Twitter Reacts To Kavanaugh’s Opening Statement: I’m Not Crying. You’re Crying!

I’ve written aggressively about the ferocity I feel for disgusting pigs like Christine Blasey Ford who so casually and callously assert false accusations of sexual assault.

Initially I hedged because we’re not allowed to question alleged victims. But the day after my first honest post about who I believed her to be, I doubled down and haven’t budged an inch since.

Even today after watching her testimony, all I felt was hatred for her because I saw exactly what was going on: She was 100% in her comfort zone, sitting there lying through her teeth and getting to revel in her newfound victim status thanks to yet more drama in her life that she eagerly created.

That is what psychopaths like Ford do.

Brett Kavanaugh, on the other hand, is completely out of his element. The poor man has no idea what to do in this situation. He doesn’t know how to lie or play tough or play mean. And yet there he was, standing falsely accused by a sociopath, and being told by everyone that he must be nice to her or else it will make him look bad.

As if he wasn’t already drowning in disgust and helplessness — listening to the anti-Trump propagandists who masquerade as impartial media spend the last week crucifying him while elevating his crazy accusers to sainthood.

His opening statement however, as a result, was remarkably powerful in its sincerity and the fact that it was so rife with the pain he’s feeling. And people responded…

From a piece that’s a few days old now…

Many argue that rape is the worst crime you can commit on an individual. If that’s true, then the next worst crime has to be a false accusation of rape. I know people who have been falsely accused. And I’ve seen what it’s done to them and, frankly, it looks and sounds a lot like what sexual assault survivors go through. The falsely accused will blame themselves, and cut themselves off from everyone they love. They live in constant terror of the world around them, hiding out absolutely brutalized by the evil deed of one person who decided to use the falsely accused for their own benefit. And they’re horrified to tell anyone that it happened because there’s such a sick stigma attached to them, simply for being victimized. And they’re afraid to tell anyone because they’re afraid they won’t be believed. And there’s constant fear and shame; guilt and seclusion both emotionally and socially. It festers and eventually manifests physically, sometimes changing the very fiber of what was once a healthy person’s core. And it can take years and years to overcome, and tremendous strength to fight through. It’s no small deal. And now that the #MeToo movement has been fully hijacked by liberals who are exploiting it and forcing women against their will to join it — a lot more consideration needs to be given as well to the damage done by false accusations. Not just the damage done by diluting the plight of real victims who endure real assault by real predators, but damage done to the falsely accused as well. Because that, too, is a very real, destructive, and disgusting assault. And there’s an unfortunately excellent chance that, thanks to the media and Democrats, we’re watching multiple instances of that assault publicly playing out right now against Brett Kavanaugh.

The list goes on and on, and you can scroll through and see the results for yourself. (UPDATE, 9/28/18 at 12:21AM ET: How the tide turns. That search string I linked you to has taken on a whole different angle. When I posted it, it was people who were crying for Judge Kavanaugh during his opening statement. Now it’s liberals who are crying because he’ll probably be confirmed. Sorry, not sorry: Their tears are delicious!)

Truly a lot more powerful than I think most of us were anticipating. Notably also that this his opening statement was 100% his words. (Not like Ford, whose entire performance was carefully constructed by her Democrat activist attorneys.)

We’ll see what comes of this.

And in case you missed it, you can watch Judge Kavanaugh’s full opening statement below:


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