Resistance Jake Tapper Helps A Female Reporter Pretend She’s A #MeToo Survivor

  • A little intellectual honesty about a woman crying foul when the only real foul that happened is the idiot who made the move was an idiot she wasn’t interested in.

A practiced and well-trained beta male who’s undoubtedly asserted faux feminism since high school in unsuccessful attempts to get laid, Resistance Jake Tapper eagerly reported for duty on Monday by helping sensationalize the entirely uninteresting tale of a female reporter getting hit on by a feckless idiot.

Here’s what Resistance Jake retweeted…

Let me put this as delicately as possible…

Give. Me. A. Freaking. Break!

I’m so sorry, Miranda, that you got hit on by a socially clumsy male acquaintance who lacked the courage to make a similar play in person and instead texted you those terrifying words.

You’re such a brave survivor.

If only there were a means for you to put an end to this grueling treatment that you’re so heroically enduring.

Like, for example…and I’m just spit-balling here…saying, “Stop. I’m not interested.”

And then if he persisted…and again I’m just spitballing here…you’d say, “I told you I wasn’t interested. If you keep going I’ll consider it sexual harassment, put you on blast publicly and escalate from there if necessary.”

But I understand that’s way too much to ask of a survivor like you who’s been through something so grueling.

A much better plan is to share it on social media and pretend that it’s evidence of a torturous nightmare that frays the already-tattered threads of your very will to carry amid the hell that it is our eagerly patriarchal, toxic masculinity-laced rape culture.

He hit on you, Miranda.

And poorly I might add.

Frankly the guy that comes in hot like that obviously has no idea what he’s doing. And he was probably a lot more scared to make that move than you were to receive it. Or there’s a decent chance he’s actually not scared at all, and he really just is that much of a douchebag.

And since you know who this person is, I’m guessing you know which of those two he is: The guy for whom this abomination took courage because he’s not great with women and now he feels like a total idiot and is afraid to ever look you in the eye again, or the guy who probably spends all day swinging for the fences and doesn’t mind that he strikes out more than he connects.

Either way, the resolution on your side remains pretty easily identifiable and attainable. As noted: “I’m not interested. If you keep going I’ll consider it sexual harassment, put you on blast publicly and escalate from there if necessary. I’m not joking. This is inappropriate and I’m not interested.”

It’s just not that hard to do, Miranda. And you know it. But the truth is — real talk time — there are millions of women out there who would love to have a guy hit on them that way. Let’s not pretend the beauty industry isn’t almost as big as the planet itself. Women, and men for that matter, spend their lives trying to be more physically attractive — and in many cases waste their lives worrying that they’re not physically attractive enough.

And something tells me this isn’t news to you, Miranda Green…


You’re an attractive woman. And you go to great lengths, including professional photography and tons of make up, to be as attractive as possible. And a guy noticed. And whether he’s a born douchebag or a socially clumsy virgin who finally decided to just go for it in a text message, you weren’t victimized just now.

And reinforcing the really hard part that you and your idiot friends pretend you’re not aware of…

There are plenty of women out there who would love to be hit on that way.

There are plenty of women out there who would love the chance to shoot a guy down, but never get that opportunity. Because they aren’t as attractive as you are.

And — man I really hope you’re sitting down — some sexually liberated women might even choose to reply affirmatively. I mean I’m not sure if anyone told you where babies come from, Miranda, but suffice it to say: It happens.

Stop trying to be a victim.

A guy just hit on you. And in your opinion, and mine, and I’m guessing most peoples’ — he did a lousy job.

But all that happened was that he hit on you.

And you have many, many, many avenues by which you can put an end to it. One of them is telling him to stop. But some men — armed with the knowledge that some women want to be pursued — might persist a little more if the initial message isn’t clear or firm enough. And if a guy persists, that’s when you can really lay it on thick, letting him know in no uncertain terms that if he keeps going then you’ll escalate things beyond your private domain with him.

And who knows, maybe that’s what you’re doing here. I don’t know what your reply was to his last idiotic comment, because you didn’t share it. But maybe you said “If you don’t stop and treat me with respect and understand that I’m not interested, then I’m going to put this whole thing on Twitter.” And then maybe he kept going anyway. And maybe that’s why you ended up posting it.

But…spitballing for the third time here…I doubt that’s what happened.

I’m guessing you either didn’t have the guts to explicitly tell him that you consider his behavior highly inappropriate, or you did tell him and he immediately stopped.

But you still needed to get on Twitter and pretend that you’re some big victim. You, like all the rest of us, who works so hard to make yourself attractive — you just can’t believe that some idiot guy noticed, and then sent a text message wherein he tried to hit on you.

Again — all of your SJW millennibag friends will deny it, but any intellectually honest person knows that plenty of women spend their whole lives wishing men would hit on them. And virtually all women, and men, work diligently to try to be physically attractive.

That’s about sex, Miranda.

It’s not about anything else.

It’s about sex.

We couch it in a lot of different layers and contextualize it with a lot of academic psychobabble, but ultimately you work out and put on a lot of make up and get your hair done and make yourself as attractive as possible because…

…you want to be attractive.

And I can hear Resistance Jake and the rest of the Captain-Save-A-Hoe squad chiming in with some entirely impotent and predictable like “So basically you’re saying ‘She’s asking for it’!!?!?”

Yes, as a matter of fact. Precisely.

She’s asking to be admired. She’s asking to be noticed. She’s asking for people — all people — to appreciate her physical appearance.

She’s not asking for sex. She’s not even asking to be hit on.

But she is asking to be noticed.

And every now and then being hit on, or having someone express interest be it subtly or directly, goes with that territory.

You’re not a victim, Miranda.

And when you pretend that you are, you dilute the gravity of real assault or harassment on real victims by real predators.

And if I were you, I’d be a lot more worried about the douchebag faux feminists like Resistance Jake Tapper who want you to cry on their shoulders in your time of alleged desperation while nurturing your entirely unfounded sense of helplessness and victimization, than the moron who thinks “U up?” is a great line.


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  1. Women are just as bad–some way more directly aggressive than this guy. For example, I recently had–with my wife in the room–a woman ask ‘Do they fukk differently where you live?’ When I ignored the invitation she persisted: ‘What do you think of screwing around?” I concede that, though I have had a woman grab me against my will and assault me in a car, I don’t equate such experiences with what a woman might suffer in a parrallel circumstance.Somehow, though traumitised, i accept these missteps as within the broad range of ‘normal’ and survive.


  2. Yup – lived it and agree wholeheartedly. When a person does their utmost to look their best…it is not just for themselves, but to garner adoration from others. To attract a sexual partner…been there, done that.


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