Lindsey Graham Might Be The Guy To Carry Trump’s Torch In 2024

I know it sounds crazy, but I increasingly think Lindsey Graham has the goods to fill Trump’s shoes come 2024.

I “grew up” politically watching Graham and McCain sitting side by side on Sunday mornings, telling the mainstream media all the things they wanted to hear…

The base is mostly racist.

The media is a group of swell people.

Only evil hate mongers want to uphold our immigration laws.

We’re the only sane ones and we totally get why you all hate us.

You name the mainstream media talking point about how awful the rubes of the Republican party were, and Senators Graham and McCain would be right there nodding along with them.

Not to mention the tremendously quick trigger finger when it comes to starting wars that there are no real intentions of winning.

But something is happening. Something is changing.

I used to apologize for John Boehner and the Republican party of the tea party era. I’d note that they weren’t used to having any real reinforcements, and so of course they couldn’t actually do the will of the base. And I still maintain that’s true to a large degree.

Look anywhere on this blog and you’ll find me complaining about what a lousy job the conservative media and our most amplified messengers do. I’ve noted repeatedly that in order to bring about real change legislatively in DC, we have to start winning conversations socially and culturally. And I’ve said since around September 2015 that President Trump is the first person I’ve seen actually start doing that.

And go figure: The guy took on virtually the entire establishment GOP, the mainstream media, all of Hollywood, all of academia, the entire Democrat party and the entire Clinton machine,  not to mention the rest of the swamp including the parts of the government Obama both weaponized and politicized (like the FBI) — and he won, and he became President.

And as President he’s accomplished an incredible list of victories despite having to stiff arm the pro-swamp media every step of the way.

Passing tax cuts, gutting Obamacare, pulling from the Paris Climate Accord, nuking the Iran Deal, bringing peace to the Korean peninsula, ensuring an economic miracle for our economy despite Obama’s best efforts to keep people poor and jobless, decimating ISIS, enforcing our immigration laws, no longer being a pathetic doormat for the rest of the world, renegotiating bad trade deals, and of course draining the swamp and exposing the media for the parasites and pro-Democrat propagandists that they are — on those days, when it matters most, all we’ve done is win.

How? Why? Because regardless of what the polls say, President Trump is winning conversations both socially and culturally. He’s got a big chunk of our nation — of all demographic stripes — nodding along with him.

I wrote not long ago that thanks to the unhinged media pretty much guaranteeing that Trump will win 49 states in 2020, it’s time we start talking about 2024 before grifting loser idiots like Stuart Stevens, Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol and Joe Scarborough hijack that conversation. And I didn’t even include Graham’s name in that piece because I floated it once before a few months prior (after again being impressed by the depths of his resolve in the face of media pressure) and was quickly shot down by everyone in the room. But the piece was really just a from-the-hip attempt to get people thinking about the realities…

1). For most of us, we’ve spent several decades watching in horror as the GOP and conservative media submit to the swamp they relied on for their livelihood.

2). President Trump was the first person to come along and not back down to the media, Democrats and establishment GOP who control that swamp.

3). He won, and keeps winning, but the same “NeverTrump” forces still insist that he’s an idiot and he just got lucky.

4). So they still don’t get it, and it’s up to us — the grassroots — to make sure we don’t give them back their power once President Trump leaves office in 2024.

But who can carry that torch? Who has the guts not to back down to the dishonest and biased mainstream media, even when they use identity politics to derail and then shackle us?

And I’m telling you, hard as it is to believe, I’m seeing some of that strength in Lindsey Graham. And I can’t say it surprises me that much. The guy has always had an edge that made him a lot sharper and stronger than most of the others. And he appears to be among the few who has actually taken some notes and learned from President Trump.

The reinforcements are here. No longer do the people we send to Washington have to fear the media and swamp more than they love us. We’ve shown them that we’re good for more than just votes and campaign contributions. And if any of them truly want to make a difference in our nation, then all they have to do is stand by the courage of their convictions — even and especially when the media is the most threatened and threatening — and we’ll always get their back, and fight alongside to keep them in power, so together we can all keep making America greater than ever before.

