VIDEO: Meet Psycho Stanford Fascist Annie Zheng & Her Fake News Enabler, Claire Wang

Allow me to introduce you to Annie Zheng and Claire Wang.

Annie is an unhinged little liberal douchebag, and Claire is her wannabe reporter accomplice. Together — they are quite the snowflake millennibag duo.

Zheng was caught on video doing what fascist liberals do: Destroying property and violently trying to quell others’ free speech.

And Wang, who writes for The Stanford Daily, told the story.

Here’s what happened: A group of Stanford students were peacefully exercising their right to free speech on the part of campus where such activity is still permitted. Their cause: Defense of Brett Kavanaugh. Unable to win with words, exhausted by losing to Trump, and deluded in their worldview thanks to a lifetime of coddling and safe spaces — batshit crazy liberal dirtbags assaulted the peaceful Kavanaugh supporters.

One of the peaceful Kavanaugh supporters was none other than Susan Rice’s son: John Rice-Cameron. He was physically assaulted by an unhinged psycho hosebeast named Melinda Hernandez. And to Rice-Cameron’s credit, he’s decided to press full charges.

She got in my face and proceeded to hit me in the chest area and push me back forcefully. Nobody should be assaulted on campus, under any circumstances.

We’ll see what comes of that, and you can read more about it by clicking here to go to the TownHall story.

But I also want you to pay close attention to the fascist, anti-free speech psychotic asshole named Annie Zheng. Here are the videos that the pro-Kavanaugh group recorded of Zheng destroying their property and violently trying to shut down their right to free speech.

In this video, unhinged psychopath who’s unable to control her anger and who hates free speech, Annie Zheng, destroys property just like a good fascist would…

And in this video she’s confronted by her victims who courageously get her on film and attempt to hold her to account…

Okay…everyone got that? It’s pretty straightforward: Leftist psychopath Annie Zheng destroys property as part of a violent effort to silence others’ free speech. Her victims bravely confront her in pursuit of respectful dialogue and resolution, and Annie Zheng dismisses them with the same disrespect and intolerance she displayed earlier when she assaulted them.

But let’s check in to see how The Stanford Daily’s Claire Wang reports the story. This is what’s written in the student newspaper and laughably got past editors and is now likely being read and laughed at by the entire school…

Annie Zheng ’20 is shown approaching the table, tearing off two event signs and running away toward Tresidder Memorial Union. In response to this event, SCR member Annika Nordquist ’21 is captured on film describing Zheng as a “cold-ass bitch.”

Got that? No mention that anything was wrong with Zheng’s fascist, anti-free speech behavior. But one of Zheng’s victims is made out to be the villain for calling her attacker a “cold-ass bitch.”

But wait. There’s more.

Describing the second video where Zheng’s victims confront her over the violent attack on their property and right to free speech, The Stanford Daily’s Claire Wang writes…

Another video depicts Nordquist, Rice-Cameron and another SCR member following Zheng as she walks back across White Plaza, laughing and peppering her with questions about her identity and why she removed the signs despite Zheng’s repeated requests to be left alone.

Yet again Wang can’t find anything remotely wrong with what Zheng did. And she can’t find anything right about Zheng’s victims confronting her. But she can find plenty of room to make Zheng out to be the victim because the people she attacked tried to engage in peaceful dialogue with her despite her “repeated requests to be left alone” haha. Oh and she didn’t violently destroy property in an attempt to suppress others’ right to free speech. She merely “removed the signs.”


Look I’m not going to suggest that Wang and Zheng check their Asian privilege. I wouldn’t do that. But I know that because they’re both brainwashed little snowflakes who have never stepped foot outside of their emotional, social and psychological safe spaces — that they truly believe America is a racist nation that promotes white supremacy. Simple question: If that’s true, then why do Americans who happen to be Asian outperform literally everyone else in literally every meaningful metric?

From intact families, to excelling in education, to household family income, to absence of criminal culpability in our justice system — Americans who happen to be Asian are far and away the winners in every metric.

(SPOILER ALERT: It’s because of that intact families thing — aka absence of broken homes — that precedes everything else, but that’s a story for another day. Or days gone by since I already wrote about it here and here and here and here, to name a few.)

Still, I wouldn’t suggest Zheng and Wang check their Asian privilege, because I don’t play the Left’s game of racial animus and segregation. But someday someone might suggest Zheng and Wang check their Asian privilege, and I’m wondering how they’ll respond.

I bet they’ll be pretty triggered.

In the meantime, these two entirely out-of-touch little snowflake millennibags are the perfect team. One of them goes around violently assaulting the property of those with whom she disagrees, and the other pretends to be an objective journalist who defends that fascism and leads readers only to repel further from the increasingly violent and impotent Left. It’s really a match made in heaven for everyone. Including for President Trump who, thanks to violent little fascist dirtbags like Zheng and her media handlers like Wang, will likely win 49 states in 2020.


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  1. I’m tired of guys like you proving Democrats’ point when they call us racist. Dividing people by race, ethnicity etc is the Left’s game. If you want to be on the Right, you should wake tf up and stop playing it.


    • Yours is a loosing strategy. Leftists only pretend to care about race, and use it as a sledgehammer against the right. We need to get to a point where being accused of racism means absolutely nothing, if anything every time one of those NPC’s accuses us of racism, accuse them of pedophilia. They can’t prove it wrong, and it would be more accurate than any accusation of racism that they hurl at the right.


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