After Kavanaugh Win, A Look Back At Jonah Goldberg & Others Who Mocked Trump Supporters For Saying ‘He Fights!’

As Mollie Hemingway might say, “I’m old enough to remember when Jonah Goldberg and the other NeverTrump all stars mocked Trump supporters for saying ‘He fights!’ I’m 2 years old.”

As we celebrate the positive, generations-long impact of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, a lot of analysts all across the political spectrum are taking stock in one very important ingredient to this victory.

President Trump fights!

While virtually any other Republican President would’ve caved within seconds of the allegations emerging, President Trump didn’t. And as I’ve written many times in the last month or so, I hope other Republicans are taking notes.

From a piece back in August that looks ahead to 2024…

Conservative Inc. love to mock Trump supporters for saying “He fights!”

And that always reminds me of Leftists rolling their eyes when we say “Broken homes create disparity.”

They take the one thing that’s actually the most true, and marginalize it to reduce or eliminate its potency.

Trump beat The National Review, The Weekly Standard, Rich Lowry, Stephen Hayes, Stuart Stephens, and the rest of the conservative griftosphere because they thumb-wrestle for participation trophies while he dropkicks people for the win.

When the media attacks Conservative Inc., they release press statements apologizing and then spend years atoning for the sin of losing in the court of public opinion.

It’s almost never about what actually happened. Apologies, walking back, “toning down” and the like are very often about losing the conversation. And that’s all our side, before Trump, knew how to do.

Considering what we just witnessed with Brett Kavanaugh, it’s a timely and durable observation if I do say so myself.

So I figured as part of our overall schadenfreude of the day, it’d be fun to look back at some of the NeverTrump grifters mocking us for our appreciation that “He fights!”

Let’s start with Jonah Goldberg, and specifically this gem from October 2016 about how Trump supporters “thought it was a good idea to blow a winnable election on a goon ‘because he fights.'”

Of course there are plenty more…

Then there’s Stephen Miller. No, not that Stephen Miller. I’m talking about Twitter-famous @redsteeze who — like Alec Baldwin — I want to quit, but can’t, because when he’s good he’s great. But Botox Frosted Hair, aka redsteeze, was another part of the conservative media griftosphere who mocked us for supporting Trump because he fights. A few of the many, many examples…

Oh and look at this. Here we get Miller mocking our appreciation for Trump’s gumption while tagging along with Goldberg mocking us for something entirely unrelated. It’s kinda like “BOGO,” only for douchebag hot takes from swamp-dependent bottom feeders who built their careers losing. And who were immediately exiled from the conversation when Trump started winning it nationally, socially and culturally.

Here’s another great one. Yeah, we really screwed up by “trusting” Trump. He’s clearly a stooge for Schumer. Good call, Stephen.

And here are several more, some from NeverTrump hacks you already know. And some from NeverTrump hacks you never heard of who spend all their time giving reacharounds to the more famous NeverTrump hacks.

Wow haha. This one really didn’t age well…

The once-great, now-terrible Jon Gabriel — who at some point stopped being original and started doing whatever he thought “the kids” were doing — also left a pretty decent papertrail of idiot-based NeverTrumpism in his wake…

This guy…

And this one…

And this one, famous on MSNBC for loving Jeb(!) and hating Trump…

The list goes on and on.

As noted:  They take the one thing that’s actually the most true, and marginalize it to reduce or eliminate its potency. And Trump beat them all because they thumb-wrestle for participation trophies while he dropkicks people for the win.

Just to be very clear: If Trump didn’t fight, then Brett Kavanaugh would be a footnote and right now we’d be fending off claims that Amy Coney Barrett once attended a party where someone said something racist.

You’re damn right Trump fights. And it’s a good thing too. Because that’s not only why we just won a tremendously monumental Supreme Court battle, but it’s also why the media and Democrats won’t get to spend the next 5 decades curbstomping us with #MeToo politics…

The failed and now-exiled NeverTrump crowd built their careers twiddling their thumbs while the media and Democrats used identity politics to divide our nation and pummel the right socially and culturally. But because Trump fights, they won’t get to do the same with #MeToo politics. It’s a victory for due process. It’s a victory for social evolution and progress. It’s a political victory for the pro-Liberty movement, and a major loss for the big government SJW activists. And yes it’s a big win for the Supreme Court.

And it’s all because Trump fights.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This piece was updated at approximately 7:45PM ET on the date of publication to include the name “Botox Frosted Hair” for Stephen Miller. The name is an old favorite for Miller, and the update was inspired by the temper tantrum he threw on Twitter in response to the original post. A tantrum for which he’s been rewarded a 42-to-1 reply-to-retweet ratio, and counting…



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  1. Oh these never Trumpers are a who’s who of “luminaries” over at never Trump central “twitchy” site.
    They smear MAGA Republicans and run, never apologize for it.


    • Thanks for this article. I forgot what big POS’s this rogue’s gallery of Repubs who hate the Repub base are.
      Please join the Dems. They are more your type, guys.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for keeping score and chronicling the absurdity of self-styled “conservative” elitists. With “conservatives” like that who needs Bolsheviks?

    They wouldn’t have been happy with anybody except Establishment Low-Energy Jeb, I guess. Trump as the boisterous outsider was anathema. They just don’t get it. Tone-deaf isn’t even in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, they wanted the guy who tried to split the Republican Party at the convention, which would have guaranteed a Democrat victory. You remember, “Vote your conscience (wink wink, nudge nudge)”? See, that’s principled!


