Indelible In The Hippocampus Is That Christine Ford Is A Psychopath

Christine Blasey Ford needs to be investigated for making a false accusation and if she’s found guilty (ie, when she cracks), she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I don’t know what happened to this woman in her life, but I know she’s an unhinged sociopath who casually stepped forward to usurp our democratic process (and specifically the consequences that losers face as a result of it), and she’s a psychopath who truly believed she was/is doing a good thing.

And that simply can’t stand.

The media said she had nothing to gain and everything to lose. As already noted, that’s ludicrous. Here are the three most obvious gains from her charade…

First, the media and Democrats have said from the start that a Kavanaugh confirmation basically means the end of America. So the first thing Ford stood to gain was derailing that process, just as her Resistance peers in the mainstream media and Democrat party promised to do at any cost, no matter what.

Second, unhinged liberal lunatics like Ford live to be the victim/martyr. The Left’s entire platform is built on manufactured grievance. The Democrats say they’re the party of diversity but once you enter their tent, it’s…

“Blacks over there. Hispanics over there. Muslims, you go over in that corner. Women, you’re over there. And gays, you go over to that corner. Everyone got your places? Good. Now we’re going to hand out victim cards and on the back you’ll find a list of all the ways you’re aggrieved. Many of you haven’t experienced those grievances yet, but we need you to use this card as kind of shackle that prevents you from being strong individuals, independent of your identity. Plus something bad happened once to someone who shares your identity, and your participation is ‘social justice’ because your claims that you suffer that grievance will ensure that everyone else has to pay for it. Everyone know the drill? Great. Let’s do this.”

One of the things on the back of the women’s victim card is “You’re a sexual assault survivor, and everyone who doesn’t vote Democrat is to blame. You poor thing.” I have a very close friend who told me that in high school a group of her friends were all sitting around telling their sexual assault stories. And my friend told hers too. Just one problem: My friend wasn’t actually sexually assaulted. Ever. But she honestly felt so much pressure to say she was, that in that moment she just kind of caved to go along with the flow. She didn’t report anything. She didn’t name anyone. She didn’t risk ruining someone’s life. But she wanted to fit in with everyone else’s horrible stories of heroic survival, so she told her own. And I think that happens a lot. Because getting to play the victim is a pretty attractive role. And unhinged lunatics like Christine Blasey Ford live for it. My guess: Her entire life has been a series of dramatic events that are all of her own making. And she’s at her happiest when she’s the center of attention getting pity for hardship that she imagined out of thin air.

Third and finally, in addition to getting pity and getting to play the victim, she also now gets to play the hero. Unhinged liberal lunatics like Christine Blasey Ford are wholly incapable of engaging personally or professionally with anyone who doesn’t think like they do. That’s why academia, and specifically Palo Alto, is such a safe space for her. I lived in Palo Alto for 3 years and I guarantee you that natural born US citizens who love their lives there and work in academia couldn’t last 2 minutes outside of that bubble. The Chinese and Indian immigrants on the other hand are great! All normal, outgoing, social creatures. But the natural born citizens who work in academia and like their lives in Palo Alto are uniformly afraid of their own shadows. And they blow their rape whistles any time they come within 10 feet of a MAGA hat. These are the only people Ford ever speaks to or engages with, personally and professionally. And to them, for the rest of her life, she’s not just a poor, sad little victim who needs their pity. She’s also a brave, strong, courageous hero who they should all aspire to be more like. And while Ford never in her life dreamed she’d attain that level of liberal victim Ninja status — she’s there now, and she’s loving every minute of it.

I’m not simply satisfied with the “win” on this one, with respect to Kavanaugh’s confirmation. I’m not okay just turning our backs on Ford now that we supposedly got what we wanted. As I’ve written three times now albeit still unsuccessfully (here and here and here), the test our nation just passed was a lot bigger even than the enormity of the Supreme Court seat. While the media and liberals have spent generations successfully exploiting black and brown people for political gamesmanship (identity politics), Kavanaugh’s ascent to SCOTUS means we stopped the media and Democrats from doing the same with sexual assault victims. And that’s huge. More so than I think a lot of people realize. But we’re not done yet. We need to prosecute everyone involved. The media and Democrats will get a small dose of sentencing from Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and then yet more time added to their sentence when Republicans out-perform expectations in the midterms, and Donald Trump wins 49 states in 2020. But Ford also needs to be prosecuted. She’s already been indicted in the court of public opinion as sufficient evidence mounts with respect to her story’s inaccuracies. Now it’s time to prosecute her.

I want more of the people who have known her the best over the years to come forward. I want to hear from her family. Not from her husband’s family, who are no doubt bought-in hook, line and sinker to her lifetime “I’ve always been a poor victim” story. I want to hear from her actual family (parents and siblings) who, remarkably, have opted not to offer her a single ounce of support throughout this. I want to see videos of her previous speeches, lectures, anything we can get our hands on…because I’m certain that video will show an entirely different person than she presented to the world during her testimony. I guarantee her voice, inflection and emotional posture were all completely fabricated because she’s a psychopath and a sociopath and had no problem sitting there totally misrepresenting herself in order to sell her story and rack up pity points. I want every inaccuracy in her story investigated seriously and I want her to answer for every one of them. And if we do that then it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she’s that witness who cracks almost immediately as soon as the tables turn. Just like all the other alleged “hate crimes” that we find out weeks later were hoaxes perpetrated by leftists who felt they “just needed to prove a point about Trump’s America,” Ford will also crack and confess that — off the top of my head here…

Brett Kavanaugh was a composite of all the men who have sexually assaulted me in my life. And I know that many other women endure similar assaults that are never accounted for. So making our nation stop, however briefly, to interrupt its celebration of white male patriarchy and instead listen to the stories of survivors, is something I’m proud to have done.

And then there’s this, which is super shady and merits a legitimate law enforcement investigation…

There’s just no way that Ford should get to ride off into the sunset after all of this and reap the rewards of her now platinum-plated victim card which guarantees her a lifetime of endless pity and adoration from the only other people she’s capable of associating with: Other unhinged liberal lunatics who share her psychotic and sociopathic tendencies.

Indelible in the hippocampus is that Christine Blasey Ford is a terrible person who lied through her teeth and, if pressed, will proudly admit it. Because she’s never actually dealt with anything close to real pressure in her life, has no clue how to handle it, and harbors a perpetual sense of entitlement to all the terrible things she’s done while keeping the drama in her life constantly at “11.”


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  1. The lawyer asked her if she told her parents what she was about to do and she answered “No way.” Now why wouldn’t she confide in her parents at this age? One reason is they have had problems with her since her teenage years. I heard they were glad she moved across country. Why did she scrub her social media accounts? Why did she get away with all the lies she told the lawyer? Her Gofundme account is at $1 mil and of course the shrinking violet doesn’t know how to access it. Please. Give me a break. The woman was chosen by the left.


  2. Correct. A “win’ is not enough. It leaves the opposition thinking that maybe they should have won and maybe could have won if they tried something different. You’ve got to stomp the opposition into the ground so decisively that their worldview is shattered and they have to think that maybe there’s something wrong with them, themselves. (I’m not Antifa – I’m speaking of non-violent words and actions. But brutally strong ones.)


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