The Media Is A Sleazy Divorce Lawyer That America Never Hired

We didn’t need three full years of flagrant partisanship to know that the US media has utterly disgraced and discredited itself for at least a generation, but we got it anyway.

And there’s no sign of it letting up any time soon.

They claim they’re just reporting the facts and, laughably, that they’re impartial and unbiased. Of course there isn’t a single person in the United States who still buys that. And the only people who pretend to buy it are the media’s allies in The Resistance: grassroots liberal activists, violent anti-Trump mobs, bigoted and regressive social justice warriors, elected Democrats, and of course the NeverTrump parasites who were exiled from the GOP as part of President Trump’s successful efforts to drain the swamp.

In unison, they all nod together and insist that the media is totally unbiased and that only a crazy right wing nut job would say otherwise.

But they know it’s a lie.

Remember that time Don Lemon and April Ryan both claimed they were impartial, and then the other 59 minutes of the show happened?

There are many realities about the media’s disgraceful death spiral…

  • They are parasites in the swamp and are thus threatened by President Trump’s successful efforts to drain it.
  • They’ve spent decades being overrun by liberal and progressive thought leadership and now that we finally have a President willing to call them out for their bias, they must try to destroy him.
  • They’re snobs and elitists who think they’re better than the rest of us, and so they lie to our faces while trying to tell us what and how to think.

Whatever the genesis is, the media’s disgraceful descent into absolute obscurity is at this point entirely unstoppable.


Turn on your TV or open a newspaper on any given day, and you’ll find allegedly impartial media pushing one of these four narratives…

  1. Donald Trump is a racist
  2. Donald Trump is a rapist
  3. Donald Trump is a Russian spy
  4. Donald Trump is literally insane

This is what they do literally all day, every day. No matter what the news of the day or hour is, you’ll find an eager yet battered media all trying in unison to package it in one of the above four narratives.

It’s called an obstruction loop and it’s why President Trump will probably win 49 states in 2020. The people see right through the media’s ridiculous spin and lies, and even those who don’t support President Trump are insulted by the media’s laughable claim that they’re impartial and just trying to fairly and accurately report the facts.

This is why we nod along when President Trump calls so much of the media “fake news.”


In 2018, media bias isn’t about absence of fact. It’s about the prominence of partisan characterization. And while the media claim that they report the news without bias, the reality is that they start and end every story from a decidedly anti-Trump perspective. They spend 2% of their time reporting the facts, and 98% framing and characterizing those facts to fit their anti-Trump narrative. The real news ends where the partisan characterizations begin. So when President Trump says “fake news,” that’s what he’s talking about: The media’s utterly obsessive insistence on manufacturing stories, rather than simply reporting the news.


At this point, after three years of the media’s blatant partisanship and dishonesty, this analogy seems the most fitting. They are acting like a sleazy divorce lawyer who desperately wants America to leave President Trump. A sleazy divorce lawyer will take the most innocuous detail and turn it into a horror story. They will take the smallest whiff of an infraction and use to paint a person’s entire character. Sleazy divorce lawyers spare no moral expense while trying to destroy someone, while also trying to convince their clients that it’s the right thing to do.

The problem for the media is that nobody hired them to do this job. They just kind of inserted themselves politically and assigned themselves this role. Of course they’ve convinced many people in this nation that what they’re doing is just, and they had a steady legion of happy customers even before President Trump came along. But for the most part, our nation didn’t ask the media to play the role of sleazy divorce lawyer — and we’re all very turned off watching them do it.

Many of us like and support President Trump. And even many of those who don’t are disgusted by the media’s entirely transparent antics. Every minute of every day, we see them trying to convince our nation that President Trump is a terrible person. And then they turn to us and tell us 1) they’re doing it for our own good, 2) they’re not actually partisan, and 3) we should trust them. Any one of those statements is an insult. The three of them, in that order, are a slap in the face. And people see it and are sick of it.

Nobody hired the media to play the role of sleazy divorce lawyer. Nobody asked them to put the Democrats to shame with their partisan hackery. Nobody told them to meddle in our relationship with our elected officials. If they want to make a living reporting the news, then they should muster the discipline and integrity to do it without bias and dishonesty. But if they insist on playing the role of the sleazy divorce lawyer who nobody hired and nobody likes and nobody wants or trusts — then they shouldn’t be surprised when that’s how we treat them. They are the enemy of a united America, and we don’t want them anywhere near our home.


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