Inside The Deluded & Desperate Mind Of A NeverTrumper

The following is written from inside the mind of conservative media’s NeverTrump no-stars. While I’m not one of them, and to the contrary am among President Trump’s earliest supporters, I do have a pretty good idea of how they tick. And this is what it sounds like…

Donald Trump is a buffoon and the people who support him are idiots who not only can be conned by a liar, but want to be.

Most of his supporters are the people who used to listen to us. They bought our books, subscribed to our magazines, elevated our brands by eagerly awaiting our TV appearances, and left a miles-long papertrail of supportive affirmations on social media and in comments sections when we’d publish something online.

Granted, our golden rule when it came to these born-to-follow rubes was never read the comments. We can’t be bothered with their small-minded insights.

But they helped us keep the lights on and every now and then cash in on a decent pay day, so as far as they know we were very appreciative and supportive of them.

But let’s not mince words here: The vast majority of people are stupid. And the reason we’re the ones with the amplified platforms is because we’re the smart ones.

We’re the scholars and academics and lawyers. We’re the ones well-read enough to chortle over the most obscure political and historical references. We’re the ones who can effectively articulate our thoughts in succinct and easy-to-digest passages. Quite simply, we’re better than the people who “follow” us.

But then Trump came along and convinced a good chunk that he’s the one better equipped to advance their interests.

Can you believe the nerve of this guy?

News flash, Donny Boy: We spent our entire careers fighting for the conservative movement and what you describe as “America First” principles. We’re the ones who kept the idiots at bay when they said we should be picking fights with the mainstream media. We’re the ones who kept them in check when they wielded crazy ideas about enforcing our immigration laws. Sure not all of them are racists. But most of them are. And we’re the ones who told them that their crazy ideas about deporting illegal aliens made us all look racist.

We’re the ones who know how to play this game.

We’re the ones who know Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we have to tread lightly when challenging the progressive Left that controls Hollywood, academia and the media.

There’s a delicate dance to winning in this environment, and we’re the ones who know how to do it.

We get just close enough to actually touch a member of the opposition in politics or the media, and then right when we’re about to strike, we pull back and play nice and pretend we totally get where they’re coming from.

And you’re gonna find out pretty soon, Donny Boy, why we do that. It’s because the people you’re counting on as reinforcements, the so-called “grassroots,” are idiots. And all their support will get you is laughed off the stage where the big media and donor class really get things done.

You don’t listen to these morons. You guide them. And teach them. You educate them, like we do, about why we’re the smartest and the best. You let them all watch as we talk past and over them, conditioning them to avoid trying to actually join the dialogue. It’s not that we want to control them. It’s just that we know they’re too stupid to actually get big things done. Getting big things done takes time. And you’re not gonna do it by calling out the big dog mainstream media who exist as a persistent foil on the Right’s progress. And you’re not gonna do it by trying to actually live up to those silly campaign promises people make!

And by the way, anybody could’ve beaten Hillary. We all know that every candidate from Jeb(!) and Kasich(?) to Cruz and Rubio had bulletproof plans to win Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Those guys and their messages were perfect for the blue collar voters in those blue collar states. You could practically hear them begging…

Please, more Jeb! We really want to vote for another Bush. Please help break our decades-long cycle of voting D for President by giving us…Marco Freaking Rubio. We’re begging! Please!

You didn’t do anything special. Hillary was the worst candidate in a generation!

I mean yeah, we were all 100% certain you were going to lose to her. Sure. But still. Anybody could’ve beaten her. And the fact that you did only shows how bad of a candidate she really was.

Hillary Clinton. Pfffft.

The first female US Presidential candidate for a major party in a nation that’s constantly starving to do historic things. The entire mainstream media. All of Hollywood. All of academia. The entire Democrat party. A lot of the nation’s top law enforcement that was politicized by Obama. The entire GOP establishment including every single one of us.

You didn’t do anything great. You just got lucky. And anybody could’ve done it.

Michigan. “Blue wall.” Pfffffft. Total myths. Anybody could’ve done that!

And yeah sure now you’re getting a few things done as President. But that’s only because the Republican Congress is so incredibly strong-willed and courageous. And they always have been. Everyone knows that. And it has nothing to do with you.

The most important thing you’ve done is stay out of the way. The Kavanaugh confirmation is a great example. The only reason that worked out for us is because you kept your damn mouth shut and stayed off your phone. You think standing strong amid the mountainous onslaught of toxic and salacious allegations actually gets you any points from us? No way, man. You think not even flinching when everyone else thought Kavanaugh was doomed is somehow unique? You think challenging the claims of an alleged sexual assault survivor universally held up as a hero by the media somehow  helped open up the conversation? Anybody would’ve done the same thing. Because that’s who we all are. We’re all tough as nails. And we never back down to brutalizing pressure from the entirety of the institutional left. Mitt Romney would’ve done the exact same thing that you did. So just stop kidding yourself and acting like you’re special.

