Don Lemon Gets Beaten Into Submission Over CNN’s Hatred For Kanye West

Thursday night on CNN, a Trump supporter walked into Resistance Don Lemon’s house and beat him like a rented mule in front of all his friends.

And it was outstanding!

Lemon has been admonished by people all across every social, political and professional spectrum for his desperate and flailing attacks on Kanye West.

Just a sampling…

The reality: Kanye West is doing something very important and historic for civil rights by telling black people, who the Democrats like Don Lemon still today work hard to literally segregate and metaphorically enslave, that it’s okay to leave the Democrats’ plantation. And Don Lemon hates that because like most professional Democrats, his entire life and career is wrapped up in keeping blacks loyal to the Democrats’ failed political ideology. So Lemon is terrified and he’s doing everything he can to marginalize and attack West.

And tonight, he got called out for it big time.

By the time Cortes was done, Lemon simply threw in the towel. He wouldn’t even address Cortes’ comments. He tried to convince the audience that he just didn’t have the energy or interest in responding to Cortes. But the very obvious truth was that Cortes repeatedly hit the very sour Lemon in all the places it hurts the most. He called out everything from Lemon’s overall condescending attitude toward West, to his dangerous and mean-spirited attacks on the mental health challenges that West revealed to the world in an effort to help others who struggle with similar problems. Cortes hit Lemon for his partisanship. And for being part of The Resistance. And he hit him for sitting idly by while his guests called West a “token negro” simply because he supports the sitting US President. But he wasn’t done. Cortes also called out Lemon for doing what Democrats always do when a black or brown person decides to challenge the Democrat establishment: And that’s personally attack the individual because they simply can’t handle it when someone threatens their plantation.

And Lemon, petulant child that he is, didn’t have a single response. Why? Because there’s no defending the indefensible. And Cortes, a total professional who was respectful but firm, just crushed Lemon in a long overdue way.


As for that “conservative” Lemon mentioned who called West a “token negro,” that’s Tara Setmayer. And I wrote her an open letter recently. It was scathing and got a lot of traction. You can read that here if you want.

I’ve also written about Lemon many times. I’ll post some of those hits in the “RELATED” section below.

For now, I’ll just sign off by asking you to share this far and wide so that everyone can see Cortes humiliate that bigoted clown Don Lemon. And if you’re on Twitter, you should share it with Lemon directly. Here’s a link to his Twitter handle.


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  1. I’m disappointed in y’all.
    Have you never heard of the “Code of the West”?
    One of it’s basic tenets is that you never attack an unarmed man, and in any battle of wits or ideas Lemon is obviously unarmed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool Hand Kanye is a slave running free and Captain Lemon says, “Any man who talks back…gets a day in the Box.” The media bloodhounds are chasing Kanye. Spread the pepper, Kanye!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So here’s the thing, I have heard Kanye referred to as the “token negro” and “uncle tom”. If one looks at the broader picture, it’s really characters like Lemon who should wear these monikers. After all, he is the one who is carrying the water for the Democratic Party. It he who is trying to keep free think blacks from straying. Isn’t that the definition of an uncle tom?


  4. Don Lemon is so elitist and condescending he shames all groups he identifies with. Bakari Sellers = Carlton Banks, look him up.

    And that pudding Tara… CNN shows pity employing her.



  5. I read your letter and I’ll admit I had never heard of her before then (never watch fake news cnn). Now every word you wrote about that despicable “conservative” tara makes so much sense. I will like to say people in urban blog comments are bringing up the fact that Tara is biracial and shouldn’t call a full black man a token. Not that anyone should but, any push back against that horrible act is welcome.

    This woman tara only wants a cnn check and to party w cnn male talent like cooper and lemon as her ig pics show.
    Insulting a black man that supports Trump with the worst racist attacks I’m sure make her boss and party friends happy.
    cnn will keep her employed to call him all the racist names on air that jeff zucker can’t in public.
    She will get a bonus for a job well done.


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