Rachel Mitchell May Have Done Better For Kavanaugh Than We Realize

I’m no legal expert but I heard John King make an interesting point about Rachel Mitchell, and thought it was worth sharing here.

I’m with most everyone else right now who supports Brett Kavanaugh and thinks this whole thing is just another charade manufactured by Democrats.

I’ve already written about my admitted bigotry against psychologists and people who live in Palo Alto, and practically without exception — psychologists who live in Palo Alto!

And I’ve also written about how as it stands today, Democrats are the only ones who we know for a fact forced Christine Blasey Ford to do something against her will.

And I still think Ford is a psychotic liberal whose entire life is a series of dramatic events that she creates and revels in. And I’m sure she’s in heaven right now with this attention and getting to play the victim. I don’t apologize for it. There is such a thing as “good liars,” and psychotic liberals are some of the best. In other words, just because some people found her “believable” doesn’t mean she’s actually telling the truth. The evidence isn’t just lacking. It still remarkably suggests she isn’t telling the truth, particularly in light of alleged witnesses’ inability to corroborate even the most basic details.

An interesting point that Mollie Hemingway passed along…

Still, I know a lot of Kavanaugh supporters are frustrated because they saw the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee giving fiery political speeches, while the GOP’s Rachel Mitchell appeared to go down very boring and unhelpful lines of questioning.

She didn’t actually “grill” Ford.

But John King, who I once liked and respected but for the last several years has become just as dishonest as the rest of CNN’s pro-swamp propagandists, raised a pretty good point that I hadn’t thought about.

Yes, I wanted to see Ford grilled and challenged on the many holes in her ridiculous story about being traumatized for life by a 36 year old alleged groping incident.

But I don’t matter that much. Not right now, anyway.

You know who matters right now?

Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski, and apparently that useless little rat Ben Sasse.

And they surely did not want to see Ford grilled.

What they want and need to see is a level case that while she may have come off as likable and even believable, her story still doesn’t check out. And if it had been combative and political, like the Democrat questioners were in Ford’s defense, then Collins and the rest would likely have a harder time holding the line in defense of Kavanaugh.

Here’s how King described it…

I just hadn’t thought about that angle. I was too busy being annoyed at how poor of a job I thought Mitchell did. But King does raise a good point. If we want to get Kavanaugh through, then my angry tweets at or about Collins, Murkowski, Flake and Sasse aren’t going to be what changes their minds. What will change their minds or get them to hold the line is a measured, methodical and yes moderately made point about the legal and political questions that remain unanswered with respect to this entire fiasco. Something that they can envision standing behind in the long run, after the dust from the immediate circus settles.

And if that was what Mitchell was tasked with doing, it’s possible she did a lot better than many of us realize.

I’m still eager to hear from Kavanaugh, and frankly — the Collins, Murkowskis, Flakes and Sasses of the world don’t inspire a lot of confidence in me right now, no matter what. But if they do vote to confirm when it’s all said and done, I bet Mitchell will have more to do with it than many of us realize right now in the thick of things.


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