The only reason we didn’t take on the media and finally fight back in the war they’ve been waging on us for decades, or push hard to actually uphold our immigration laws without apologizing for it, or put America first on the world stage and renegotiate trade deals that everyone said were set in stone, or nuke the Iral deal, or pull out of the Paris Climate Accord despite literally an entire planet’s worth of pressure to stay in, or pick a fight directly with North Korea that led to peace in the Korean peninsula, or move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, or reinforce our military in ways that we’ll reap rewards from for generations…the only reason we didn’t hit Democrats right in the mouth and never back down or apologize when they used identity politics to dishonestly attack us with horrific accusations of racism…

…we didn’t do that stuff because it just wasn’t the right time.

And all you did was get lucky and glide in to office when the timing was right.

And you can thank us, because we’re the ones who set the stage for it all.

Sure it might have looked like we were trudging along doing the exact same thing we’ve always done. Yeah if you wanna get technical about it, we might have spent fully 80-90% of our time telling each other how great we all are and how impressed we are with the latest “MUST READ” that one of us wrote. But in reality, that was just a cover. The truth is were about to strike. We were about to make our move.

And then you came along and just did it all on your own, and had the nerve to act like you didn’t need our help at all.

I mean yeah we supported Evan McMullin and Crooked…errr, I mean Hillary…in the general. And we spent hours on CNN and MSNBC talking about what a dolt you are. And we wrote miles of columns about how you’re going to fail and we were right all along about you being a con man who couldn’t possibly produce anything of any value. I’ll cop to that. Fine. We did all of it.

But we’re still the ones who paved the way for your successes. And you should be thanking us. Because we’re the smartest ones in the room. And all the rest…you and your idiot supporters who used to be our “followers”…you’re all just dead weight holding us back.

And the only reason it looks like you’re actually getting things done, and the only reason your supporters think they’re happier with the results after defecting from our ranks, is because Jennifer Rubin, Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt had Seth Mandel tell Rick Wilson that Jonah Goldberg had a plan for Tom Nichols and Ana Navarro to hook up with Ben Howe and Erick Erickson about that thing Stephen Hayes wrote in Rich Lowry’s study right before Bill Kristol’s birthday party at which we all got together and conferenced in Charles Cooke and Kevin Williamson so we could finalize our plan with Mark Levin and Brent Bozell about giving Jake Tapper that exclusive interview on what it takes to truly start winning national conversations both socially and culturally thus arming Stuart Stevens, Matthew Dowd, Kevin Madden and Brad Dayspring with the goods to give Republicans in Congress the mandate to actually get things done legislatively — and for whoever was in the White House to crush the media and Democrats even in the face of the racial and identity politics that we spent decades letting them brutalize us with.

That’s right…you didn’t build that, Donny Boy. Somebody else made that happen. And his name is NeverTrump.

So, yeah. You’re welcome.


Most won’t admit it. But some proudly will. Either way, that’s exactly what most of them truly believe. They’re the smartest people in the room, everyone else is an idiot, Trump just got lucky, and the only way to beat the media and Democrats is to play nice and submit to them.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I know some of you think Mark Levin is great and that Erick Erickson deserves a pass because he’s “come around” to Trump for the 193rd time. I disagree, on both counts. Levin is a brilliant constitutional scholar, but he’s a blight on the pro-Liberty’s movement forward socially and culturally. Moreover, like most of the conservative media grifters, his foremost interest is preaching to the already-faithful so he can keep getting paid. And that’s fine. I’m all for capitalism and people making money. But I’ve listened to that man scream helplessly for far too long, and I thought he was uselsess even before he came out against Trump at that critical time, so it was easy for me to just dismiss him outright even after he pretended to have an epiphany about the whole thing. He didn’t have an epiphany. He thought Trump was going to lose and wanted to be on the right side of that. His September 2016 declaration that he’d hold his nose and vote for Trump was about business, not principle.

So who do I like?

Michelle Malkin who, despite having her own personal fight with Trump years before he declared, stood strong in the face of NeverTrump idiots very early in the campaign. But that’s just a bonus that highlights her tough-as-nails independent streak core. Malkin is basically one of my heroes.

I love John Nolte of Breitbart News. He’s just great. He’s not only a solid writer and diligent researcher, but he’s totally unafraid and couldn’t care less about what the rest of his well-amplified peers think of him. He doesn’t even have a blue check mark on Twitter haha. Yes. Really. Go check it out.