  3. This entire snarky column is built on a false premise, an Obama-like false comparison: The critics of Trump whom you reference have, since at least September 2016, expressed not just approval, but enthusiasm, for Trump’s written commitment to choose SCOTUS nominees exclusively from a list of 21 names (which included Gorsuch). They applauded the Gorsuch nomination and confirmation so much that it became a meme of its own, “But Gorsuch ….” They squawked not at all, but continued supporting Trump and his administration, when the list was quietly expanded in November 2017 to include Kavanaugh. And they’ve been virtually unanimous in supporting Kavanaugh, and offering credit to Trump for sticking with him rather than withdrawing the nomination.

    (Just like George H.W. Bush stuck with Justice Clarence Thomas, by the way.)

    We Republicans who are critical of Trump get that you hate us as much or more as you hate the radical Left. It’s disappointing that you can’t bottle it up even for a weekend, though. Today is not the day I’m choosing to express my criticisms of Trump.

    Let’s resolve to postpone the rumble until after the midterms, eh?


    • Sure that’s one plan. Here’s another: Chortle on my balls. These dirtbags are responsible for us losing every national conversation, socially and culturally, for as long as I can remember. And it’s absolutely true that the reason Kavanaugh got confirmed is because Trump fights, which these swamp-dependent grifters have spent the last two years mocking us for endorsing. Not only do I not want to play nice with them, but I don’t want them anywhere near the levers of power ever again. They’re useless grifters who came to do good, stayed to do well, and in the end opted to do nothing except help themselves and each other. And then Trump came along and started actually winning, and they all in unison began trashing him and anyone who supported him. So like I said, you’ve got one plan. I’ve got another. You can plead for some kind of useless truce until after the midterms even though you and your ilk are neutered. I’ll be over here inviting you to chortle on my balls.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Now. After the fight. Like the weaselly little lackey in The Quiet Man who tries to bet against his patron Victor McLaglen…


    • There is little in your reply that resembles reality. I found this paragraph in particular to be quite delusional:

      “They squawked not at all, but continued supporting Trump and his administration, when the list was quietly expanded in November 2017 to include Kavanaugh. And they’ve been virtually unanimous in supporting Kavanaugh, and offering credit to Trump for sticking with him rather than withdrawing the nomination.”

      The reason you’re hated as much, if not moreso than the Left, is that all of you – to a single person – continually attack and mock a president who has advanced conservatism more than the Republican party has since at least Reagan. And you are ostensibly our allies. With allies like you, who needs enemies? At least we know what to expect from the Left. You quislings are not only unpredictable, but frequently wrong.

      I guess we can add “delusional” to that mix now.

      Liked by 1 person

    • “Let’s resolve to postpone the rumble until after the midterms, eh?”

      Dude, why bother? Y’all ae the guys who wanted Hillary to win so you could punish the Republican voter base. We won against you, we won without you. We can keep on winning without you. We don’t need you, not even a little bit. What are you gonna do, go home and badmouth us like you did in ’16? Work to help the Democrats win…AGAIN?

      Take your failure and go home. You’ve blown any credibility you ever had and nobody needs an “ally” whose “principles” include hoping that the Hate America Party wins because of personal pique.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Before anyone does a victory lap about the Kavanaugh victory, let’s test-drive this new Associate Justice. A few thoughts.

    Brett Kavanaugh has been widely supported by the Republican establishment. We will not know what that really means to the ideological orientation of the Supreme Court until he votes on several divisive issues. Keep in mind that many of the Justices appointed by Republican presidents (Warren, Brennan, Souter) have ruled as Liberals after getting on the court. Others, like former Justice Kennedy, were weathervanes, making decisions based on the direction the political winds in Washington DC were blowing.

    The fight was so bitter over Kavanaugh because the Left feared that a weathervane would be replaced by a conservative ideologue. The Court has been a key player in the clash of cultures giving the Left – via judicial fiat – what they could not achieve at the ballot box or via legislation.

    The latest battle ground is gender. The Left is pitting women against men. In an inversion of Sharia, it stands for the principle that female testimony is more credible than male testimony. It used the weapon of unsupported accusations by women as a way to prevent a potentially conservative judge to swing the Court against their use of law-fare as a way to reshape the culture.

    Now that that assault has been repelled, it remains to be seen if Kavanaugh is truly devoted to the Constitution. Or is he, like John Roberts demonstrated in his decision on ObamaCare, going to make judgements based on political pressure from the Left.

    I hope that Justice Kavanaugh is ideologically Conservative, but I suspect that his careful path to the Supreme Court shows a political animal. I suspect that no one gets there without mastering the politics of Washington.

    Conclusion: cautious optimism.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Oh, I think Kavanaugh will remember the lessons of the past couple of weeks VERY well. Kind of like keying the car of the judge in your divorce…


  6. Is the queef @redsteeze really trying to be some sort of a conservative player while tossing around words such as ‘deplorables’?


  7. […] “This blogger, meanwhile, is having some sport with those NeverTrumpers who turned a favorite line of the President’s supporters (“But he fights!”) into a sneer. I regret to find my old National Review comrade Jonah Goldberg is among them. I understand there are those who like what Trump does but deplore his personal style – but the personal style is essential. What the Democrats did this last month was outrageous, and to be polite and house-trained about it is to ensure it will happen again and again, and worse and worse.” (red emphasis added) […]


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