Politicizing #MeToo Failed & The Presumption Of Innocence Won

It’s with cautious optimism that I share a key takeaway which will probably fly under the radar for a lot of people should Kavanaugh ascend to the Supreme Court.

The very short version: The Left, including of course their propagandists in the mainstream media, will not get another chance to use unproven sexual assault allegations for political exploitation.

The longer explanation…

In the aftermath of this disgusting fiasco there will be celebrating and mourning, and at least some reflection.

Kavanaugh supporters might reflect with worry: “They came so close to derailing this!”

And Kavanaugh opponents will probably reflect on that exact same reality: “We came so close to derailing this!”

But they won’t get this chance again, because this isn’t just about confirming a Supreme Court nominee. This will have been about a serious inflection point in our culture where we decided if allegations alone are enough to derail a person’s life. And if Susan Collins, Jeff Flake and Lisa Murkowski are able to speak truth to power in defense of the presumption of innocence, then I’m hard-pressed to see how we ever end up in a situation like this again.

Of course, if Democrats are in power, it’s a different story. So we can’t let our guard down. But the enormity of what is about to happen may be just as big as winning the SCOTUS appointment…

The three most liberal and anti-Trump Republican Senators in office have sat as jurors in the court of public opinion, and decided that the disgusting and regressive presumption of guilt will not stand in American culture, society and even politics. And they did it despite being badgered and scolded by the now-exposed liberal propagandists who masquerade as impartial journalists.

And that’s a huge freaking deal.

And that means no matter how close the media and Left came to sinking Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS bid, they won’t get a second shot like this one because this was about something far greater than one man’s fate.

We know the media and Left’s identity politics gamesmanship wins almost without fail, and the evidence is that our nation is so incredibly divided. And, helping fuel the media and Democrats’ power, that division is bolstered by disparity that exists largely along racial lines. So there’s no question about it: The identity politics game works, and our side is unfortunately clueless about how to combat it. But the #MeToo politics — that which sought to abolish our sacred presumption of innocence any time a woman came forward with an allegation — that strand of politic exploitation got crushed right out of the gate.

That is progress.

That is social evolution.

There’s no turning back the clock on that unless, as noted, Democrats get power again. But even some among the Democrats may be ready to resist their own strain of unhinged, anti-freedom lunatics. Many on the left have already, even proudly, stated that they want to do away with the 1st and 2nd Amendments. And given what we just witnessed, it now seems the 5th and 14th are on the chopping block too. So as the Left (grassroots liberals, mainstream media, Democrat party) grapple with their own identity and who they want to be, I think you might start to see more moderate voices among them prevail. Especially after they nominate a socialist in 2020 and President Trump wins 49 states.

All that’s a conversation for another day.

For today, I celebrate this victory not just for Brett Kavanaugh and our nation’s future as determined by the Supreme Court — but also for the presumption of innocence that took thousands of years of social evolution for our nation to land on, and will be reaffirmed as a key takeaway in the aftermath of this terrifying chapter in our nation’s history.

NOTE: I still want to see Christine Blasey Ford’s false accusations treated with the same scrutiny that we impose on the accused. I don’t think she should just get to ride off into the sunset after this. I don’t think she should get to spend the rest of her life reveling in her newly-established victim/martyr/hero status among the unhinged liberals she works and socializes with. I believe she lied through her teeth and in doing so diluted the gravity of real assault on real victims by real predators. And I want her to be investigated for that. I’ve said my peace on that already in a previous post, but even in the afterglow of what appears to be Kavanaugh’s imminent appointment, I’m not forgetting about her. There should be hell to pay for false accusers, just as there should be for the accused who are actually guilty.


Brett Kavanaugh: Justice.

Don’t Let Blasey Ford Off The Hook; False Accusations Are Assault, Too

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  1. The presumption of innocence “won” nearly 300 years ago! We just need to remind the Anti-American Left of that fact now and again…


  2. Most places don’t have a presumption of innocence.
    Look at China. The courts are related to the communist party, so they will always find favorably for the communist party.

    It seems even in America, the presumption of innocence hangs by a thread. We are responsible for our own fate, or perhaps doom.


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