Open Letter To Christine Blasey Ford’s Friends, Family & Co-Workers

I’ve already sent this to several of Christine Blasey Ford’s co-workers, but am putting it out now as an open letter. The fact that Ford’s parents and siblings have remained silent and not signed on to other letters of support from family, bolsters my assertion that the people closest to her know she’s unhinged. And they know she’s spent her life reveling in drama of her own making.

So I’m asking for any brave souls among those who know her — who either aren’t entirely indoctrinated in liberal groupthink, or hate watching an innocent man be burned at the stake in the public square — to come forward.


I’ve written at length about mitigating racial and ethnic disparity and disunity, but I’ve recently both learned and revealed that I’m still an admitted bigot…

I’m a bigot against people in the psychology profession, and people who live in Palo Alto.

I’m certain, and have been for a long time, that the majority of both are unhinged lunatics.

As a consequence, I’m effectively certain that all psychologists who live in Palo Alto are batshit crazy.

And at least one of you isn’t wincing upon hearing that. You know it’s kind of a funny assertion, but also one that’s kind of true.

And that same one of you knows that Christine Blasey Ford is among those functioning batshit crazy types.

There’s no question in my mind that this woman has spent exponentially more time in therapy, than giving or teaching it or researching it. And that her life is built around a constant stream of drama that is entirely of her own making.

And I also think she’s lying through her teeth about a good and decent man; committing emotional and social rape without batting an eye, because she’s as sociopathic as she is psychotic.

And I’m guessing the vast majority of you who know her, know that.

But you agree with her politically and you dock with her socially, and academia itself is a cesspool of liberal intolerance, so you’d never volunteer that knowledge.

Unless, by a very long shot, someone came to you very honestly and just asked the question.

I would even guess that most of you watched and listened to her testimony, and rolled your eyes because you knew she was using a personality, inflection and even voice that aren’t actually her own. And to those of you who know her best, simple explanations about the difficulty or uniqueness of the situation fail to explain away the totally brand new character she took on for her public testimony. I’m guessing she was acting to drum up sympathy, and those of you who know her best know that.

You have my absolute assurance of total anonymity. But I’m looking for one brave person who, despite being immersed in the world of batshit crazy lunatics I’ve described, has the courage to at least tell me off the record about Dr. Ford’s lack of character and/or stability.

There are stories, anecdotes and the like that you can share with me entirely off the record. I’m just 100% certain that this woman is an unhinged lunatic, and I have no way of proving it unless I ask those who actually know her.

So I’m asking you.

All of you will be talking about inquiries like this.

And all of you will be virtue signaling your disgust that someone would dare come to you this way.

But I’m doing it anyway. Because I know at least one of you misses your home in the Midwest or East Coast, but endures the terrified-of-their-own-shadow culture that permeates throughout Shallow Alto simply because of the pedigree and resources associated with the academic institutions. (I did a stretch there myself. And the only people even close to normal were the immigrants from China and India. The locals, as at least some of you know, are largely off their rockers and couldn’t last a minute outside of that bubble.) So I know at least one of you has the integrity and courage, with assurances of anonymity, to tell the truth about the woman who is eagerly committing social and emotional rape on the innocent body of Brett Kavanaugh.

And I’m asking you to do the right thing and, with guarantees of anonymity, tell me about that.

Thank you,

Hrand Tookman
Independent Journalist

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