False Accusations Are Also Assault; Time To Question Christine Blasey Ford

As politically-motivated activists hijack the #MeToo movement, Americans are increasingly pushing back against the “guilty until proven innocent” standard that’s emerged.

For my part, from the onset of Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations I’ve afforded her exactly zero empathy or sympathy. This is a first for me, and it takes a lot of courage, but I’ve done it and I stand by it: I think false accusations of sexual assault are themselves a terrifying assault, and I believe Ford is guilty as hell of committing that assault on the body and life of Brett Kavanaugh.

And if we truly want equality and justice without gender bias, then the standard of implied guilt pushed explicitly by media and activists who demand we uniformly “Believe The Women,” must be firmly checked.

And today on CNN, former Reagan Administration Official Linda Chavez promoted a similar sentiment.


I want people talking to Dr. Ford’s friends, family and co-workers. While her husband and his family have offered public support, her parents and siblings — who truly knew her the best at the time of the alleged assault — have been suspiciously silent. I don’t think it’s at all beyond the realm of reason to suspect that they know what I’ve hypothesized: Christine is an unhinged lunatic who’s spent her life gleefully immersed in drama of her own making.

And it’s not at all uncommon for the family of false accusers to keep their distance. Because while the constant stream of drummed up drama was all just a little annoying until now, at this point they want no part of what’s going on. They want no part of helping the Christines of the world ruin someone’s life based on what they have every reason to believe is yet another attempt by their loved one to play the victim and revel in drama the same way a drug addict revels in drugs.

So I want to hear from her family.

And I want to hear from her co-workers. I want to hear from at least one co-worker who isn’t immediately and emotionally “all in” on the notion that Ford is a saint and these allegations are obviously true. Surely that person is out there. Where is he/she, and what gives them even a moment of pause about Ford and her story?

I want to see video of Dr. Ford’s lectures or other speaking engagements, and I want to compare those against the way she portrayed herself to the world during her testimony before Congress. I believe without question that she was using voice, inflection and emotional posture that is entirely inconsistent with her natural voice, inflection and emotional posture. And I believe the difference between who she is in her every day life, and who she portrayed herself to be while testifying before Congress, is so vast that simple excuses about “the pain of this experience” couldn’t possibly account for the juxtaposition.

And I might be wrong. But I have the right to ask those questions, and I refuse to accept any shred of “blame” for wanting actual evidence about this woman beyond simply how she makes the media and her peers in The Resistance feel.

A passage about false accusations..

Many argue that rape is the worst crime you can commit on an individual. If that’s true, then the next worst crime has to be a false accusation of rape. I know people who have been falsely accused. And I’ve seen what it’s done to them and, frankly, it looks and sounds a lot like what sexual assault survivors go through. The falsely accused will blame themselves, and cut themselves off from everyone they love. They live in constant terror of the world around them, hiding out absolutely brutalized by the evil deed of one person who decided to use the falsely accused for their own benefit. And they’re horrified to tell anyone that it happened because there’s such a sick stigma attached to them, simply for being victimized. And they’re also afraid to tell anyone because they’re afraid they won’t be believed. And there’s constant fear and shame; guilt and seclusion both emotionally and socially. It festers and eventually manifests physically, sometimes changing the very fiber of what was once a healthy person’s core. And it can take years and years to overcome, and tremendous strength to fight through. It’s no small deal. And now that the #MeToo movement has been fully hijacked by liberals who are exploiting it and forcing women against their will to join it — a lot more consideration needs to be given as well to the damage done by false accusations. Not just the damage done by diluting the plight of real victims who endure real assault by real predators, but damage done to the falsely accused as well. Because that, too, is a very real, destructive, and disgusting assault. And there’s an unfortunately excellent chance that, thanks to the media and Democrats, we’re watching multiple instances of that assault publicly playing out right now against Brett Kavanaugh.

I’ve reached out to Dr. Ford’s co-workers directly and with an open letter offering anonymity and asking that any brave soul come forward who has doubts about her character and/or sincerity in this matter.

Now I’m reaching out to the entire world directly with the piece you’re reading.

Sexual assault is horrific and evil. But so too are false accusations of it. And we know both happen, but only one is treated with the seriousness and gravity it deserves. By insisting that we always believe the accusers, and that any refusal to uncritically accept their accusations is itself an act of social or emotional brutality, is unacceptable. And I firmly believe that Dr. Ford, if questioned with any legitimacy, will prove to be the most damning case study we get in generations when it comes to the pitfalls of blanket demands that we “Believe The Women.”

Moreover, this is a teachable moment. If you’re the victim of sexual assault then it’s imperative that you come forward immediately. Because there are a lot of false accusations out there, and if you want to be believed and you want to prosecute the person who harmed you, and you want to protect other people from that predator, then you don’t have the luxury of working up the courage to bring your accusation. You’ve been victimized and that’s a horrific and potentially insurmountable assault on you not just sexually but also emotionally and beyond. But keeping it bottled up will only make it worse, and will make you less believable. You don’t get to come out years later because, candidly, it starts to look like you’re just standing in line to get a victim card at what might be an opportune time to apply for one. Meanwhile, the predator who assaulted you looks a lot more innocent than he or she would had you leveled your accusation at a time when there might be a lot more evidence to support it. So we should stop making excuses for women who protect their assailants by not coming forward immediately, and start offering them the socially responsible encouragement to do so.

None of this is an easy conversation because all of it deals with the most disgusting impulses of predators who roam among us. But those predators aren’t just the accused. They also exist among those who level false accusations. And the enabling of those predators by the media and Left, is inexcusable. So crass and unforgiving as I might appear while sounding this alarm, we’re at an inflection point in our social existence where such intellectually honest care, compassion and responsibility are in short supply but high demand.


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  1. I had an intimate relationship with a women years ago that was sexually abused by her father. When she would confront it and seek comfort while in my presence her voice would revert back to that of a small child. When I heard Ford testify, that was the first thing I thought of. Was she abused by her father?


  2. Absolutely spot on! “Thou shalt not bear false witness” is one of the Ten Commandments. Accountability for false accusations has been abandoned for way too long.


  3. MichaelSpadafora: I have been a lay counselor working with men and women who have been sexually abused. I appreciate your remark about Ford’s voice. It is not uncommon for that voice pattern and immaturity to come forth.
    Consider her father and do your due diligence on he and his background. Very involved in the program UKULTRA. A mind control program that I believe she was brought up in and also teaches to her class.
    Check it out.


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