Giant Fail For A Pajama Boy Who Posted Video Of Himself Cry-Bullying Brian Kilmeade

They can’t win elections and they can no longer use the Supreme Court to impose their will…


…so Democrats like Jason Selvig have decided harassment and cry-bullying are the next best option to accomplish their goals of…I’m actually not sure what their goals are anymore.

And I don’t think they are either.

They’re basically petulant little children who think they’re doing good but in fact create more division, disparity and destruction in a single day than the entirety of the right could collectively assert in our combined lifetimes. (And I tried to capture some of that in two pieces, specifically for the Jasons of the world, that I’ll post at the end in the “RELATED” section.)

But whatever his ill-headed reasoning, Jason decided to stalk and harass Fox News host and all-around-nice-guy Brian Kilmeade. And Jason’s idiot pal who looks like he hasn’t slept in 9 days helped out by recording the whole thing.

You can watch the two minute clip here…

UPDATE, 1:05PM ET: Apparently the heat got to be too much for Selbag, so he made his account private and pulled the videos. But I was able to capture both because I still had that page open. Here is the longer one.


I say “cry-bullying” rather than “bullying” because there’s a pretty stark difference, and Selvort is definitely guilty of the former. When you bully someone you’re coming from a position of dominance outside of a mutually-entered competitive landscape. It’s wrong because it usually means opting someone in to a fight they didn’t agree to, and exploiting that person’s weaknesses for your own less-than-noble ends. But in this case, Kilmeade really only had one weakness…

He’d have gotten sued for his many millions of dollars if he just went ahead and shattered this douchebag’s glass jaw.

Cry-bullying, on the other hand, better describes what idiots like Selvan and his cracked-out assman pulled on Kilmeade. They’re whiny little liberals who know Kilmeade is too busy to waste time pushing back rhetorically, and too smart to give these little cry-bullies the unrelated retribution they’ve clearly been begging for ever since their daterape days in daddy’s boat house back in high school.

Thankfully, because we on the right still aren’t tired of winning, Twitter users saw through the useless cowardice and took turns curbstomping the SJW weakling in writing…

And from a more amplified voice: The guy who consistently surprises me as being pretty dang good at Twitter, Governor Mike Huckabee…

Selborn actually posted the video twice, and both times it went badly for him. Here are some replies from the other post…

It just goes on and on. Almost entirely negative reactions, which any sane person would’ve predicted. But Selman isn’t a sane person. He’s an unhinged liberal who, just like his Democrat forefathers, believes segregation and slavery are good for our nation. He and his ilk want segregation by identity, and slavery through government dependence. The only difference between bigots like Selhorn and Democrat racists of the past, is that Selbag projects from a place of weakness while his peer Democrat slavemasters of the past did so from a place of hate.

You can read the replies from both of his posts by clicking here and here.

And you’ll notice that Selmet has been “ratio’d” which means he’s getting a lot more replies than retweets. And on Twitter, that’s not good.

A screenshot in time of what that looks like from both of his posts…



So there it is. Another day, another idiot Democrat making bad decisions because the exhaustion of losing has them at this point entirely deluded.

Meanwhile, on our side…



Liberals Are America’s Most Effective Hate Group

Letter To The Left: Stop ‘Helping’

NOTE: Brian Kilmeade seriously is one of the nicest, happiest warriors out there. If you’re on Twitter, you can find him by clicking here.

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  1. We ALL hope the Liberals keep up their hate for our President Trump…

    it will solidify their Blue Wave in November, but it will be a blue wave of their tears as they cry all night from a loss at the polls the MSM promised they would win, again.


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