President Trump Reminds ABC News Correspondent That She’s A Partisan Hack [VIDEO]

Today’s mainstream media is comprised almost entirely of pro-swamp, anti-Trump propagandists who masquerade as impartial journalists — and today President Trump knocked one of the most annoying offenders down several pegs.

Cecilia Vega of ABC News spends her every waking moment trying to impress her swamp parasite peers by attacking President Trump and his supporters. She of course passes this off as “journalism,” but it’s entirely indistinguishable from Democrat activism in that everything she says and does comes from a flagrantly “anti-Trump” perspective.

“Well that’s what journalists are supposed to do!”, she and others will no doubt argue.


Journalists are supposed to report facts in a neutral and impartial way. Political partisans (like me) are the ones who get to pontificate about facts in a decidedly partisan way that’s intended to help one side and/or discredit the other.

And that’s what Cecilia, along with the vast majority of the rest of the mainstream media, do every day.

It’s why in this piece about defining the swamp, I put the media at the very lowest levels: They are the swamp’s most desperate and destitute parasites, and most ravenous bottom-feeders. They are the propaganda arm for the Democrat and establishment GOP politicians who for generations have ruled the swamp.

But all that’s quickly changing as President Trump, at the behest of his supporters, continues to confront the dishonest and biased media — unafraid and without reservation.

And today we saw a great example of that.

President Trump called on Vega and then commented that she was shocked he called on her, presumably because she’s such a glaringly partisan hack whose entire body of work discredits the media while bolstering “the Resistance.”

“I’m not, thank you” Vega responded after Trump said she was shocked he called on her.

And then President Trump, a happy warrior in light of the resoundingly successful trade deal he just won for our nation, came in from the top rope: “I know you’re not thinking. You never do.”

A dejected Vega sheepishly asked for clarification, but didn’t get it.


It’s clear that President Trump misunderstood Vega and thought she said, “I’m not thinking, Mr. President.” When in fact she said “I’m not. Thank you, Mr. President.”

But the moment was still golden.

After years of having John McCain and Mitt Romney lecture us about not holding the dishonest and biased media accountable, most of us will never get tired of watching this President hit them right back for their flagrantly partisan activism. And that holds especially true given the media’s increasingly out-of-the-closet position about their activism. They’re not impartial journalists “just doing their job.” They’re the opposition party to pro-Liberty Republicans, and they’re the propaganda arm for both the Democrat Party and the swamp that President Trump is busy draining. So it’s no wonder that they’re fighting for their figurative lives as the swamp they rely on is rapidly being drained.

And they’re clearly very tired of losing, and we’re still nowhere near tired of winning.



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