Reminder: Bernie Sanders Thinks All Women Fantasize About Gangrape

With all the righteous indignation over Brett Kavanaugh’s entirely innocent high school yearbook scribblings, it’s worth remembering what the media hopes most of you forgot or never even knew about: In 1972, Bernie Sanders wrote an article wherein he asserted that women fantasize about being gangraped.

Yes. Really.


It’s just an amazing juxtaposition compared to what we’re seeing now as the media and their Democrat allies try to crucify Brett Kavanaugh.

You can watch one such example of the ridiculous witch hunt here, as Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse grills Kavanaugh over the slang he and his friends used in high school…

Now in the interest of intellectual honesty, which I value above all else, I’ll note that Bernie Sanders is an elected Senator — while Brett Kavanaugh is on the cusp of being appointed to a lifelong position.

Those are very different roles.

Sanders has to keep winning re-election based on the will of the voters, while Kavanaugh can only be removed by a longshot act of Congress.

But let’s just consider the gravity of the circumstances. Because according to the media and Democrats, this isn’t about politics at all. It’s about decency and character.

The Democrats are suggesting that based on slang Kavanaugh and his friends used back in high school, he’s more likely to be the sexual predator that the media (CNN’s Jake Tapper, NBC’s Peter Alexander, ABC’s Jon Karl, etc) have spent a week making him out to be. They’ve even gone so far as to push the creepy porn lawyer’s insane accusation that Kavanaugh is a gang rapist — meaning he rapes women with several other men also taking turns. That’s what they’re saying about doing to Brett Kavanaugh, and they’re using slang that he and his friends used in high school as supposedly corroborating evidence of their disgusting smears.

Bernie Sanders literally wrote with a straight face that when women are having sex with their partners, they’re actually fantasizing about being gangraped by multiple men.

He wrote that with a straight face.

He and his people, including of course the media, tried desperately to write it off as “satire” and/or an edgy shot at “gender norms of the time.”

Kinda reminded me of this…

In other words, their excuses for Sanders’ horrific beliefs were utter bullshit. And normally I wouldn’t use that language in a post like this but it doesn’t seem quite so inflammatory when you consider that…

Bernie Sanders literally wrote that all women fantasize about being gangraped.

He believed in his heart of hearts that men fantasize about submissive women, and women fantasize about being taken against their will by several men. And except for the bondage part, he’s probably not wrong about a lot of men. James Caan presumably spoke for many men when he said on The Simpsons before his date with Edna Krabapple: “Some guys like a challenge. I’m not one of them!”

But Sanders has it way backwards about women!

And CNN’s Anderson Cooper actually had the nerve to trot Sanders out last night to talk about Kavanaugh. It was so difficult to watch, knowing that the media is fully convicting Brett Kavanaugh over uncorroborated and unsubstantiated claims from nearly four decades ago, all predicated on the testimony of a batshit crazy, pussy-hat wearing psychology psychopath who eats, sleeps and breathes “the Resistance” in the most left wing city on the entire planet: Palo Alto.

(I guarantee you Christine Blasey Ford has a keychain that says “NO DRAMA!”, despite providing an endless supply of drama wherever she goes and with whomever she interacts for her entire life in perpetuity.)

And the most damning evidence that the media and Democrats can point to besides the allegation itself, is some ridiculous slang that Kavanaugh and his pals used when they were in high school.

Brett Kavanaugh said “I Survived the FFFFFFFourth of July.”

Bernie Sanders literally wrote that women fantasize about being gangraped.

And I’m guessing a lot of people reading had no idea about Sanders’ insane assertion, let alone the incredibly weak defense of it and the entirely complicit media who helped cover it up for him.

And I bet that a lot of the younger voters who the Democrats rely on and the media pretend have already taken over the world, would be pretty appalled by Sanders’ disgusting claim.

But we’ll probably never find out. Because while Sanders gets a pass for saying all women fantasize about getting gangraped, everyone is being told to believe that Brett Kavanaugh probably is a gang rapist because he drank beer (legally) in high school and his yearbook says “Have You Boofed Yet?”

It’s all so insane that sometimes I pat myself on the back for having the patience to write about it. This is one of those times. Good job, me.


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