Dear CNN, Fox News & MSNBC: Nobody Needs Or Wants Your 24×7 Storm Coverage

More than anything else, I really just want to know who’s responsible for all three cable news channels always going all-in on storm coverage whenever there’s a big weather event.

Like many and I might even say most cable news viewers, I’m basically a political junkie. When I turn on cable news, I want all politics all the time. And that means their 24×7 political programming — despite perhaps someday proving to be a net negative for the greater good — is perfect for me. It’s why I tune in.

But then a major storm comes along, and for some reason all three of the cable news networks become 24×7 weather channels.

And I’m not even griping about how incredibly stupid they all look, putting their pretty boys and girls in the eye of a violent storm to — wait for it — berate people for not evacuating.

And I’m not even griping about their hysterical hyperbolics and repeated self-owns which get captured with roughly the same frequency as the storms themselves.










EXHIBIT C thru Z and then some:





No, I’m talking about any of that.

I’m talking about finding out what genius on their side says…

“Hey guys. Guys! The millions of political junkies we’ve ensnared are just dying to watch 24×7 storm coverage. Everybody stop what they’re doing and let’s all sit around effectively watching paint dry until the storm comes, and then goes. It’ll be epic. Just wall-to-wall coverage of satellite images and people standing out in the middle of bad weather looking like idiots. No politics. No analysis. No news of the day. Just a total flood of storm coverage. That’s what people really want!”

I mean seriously. I’m asking legitimately: What evidence, if any, do the programming people and producers have that this is what viewers want?

Do they think the weather junkies who watch The Weather Channel all day are going to switch over to check out a bunch of liberal journalists pretending to be weather experts?

Their pretty boy and girl anchors look freaking ridiculous, and fully 99% of their viewers don’t want or need 24×7 coverage of basically watching paint dry as a storm rolls in.

They’ll say they’re trying to do a public service for the people who live in or near the affected areas. But that’s ridiculous. The people who live in or near the affected areas have much bigger fish to fry than sitting around watching CNN’s John Berman tell them the weather is bad. And they also have many other much better resources to lean on for information and updates, if necessary.

So I’m just wondering on what planet do literally all three cable news networks think it’s a good idea. What kind of feedback are they getting that tells them “STOP EVERYTHING AND GO 24X7 STORM COVERAGE!!!1!” is a good plan?

If you know, please enlighten me.

Because I don’t have a freaking clue.

And since I have some extra time on my hands without any news and analysis to tune in to, I thought I’d write about it for once and see if anyone else agrees.

UPDATE: I just remembered Fox Business exists. That’ll do, for a while!

Make sure to check out WhatFinger News for all the best right-minded media content from around the web. (And hardly any storm coverage!)


  1. Of course this latest one is the “Storm of the Century”, conveniently on the heels of the bogus and alarmist IPCC “Climate Change” Report less than a week ago. Give me a break.


  2. While I agree with your assessment of storm coverage, I couldn’t disagree more with 24/7 political coverage. To me it’s about the same. Tell me what happened and move on or shut up. That’s why I cut the cord.


  3. Do you not know we have only (enter number here) years to save the world from catastrophic woman made global warming?
    Strong winds and rain are a sure sign that its happening and its all Donald Trumps fault.

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  4. The Michael coverage was a welcome break to me. Not nearly as bad as the Dems that FOXNEWS continually parade to make their ridiculous, nasty remarks. Cable is not the place to view politics unless you are lucky enough to get OAN.

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  5. I want neither storm nor politics all the time. … What ever happened to a balanced newscast?

    Or could it be that total storm coverage is a convenient excuse to hide, block, or distract from coverage of some important political event? … Naaaaah, the networks would NEVER do something like that.


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