Emotional CNN Anchor Triggered By Use Of The Word ‘Mob’

CNN anchor and pro-Resistance propagandist Brooke Baldwin revealed yet again that despite their best efforts, the network is entirely incapable of hiding its ridiculous bias.

Moderating a panel with Matt Lewis (Daily Beast) and Mary Katharine Ham (Federalist), Baldwin nearly began trembling with anger when Lewis used the word “mob” to describe the group of angry Democrats who stalked, harassed, screamed at and chased Ted Cruz and his wife while they were trying to have a peaceful dinner in a public place.

Both Lewis and Ham were entertained by Baldwin’s emotional response, with Ham smirking and Lewis providing more examples of the Democrat protesters mob-like and violent behavior.

At one point Baldwin inexplicably thought she had some support when Ham correctly noted, “If it were tea partiers we’d call it a mob for sure. Come on. Let’s be serious.”

And perhaps most hilarious was a fully dejected Baldwin referring to “mob” as “the m word.”

When the rabidly partisan CNN host realized it was a losing battle and both of her panelists would correctly refer to the unhinged liberal lunatics we’re all seeing with our eyes as a “mob,” she shifted gears and moved the conversation elsewhere.


Clear to virtually all of CNN’s literally tens of viewers, is that Baldwin wants the Democrat protesters to be hailed as heroes. And use of words like “mob,” however appropriately, instead bolster Lewis’ foremost point that this has been a boon for Republican enthusiasm ahead of the midterms.

Baldwin might have gotten away with a more academic rebuttal to Lewis’ use of the term and Ham’s defense of it, but her highly-charged and angry response is what really stood out here.

And viewers noticed…

Yet again we see a CNN anchor who claims to be impartial engaging not just in partisan activism, but get highly emotional and angrily triggered while doing so.

As noted many times: What makes CNN so egregious isn’t that they’re staffed exclusively with anti-Trump, pro-swamp propagandists. It’s that they claim to be impartial. And I know a lot of readers think we should just close the book on CNN and let them quietly swirl down the swamp’s drain. But one of my priorities is to expose media bias. So as long as CNN is out there claiming to be a legitimate news organization — I’ll be doing my best to highlight the many, many, many examples that prove that’s a lie.


If Baldwin gets this mad over the word “mob” being used to describe those who attacked Cruz and his wife, I wonder how she’ll feel about me calling them a “hate group” haha.

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  1. Pathetic spokeshole, and democracker party apparatchik. CNN (clinton/censored/cuckold/comical/cartoonish/cowardly/communist/carcinogenic/caricature/careless/crummy/canker/cellar/chuckle-headed/cruddy/corrupt nitwit network), should be required to run a statement every 30 minutes that they are an democrat party editorial channel, not a news channel.


  2. Mob is to nice a word for them. They are domestic terrorists by the very definition of the word. They use intimidation, threats and violence to deter their political opponents from speaking, voting, gathering, or going in public. They are terrorists and should be declared enemies of the State. Before the citizens have enough of this crap and deal with it themselves, which will spill out of control.


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