For everyone.

Who knows: We might even manage to make America united again, which from my seat is the second greatest civil rights undertaking of our time (right after desegregating people despite the media and Democrats’ efforts to keep us all divided based on identity).

So I’m not by a long shot saying Graham is the guy. But I’m saying whoever it is must have the guts to never back down or bow down to the media. And Graham is starting to really show some of that swagger. And that’s what we’re going to need to keep things on track after Trump leaves office in 2024.

UPDATE, 10/6/18 — Kavanaugh Confirmation Day


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  1. He has some real outstanding qualities but is too much of a warmonger and didn’t he cross the floor to join the GOP? I don’t trust Google…


  2. Millions will NOT vote for Gramnesty in the Primary. Would NOT trust him any farther than I can throw him. I wouldn’t let my granddaughter date any of his associates or relatives. You don’t elect traitors to the Presidency! Already had several of those!


  3. I’m the guy who wrote this piece: Points taken. And I expected as much. But I can’t help it. When I see someone sharp enough to swing back at the media instead of backing down to them — honestly — that’s my highest bar right now. Because that’s the biggest thing Trump brought that literally none before him ever did. The policies and everything else are great, but somewhat baked in. It’s the toughness to get the things done without getting constantly bogged down trying to please the media; that’s what the rest of our field seems to always lack. So I’m just trying to find someone who can actually not only stand the heat, but bring it. And I’m seeing some of that out of Graham. And if I’m being honest, I never in a million years thought Trump would be my guy! So I’m just not ruling people out. And more than anything I want others thinking about this too, before the dirtbags who held sway before Trump stole it from them get the mic back.


  4. it’s nice that you respond. I appreciate it! Many of my associates have noticed a difference. Maybe you’re correct and maybe Graham has changed since he is off of Senator McCain’s leash! He has spent 15 years helping the Democrats but I will continue to watch and listen but his voting record is a travesty.

    Also best buds with Hillary confidante!

    He has played both ends against the middle and supported globalism. It’s doubtful the Trump base would offer him up as a Presidential Candidate in my opinion.

    I changed my support from Cruz to Trump the day he announced. I had read all his books and knew who he was. My friends thought I was nuts initially but they’re all in now. I researched Cruz heavily and his wife supported TPP when she worked for Council on Foreign Affairs. Couldn’t help but wonder about their pillow talk. She is not listed CFA using her first name.

    Anyway… I appreciate your opinion! Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    • Are you kidding? I appreciate the engagement! I’d be saying all this on Twitter only they kicked me off. So now I just write a blog post every time I have a thought haha. Anyway I hear you. The one thing that ANY candidate will have to have done, is to take incredible notes from Trump. He’s changed the game. He’s legitimately winning national conversations. I’m 41 years old and in my lifetime, in my memory, we’ve never done that before! And in my other pieces on this, Cruz has been my top choice. (He was my top choice back in 2015 also, until Trump refused to back down to the media after his inauguration speech. That was it. I went all in.) Anyway I’m a long way from set in stone. And I know Graham is a huge liability right now. But I just need someone who won’t back down to the &$$*^&#&@(@$& media! That’s honestly the most important thing to me. Because backing down to the media means losing the conversation, and that means being controlled by the swamp. So we need someone with the guts to stand their ground. And we’ve shown them, thanks to Trump, that we’re here to back them up even when the media spends weeks/months/years promising them they’re doing it wrong. Thanks again for the comments/feedback!


  5. Interesting thoughts. While within the realm of possibility, Graham’s new found fealty toward President Trump could also be a scam, similar to the one Jeff Sessions pulled. The President will not fall for that one again, one way or the other. If Graham is truly sincere and an honest MAGA convert, he will be of adequate value remaining in the US Senate.


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