Trump Proves That The US Media’s Russia ‘Worries’ Are 100% Political

President Trump on Wednesday proved that the media’s pearl clutching over “Russian meddling” has been entirely politically motivated, and has nothing to do with protecting our elections.

For months, President Trump has been saying (paraphrasing), “Yes Russia meddled. But others meddle too.”

And every time he says that the media gets all bent out of shape. Again paraphrasing: “Why won’t he just admit that Russia is the problem? Why does he keep saying all these other nations are problems, too? He’s clearly a Russian spy!”

(NOTE: “He’s a Russian spy!” is Stage 3 of the media’s 4 part obstruction loop. It goes like this: He’s a racist, he’s a rapist, he’s a Russian spy, or he’s literally insane. At any given time on any given channel or in any mainstream media outlet, you’ll find allegedly impartial journalists emphatically arguing that one of those points are obviously 100% true. It’s disgusting but totally transparent, and it’s why the man will probably 49 states in 2020.)

But all these other nations are problems, too. And just like Russia, they always have been and they probably always will be. And the threats just get more and more serious as the world simultaneously becomes more dependent on, and advanced thanks to, technology.

So President Trump, as usual, is entirely correct.

He has reluctantly but still clearly noted that Russia did meddle in our elections. And he’s noted that others meddle in our elections, too. And it’s wild just how personally the media take that claim. You’d think, if they were sincerely concerned with the integrity of our elections, that they’d take all the threats seriously. But instead, the only thing they really care about is Russia. And the reason is obvious: “Russia” is one of the cudgels that they use, to no avail of course, in an attempt to bludgeon President Trump. So anyone who correctly notes that there are also other threats as well must be mocked or dismissed.

And it all came to a head today when President Trump called out China for their efforts to meddle in our upcoming 2018 midterms.


The media went into full panic mode insisting that China is not a threat, and reinforcing their politically partisan claim that there can only be one threat to US elections, and that’s Russia.

I’m not going to bother digging up all the clips. If anyone doesn’t believe me, they’re all in the archives and I can pull them up if you’d like. But every 15 minutes or so on CNN for the last 6 hours, they’ve had a panel of 5-10 people mocking President Trump for citing China as being a very real cyber threat including with respect to our elections. And those same panels then pivot immediately back to Russia, insisting that President Trump is probably a Russian spy because he has the gall to think there are other nations who also want to meddle in our interests.

I don’t think President Trump necessarily woke up today intent on exposing the media as being partisan hacks. And I don’t think he deliberately planned to reveal that the pro-swamp propagandists in the media don’t actually care about election integrity, and instead care only about attacking him and his supporters and using “But Russia!” as one of the key elements to their obstruction loop.

But that’s exactly what he did. And the dishonest partisans in the media are again exposed as discredited fools who don’t really care about our country at all, but care very much about protecting the swamp that they’re all parasites in — and that we elected President Trump to drain.


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