Open Letter To Tara Setmayer: A NeverTrump Swamp Parasite & Failed GOP ‘Strategist’

Dear Tara Setmayer,

You built your entire career helping the GOP become a social and cultural laughingstock. All you ever did was lose. All you ever did was chase the Democrats’ message, instead of leading with the Republicans’.

Then President Trump comes along and starts winning the conversation. And you, along with the other swamp-dependent Republican grifters, are furious. You thought you were the arbiters of efficacy for right-minded messaging, but Trump proved you were nothing but bottom feeders who cared only about helping yourselves and each other.

To you it’s a career. To you it’s a big game. And it’s one you were terrible at. You were happy just to be on a team, getting a paycheck. But you were lousy at what you did and that’s evident in the joke that Republicans and Republicanism became back when you were one of the people we were stuck relying on to do a good job for us.

And now you’re demoted. In fact you’re basically fired. The only people in Republican circles who would hire you today have already announced their retirements. And so you’re stuck at CNN doing what you’ve always done: Trying to “help” Republicans by appeasing Democrats while failing to conceal the foremost reality that you’re a fraud who’s just there to collect a paycheck.

Forget about the fact that we’re coming up on the two-year anniversary of you promoting a ridiculous conspiracy theory that the President of the United States is actually a Russian spy. Forget about the fact that you breathlessly pant and heave through hour after hour on CNN trying to salt their endless buffet of nothingburgers. The most egregious of your social, political and professional sins today is the same as it was before Trump ultimately broke you: You continue to push, chase and enable the Democrats’ divisive, destructive and disparity-inducing practice of social segregation. I’m sure you did the exact same thing when you were alleged to be “helping” your Republican clients back when you had any. And today you do it to bash Trump. Your focus on identity politics — your casual dismissal of blacks, Hispanics, women and others as being nothing more than intellectual monoliths who are incapable of individual thought — your lazy and regressive insistence that Trump or anyone else should treat people differently based on their skin color — this is your greatest sin.

Spoiler alert for you and the rest of the useless, regressive so-called Republican strategists: What the GOP can “do for” black people is to stop treating them like their skin color merits unique treatment; to stop taking your advice.

Like the Democrats, media, and establishment Republican swamp bottom feeders you consider your best friends and allies, you’re a blight on our nation’s progress and unity. And now you eagerly go on CNN and throw your weight around convinced that the adoration their hosts and producers give you is authentic, and has nothing to do with you toeing their Democrat line.

I only wish more people watched CNN, so more people could get an informed look at who was responsible for the GOP’s inbreeding and apathy before Trump came along: Hopeless, useless, swamp-dependent grifters like you who may have came to do good but stayed to do well, and in the end did nothing but hurt our nation with your lazy, blind anti-Trumpism that relies entirely on the establishment principles of promoting disunity and dismissing Liberty. And after Trump wins in a 2020 landslide, you’ll be spit out the bottom of CNN’s guesthole and will undoubtedly start self-medicating with the same anti-Liberty drivel that you push today. You’ll start to believe that it’s only because you’re overweight, black, and a woman that nobody wants your help anymore. And you’ll never realize that you stopped offering any shred of value right about the same time you started getting paid for it.

You never had anything of any original substance or progress-inspired ideas to put forth. The only mark you’ll have left on our national discourse is the stain of division that you and your ilk eagerly tried to promote as a moral good amid your scared and pathetic commitment to swamp-over-country. So have fun fooling yourself into thinking that the people at CNN actually like you and value your contributions. Savor the flavor of people laughing at the bad jokes you manage to spit out in between your unhinged meltdowns. Because pretty soon it’ll all be over, and your legions of Democrat fans will disappear, and all you’ll have left will be the debilitating realization that nobody at any point throughout your short and unmemorable career ever wanted you for your insight or ideas. You know exactly how the swamp worked, exactly what your role in it was, exactly how useless you were, and that every person who ever told you you have anything meaningful to offer was just as much a part of that cog as you were. You’ll have spent your entire adult life being a tool, and not even a good one at that. And worn down to a nub, and totally exposed to everyone who might ever go tool shopping again, you’ll never matter to anyone ever again until centuries from now when someone cracks a history book and sees you in the long list of GOP swamp parasites who abandoned the Republican party’s ambitious forward progress and instead helped divide our nation because your #AmericaLast commitment to swamp-over-country was that great, and your dependence on social and political bottom-feeding was that desperate.

Good riddance,

Hrand Tookman

cc: Nicolle Wallace, Tim Miller, Rick Wilson, Stuart Stephens, Shermichael Singleton, Brad Dayspring, Henry Barbour, Steve Schmidt, Cheri Jacobus, Ana Navarro, Joseph Pinion, Amanda Carpenter and about an entire swamp’s worth more

NOTE: I wrote this several months ago but it got left behind in the “Drafts” file. I just caught Tara having yet another unhinged meltdown on CNN after it became clear that Kavanaugh would be confirmed, and decided just to click “publish.”


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  1. I don’t know who Tara Setmayer is but this article can “proxy in” the names of so-called “conservative pundits” William Kristol, George Will, Erick Erickson, among others. This is why I now go to Whatfinger and have basically eschewed Drudge — I would bet a quick $50 he’s not linking to this poignant piece but instead has the usual links to The Hill, CNN, The Hill, Washington Post, The Hill, Deadline Hollywood, The Hill, NY Times, The Hill, Axios, The Hill….


    • Footnote: I just caught up with what Erick Erickson has been saying the past day or so. Apparently he, for one, is starting to come around, although it’s gonna take some doing for many of us to forget the scorched-earth vitriol he laid out during his days at RedState dotcom.


  2. Never heard of this Never-Trumper but I can’t argue with the ‘taking down’ of her or any of the rest of them – individually and as a group they are inherently more dangerous than the befuddled Democrats-Progressives-Extremists..


  3. Thank you Hrand for your thoughts: even parked for a few months your words remain timely, not stale. Don’t know a lot about Tara Setmayer but then I don’t spend much time overt at CNN for the very representation she purports to make. As for Tara and the others carbon copied references I like to think of them as:



  4. Never heard of her but a quick Google of her name confirms what I read in your article. In any event, an excellent read, well thought out and very much on point. Like others, I say many names could be added here. Thank you.


  5. Setmayer publicly touts herself as an “African American Woman.” She is not African American. Her father is Nicaraguan and her mother is white. She is an opportunistic fraud through and through. Sure wish someone would expose her racial fraud among other ones.


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