Mollie Hemingway is perhaps the single most intellectually honest and important producers of original thought that the modern pro-Liberty movement has or will ever know. If “the good ones” had a team, she’d be the Coach, Captain and star player. Full stop.

Sean Davis, despite being an elitist snob, is a brilliant analyst who I can’t quit because he’s just way too valuable. You go look at what that guy is thinking in the middle of any given social/political firestorm, and it’s going to be really smart and really potent.

Ben Shapiro is in a similar boat to Sean, though I gladly take Ben to task when I see him doing stupid things like pretending Jake Tapper isn’t a pro-swamp propagandist hack. He’s a lot less snobby and a lot more approachable. Why? Because he actually fights back sometimes with us common folk. And I like that. And he really is also brilliant and very solid when it comes to original thinking and messaging efficacy. But he’s also pretty in to his sidejob, which is making money. Again, nothing wrong with that. But it’s a distraction from the more important goal of promoting Liberty, attracting new voters, disarming the biased media and putting the Democrats on perpetual defense.

I think Sean Hannity has a heart the size of Alaska and probably “means it” more than anyone else on the scene, but as indicated — I place premiums on original thought and intellectual honesty and I rarely get my fill of either when I tune in to his work. I still love him personally. He’s all heart. And since I’m a long-suffering Cleveland Browns fan who also knows the movie “Rocky” wasn’t about boxing but about the heart of a man who happened to box…I can tell you that counts for something too.

Rush Limbaugh is also a great staple in our movement and the guy has held the line for decades. And he does pretty well with both original thought and intellectual honesty, but he’s also a lot of preaching to the already-faithful. Still, just by his sheer ubiquity in the conversation, I’m guessing he’s changed more minds from left to right than everyone who’s ever worked at National Review and Weekly Standard combined.

Chris Ruddy is a businessman before anything else, but I like the guy. I just do. I’ve seen him on CNN and had the pleasure to engage with him a bit, and I can’t leave him off here.

Tucker Carlson and Vince Coglianese are also both pretty strong.

There are more, including a handful many of you have never heard of, who I’ve run across in one way or another along the way and count as “the good ones.” But those are the ones off the top of my head who I, if nothing else, don’t count as blights on our movement for spending more time congratulating each other than actually changing minds, showing some teeth, and/or having the guts to actually call out the opposition and then fight them head on.

So there ya go. Now you know.


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  1. Superb article. You’ve laid out the foundation for one-half of a great screenplay. the other half being “inside the deluded and desperate mosquito-sized mind of a useful idiot on the left”. If Trump himself doesn’t fund the production, a GoFundMe campaign will surely bring in more than enough dough to cover all costs.

    Please consider writing an article on the other half, I know that you’ll nail it.

    Thank you for the great read!


  2. I didn’t see Kurt Schlichter’s name in your list of people you like. If you haven’t read Kurt Schlichter’s new book Militant Normals, you should check it out, great stuff, and some good laughs, and he’s a solid patriot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kurt’s okay. He’s actually responsible for two of my favorite lines ever. Paraphrasing from memory…

      1) “They spent their time in academia learning a form of ‘critical thinking’ that’s neither” haha.

      2) “They called George Stephanopolous a ‘newsman’ thereby lying twice in one word.”

      I know he’s solid, and lord knows the guy paid his dues — and PROUDLY (he considers it HIS honor to have put his life on the line for us!) — to our nation. But I’ve got my reasons for leaving him off my short list. They’re not personal. They’re related to his work. But I’ll tell you this: I like him too much to sit here and rattle them off. He’s good. And I’d put him way above most others. But he doesn’t make my very short list the way some of these others do. All my personal opinion, of course!


  3. dht, thanks for the considered reply. I understand about having reservations about people. I’m about at the point where I don’t trust anybody except my wife! 🙂 Everybody seems to have some hidden angle they’re working, and people I’ve known or read for years will sometimes come out and start saying things that really makes me question whether I can trust their opinions going forward. I’ve been enjoying your website, thanks for the interesting and substantive content!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve only just arrived and read this post and your other recent post about the asinine Never Trumpers and I’m hooked on your blog.

    But still, if I could suggest one thing .. w.r.t. these two posts … don’t hold back next time. Say what you really feel …


  5. The idea that Goldberg, et al (the only Stephen Miller I know of is the one who fights too and writes decent speeches. Who’s this other one? I’m serious.) were leading intellectuals for conservatives is frightening enough to take the glow off the Kavanaugh win.

    Why are so many of the neverTrumpers so fat? They’re like women who eat to swallow and pass their failings.

    I’m for the permanent exile of most of them. We don’t need them. Unlike America and Tocqueville, they’ve never been great. They fight like girls.


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