GAME OVER! FBI Finds Kavanaugh’s 3rd Cousin Filed Incomplete 1992 Tax Returns

The headline is all the satire you’ll get. Because the underlying truth bears more focus than the joke. (Also because I tried satire once and now leave that to the good folks at The Babylon Bee.)

I’ve noted several times, to little avail, that when we said the FBI’s credibility has been destroyed for a generation or more — we meant it. It’s unfortunate because there are so many great patriots who work there, but thanks to Comey, McCabe, Mudd, Rangappa, Strzok and the rest — it appears to be a cesspool of pro-swamp, anti-Trump activism. And if they can tank an endeavor that would bolster President Trump’s legacy, we have no reason to believe they won’t try diligently to do that.

For the FBI this won’t be about finding the truth. It will be a corruption of the FBI’s stated mission. Just like the media is supposed to report the truth and facts and leave the partisan commentary out, the FBI is supposed to find the truth and facts and leave the partisan ambitions out. But both the media and the FBI can no longer be trusted. And that’s their fault. If you don’t like it, take it up with Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, Poppy Harlow, Katy Tur and Wolf Blitzer on the media side. If you don’t like it, take it up with Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, Asha Rangappa, Phil Mudd or Peter Strzok on the FBI side.

For the FBI this will be about drumming up new questions that slowly kill Kavanaugh by demanding a longer investigation, or just derailing him immediately by uncritically accepting suspiciously “recovered memory” from new witnesses, or amplifying even the smallest infraction made by Kavanaugh or anyone he’s close to or “had dealings with.”

Despite being the only ones even in the stadium, the media has spent the last year dancing in the Mueller investigation endzone because it netted guilty pleas. The fact that those guilty pleas have nothing to do with the stated mission of the investigation, and certainly nothing to do with the 2016 election let alone with President Trump directly, is of zero consequence. To hear the media tell it…

Well Mueller got 74,821 indictments and 6,137 guilty pleas. Obviously that means Trump is a Russian spy, and we must swear in Her Highness Hillary post haste!

The same will be true with whatever the FBI drums or dreams up. They, like Mueller, can’t be trusted to be impartial arbiters. They are intent on finding blood. And if they can’t find any legitimately, then they’ll start slashing anyone in their path in order to create some.

It’s the unfortunate reality we’re left with thanks to generations of conservative and Republican inefficacy, coupled with extremely effective activism from the Left in every meaningful quarter from academia and the media to public service and the subsequent DC swamp’s imbalance.

I said it during his Presidency: Whatever Barack Obama can’t politicize (e.g. IRS and DOJ) he’ll demoralize (e.g. cops and the military).

It’s obvious that he and generations of anti-American, pro-Left influence in academia and the media helped elevate a whole class of “leaders” who were able to create a culture in the FBI that now makes it indistinguishable from academia and the media. They couldn’t get through to the cops and the military, but they got through to the swamp’s police force: The FBI.

And today, sadly, even many of the FBI’s rank and file can’t say out loud that they believe the Right are assholes and the Left are terrific people. But that’s what they believe. They were recruited from areas that taught that doctrine religiously, and it’s the unspoken truth that permeates their halls in probably every office.

And again, if you don’t like it, don’t blame me. And don’t blame President Trump. Heck, half the reason we elected him is because unlike McCain, Romney and the rest, Trump felt our pain when it comes to the dishonest media who spend 2% of their time reporting actual facts, and the remaining 98% coloring and characterizing those facts to fit their pro-Left, anti-Right narratives.

And we already knew that Obama politicized and weaponized the DOJ. We just didn’t think it would manifest so flagrantly in the politics that came after Obama. And we never thought it would be used to bludgeon political opponents during elections, let alone after said opponent won the election! But that’s in part Trump’s fault. He’s the one who promised to drain the swamp that parasites like Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, Rangappa, McCabe, Yates and the rest so desperately relied on.

The fact remains: Trump, and those who support him, are the FBI’s enemies. And they want to hurt us. And they want to hurt him. And this coming week is a tremendous opportunity for them to do that. And so mark my words: No matter how small the infraction, how flimsy the testimony or how uncorroborated the evidence — when this is over, the FBI will give the Democrats and media more than enough rhetorical fuel to ensure spineless Republicans help kill the Kavanaugh nomination.

And if the media, FBI, Democrats or their spineless Republican whipping girls are reading this and don’t like it, don’t blame me. Don’t blame Trump. Blame yourselves and each other. Because you know damn well that you’re dishonest brokers who are there to protect yourselves, each other, and the swamp you co-dependently rely on…and that the truth, and what’s best for the American people, is just an afterthought to you all.


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  1. What’s sad is that True American Patriots know that you speak the truth and they’ve corrupted so many of the next generation that they only have to wait until my generation slowly dies out. But one thing that’s true even though they believe they have the power their generation will die out too and they will have to stand in Judgement before the Creator of the Universe too and then they will lose that false power they’ve deluded themselves in to believing is they’re and they will spend eternity in hell.


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