Senator To Kids, Thug Life Edition: ‘I Know Your Parents Use You As Tools’

Apparently this only a few hours old, but you’ll still be mad it took you this long to see it.

And who knew Senator Bill Cassidy was such a baller!?

As he’s walking the halls of Congress, some protesters are sitting there waiting to harass him and his colleagues. The protesters have their young kids with them as props, and Senator Cassidy makes no bones about calling them out for it.

As he approaches the waiting idiots and their innocent children, he takes his headphones out and the fun begins.


Haha. Big smile, headphones out, “Hey guess what…”

But as excellent as that was it gets even better, thanks to the cagey eagle eye of Benny Johnson, who always manages to find and share the best stuff.

Check out the same video set off with a Thug Life outro.

It. Is. Everything!


Absolutely priceless haha.

Whole new respect for Bill Cassidy. He was probably always this much of a badass, but it’s nice to actually see him show it. Maybe he’s taking notes from President Trump: If you’re a decent person and it’s in your heart, it can’t be that bad. And if the media tries to twist things and say it is that bad, you just keep doing your thing and don’t bow down to them. Because we, the capable and intellectually honest/fair voters, will give you that slack.

And while we’re here and talking about the awesome “Thug Life” series, I gotta share this classic of the great Kayleigh McEnany. If you don’t know who Kayleigh is, she spent the entire 2016 campaign on CNN going 5 against 1 in defense of then-candidate Trump. And she was probably the single nicest person in the entire media industry. In fact I’m guessing this clip is a little rough for her. Or maybe a lot rough for her. She’s that nice and sweet. But that’s what made this all the more hilarious.


I just loved that, and when I first saw it I sent it to everyone I knew. Happy to share it here now for any who know who she is and hadn’t seen it yet!

So credit where it’s due all around for these fun, Friday finds…

First and foremost, if you’re not following Benny Johnson on Twitter, you should seriously consider doing so. The guy is almost entirely pure platinum in terms not only of what he finds, but his own analysis and observations. You can follow him by clicking here.

And also the great Kayleigh McEnany who is now working as a National Spokesperson for the GOP. (Thanks goodness they finally are getting some competent people in there!) You can follow her on Twitter by clicking here.

Oh and we shouldn’t forget the man himself, Bill Cassidy! You can follow him and share this post so he knows we see him, by clicking here.

That’s all. Happy Friday!

Go Bucks!

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