses the race for governor in Georgia, a forlorn media and their bigoted liberal allies will undoubtedly opine that “Georgia just wasn’t ready to elect a black woman as governor.”

They’ll all pretend to feel really good about having gotten so close, and they’ll talk about how much progress is being made despite Georgians not yet being evolved enough to accept progress and abandon racism.

And the rest of us will be too content with the overall outcome of the midterms to notice or care that this conversation is happening.

But we should notice and we should definitely care. Because while it’ll be easy to let the media and Left scrape together whatever crumbs they can to feel good after the midterms don’t go their way, the idea that “Georgia just wasn’t ready for a black woman governor” will be an extremely insulting and incorrect one.

If the Democrat candidate were a white man and the Trump-supporting Republican candidate were a black woman, Georgia would gladly elect the black woman. The idea that voters make their decisions based on identity is, thankfully, absurd. In fact, the only people who still care about race and gender in any significant way are the incessantly bigoted media and Left who demand that we all focus on race and gender. While the rest of our nation is busy being the wide woke realization of Dr. King’s dream that we judge by character rather than identity, the media and Left (including Hollywood and academia) all insist that we revert back to the more bigoted times when we judged everyone — ourselves and others — based on color. Or ethnicity. Or gender. Or sexual orientation. Etc.

And when the midterms don’t go their way and they’re busy licking their wounds, that’s what they’ll all assume about Georgia. They’ll say that they came close and Stacey Abrams did a good job, but “the people of Georgia just weren’t ready.” And the most amplified voices on our side will likely let it slide, even though it’s utter garbage and actually compels the division, fear and anger that the media and Left claim they want to end.

There’s nothing wrong with the people of Georgia. The people of Georgia are terrific. And if a black woman with conservative leanings lands at the top of the ticket, then the people of Georgia will elect her. It’s socialism and Trump Derangement Syndrome that the people of Georgia will reject when they go to the polls next week and elect Brian Kemp. Identity — race, gender, etc — will have nothing to do with it. In fact if the media and Left were as evolved as the people of Georgia and the rest of our nation, then we’d see a lot more of the unity and progress that our nation sorely needs.


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  1. Be prepared in GA and all over the States for more false flags, mass shootings, sexual allegations etc between now and Tuesday.


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