Matt Lewis Spent His Tuesday Getting Cried On By Unhinged Liberal Activists Who Pretend To Be Journalists

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon, both anti-Trump propagandists who masquerade as impartial journalists, humiliated themselves live on air when The Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis fairly and accurately used the word “mob” to describe bad behavior by large groups of angry people.

And the network’s embarrassment wasn’t confined to a single incident. These were actually two separate appearances where Lewis (guest) was berated by Baldwin and Lemon (hosts) for describing violent and angry groups of people as “mobs” (accurate).

I wrote about the first instance in the moments after it occurred…

Moderating a panel with Matt Lewis (Daily Beast) and Mary Katharine Ham (Federalist), Baldwin nearly began trembling with anger when Lewis used the word “mob” to describe the group of angry Democrats who stalked, harassed, screamed at and chased Ted Cruz and his wife while they were trying to have a peaceful dinner in a public place.

Clear to virtually all of CNN’s literally tens of viewers, is that Baldwin wants the Democrat protesters to be hailed as heroes. And use of words like “mob,” however appropriately, instead bolster Lewis’ foremost point that this has been a boon for Republican enthusiasm ahead of the midterms.

Baldwin might have gotten away with a more academic rebuttal to Lewis’ use of the term and Ham’s defense of it, but her highly-charged and angry response is what really stood out here.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, several hours later things got even more ridiculous.

Lewis, still under the false impression that intellectual honesty will be well-received at CNN, got into an all out verbal brawl with Don Lemon.

Lemon, the allegedly impartial host, was actually shouting and at one point told Lewis to “shut up.”

This resulted in Lewis asking the question that every honest media consumer has for years wanted to see Lemon confronted with. Understandably frustrated and out of patience for CNN’s dishonest misrepresentation of what the network is, Lewis fired off “Are you the moderator, or the host?! Or are you arguing a liberal talking point?!

That’s the nail in the coffin for Lemon and frankly the vast majority of the mainstream media.

As noted many, many times on these pages: Media bias in 2018 isn’t about absence of fact. It’s about the prominence of partisan characterization. And virtually every time, allegedly impartial hosts like Don Lemon start and end every story from a left-minded perspective with left-minded characterizations. They spend 2% of the their time reporting the facts, and 98% coloring and characterizing those facts to fit their liberal narratives. Ultimately: The real news ends where the partisan characterizing begins.

And for Don Lemon, it’s not just partisan characterizing — but unhinged, angry, and dishonest characterizing by a guy who’s clearly very, very tired of losing.


There are many ways to describe what we just saw. Here’s one of them…

Don Lemon just literally went clinically psychotic with rage because Matt Lewis was using intellectual honesty to defend a talking point that Donald Trump and Republicans will lean on to help improve their results in the midterms.

The 2018 midterms are shaping up to be a lot more competitive than the Resistance Media hoped. In fact it’s starting to look like it might be the most difficult night for the media since November 8th, 2016. Couple that reality with all the winning that President Trump continues to do — from the booming economy, to his approval ratings including among Americans who happen to be black, to significant milestones with respect to trade and world peace, to generational SCOTUS wins — and it’s just a really tough time for liberal activists like Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon.

And that’s the second time in one day that Matt Lewis endured the cry-bullying ferocity of liberal activists (ie, CNN hosts) who are incapable of, and unwilling to, accept the reality that their efforts to thwart the sitting United States President simply aren’t working.

The angry, triggered, unhinged intellectual dishonesty we saw from Baldwin and Lemon is what it looks like when someone is very, very, very tired of losing.



AUTHOR’S NOTE: Lewis has plenty of criticism for Trump as well. In fact I think he may have even been “Never Trump” at one point, though I’m not sure. Today, from his seat, he’s just calling balls and strikes predicated exclusively on his perception of intellectual honesty. But believe me: I’ve watched plenty of times where I disagreed with, or was frustrated by, his characterizations about President Trump (and Trump supporters). But I think we can all agree that, despite how ridiculous both Baldwin and Lemon were, Matt Lewis stood pretty tall when other guests would’ve folded like a cheap pantsuit.


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