EXCELLENT: Video Of Violent Liberals Mobs & The Media Who Defend Them

I wrote several pieces in the last few days about liberal violence, and the media who both inspire and enable it. And a few of those pieces focused on members of the media getting triggered when someone would describe large groups of angry Democrats as a “mob.”

My point was pretty simple: The violent, angry grassroots Democrats we’re seeing attack people and break laws, are inspired and enabled by the media. And because they’re liberals, they’re that awkward combination of ridiculous, terrifying and hilarious that make for great campaign ads. So President Trump and the GOP are using those mobs as evidence of why you should vote Republican in the midterms. And it’s working. The midterms are shaping up to be a lot more competitive than anyone thought, and so the media is pushing back hard against the “mob” characterization.

But for everything I’ve written, and all the segments you’ve seen Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson do, nothing is nearly as powerful as the 2 minute clip that this guy put together.


I’m not sure who Andrew Kugle is but if he’s the one who did this video, my hat’s off to him.

It’s so powerful to compare the media’s defense of the angry Democrat mobs to the actual mobs themselves. And to be perfectly honest, I never even thought about doing that. The farthest I got was maybe finding other examples of the same media calling tea partiers a “mob.”

But this video — it’s just so powerful.

And I hope everyone sees it, especially people like Don Lemon, Brooke Baldwin and the rest who so eagerly insisted that large groups of angry, violent Democrats behaving badly were just “peaceful protesters” and certainly not a “mob.” Not because I think we’ll change the minds of dishonest anti-Trump propagandists like Lemon and Baldwin. I just want them to know how stupid they look, and to be embarrassed.

This is 100% what mob behavior looks like. From the stalking, screaming and harassing — to the actual violence, none of it is okay. None of it is productive. All of it is antithesis of substantive, progress-minded dialogue. None of it is “free speech” and all of it should be condemned.

I’m fine with people marching and protesting. But start breaking laws, stalking and harassing people, destroying property, physically assaulting people, and using mob-like aggression to intimidate and threaten people — and that’s not okay. And that’s basically all we’ve seen out of the Left lately.

And instead of calling it out, the media defends it. They inspire and enable it. And that’s not just disgraceful. It’s dangerous.

Mostly for them.

I’ll let you think about why…


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  1. The DemocRATic party has degenerated into a mob of vile, vicious, violent, hate-filled thugs. No one who wants to see our Constitution and freedoms preserved should never vote for a DemocRAT again.


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