Another Day, Another Flagrant Lie From A CNN Swamp Parasite (Areva Martin Edition)

Swamp parasite, Democrat propagandist and CNN darling Areva Martin suffered a serious meltdown Wednesday on CNN that, presumably, got in the way of poor Areva’s ability to check her facts.

And of course host Brooke Baldwin — also a swamp parasite and Democrat propagandist — enabled the meltdown by letting Martin’s lie go entirely unchecked.

Moments before Martin’s meltdown, Brett Kavanaugh’s attorney, Beth Wilkinson, sat down for nearly 15 minutes with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. (Note: Just a few days ago we caught Blitzer literally manufacturing fake news by changing a key word from a story. The kicker is that he was actually reading directly from the article which had been scooped by another reporter, read the word correctly the first time, but then changed the word to one that he hoped would be more damning to President Trump! It was wild. You can watch that here.)

In today’s interview with Blitzer, one of Wilkinson’s criticisms was that this third accuser claims she witnessed multiple gangrapes over several years, but she never reported them and actually continued going to the parties where the gangrapes were allegedly occurring.

Wilkinson raised a great point. But she was careful to hedge her point also, noting that she was not questioning why sexual assault victims don’t come forward.

Said Wilkinson, “When you say you went to ten parties like that and you kept going to those parties, even though that was happening? And you saw that supposedly happening to other girls? That is a different thing not to report. I understand why women don’t report sexual assault. It’s very difficult, and no one should criticize them for that. But this is a whole different level.”

Enter the unhinged lunatic Areva Martin, melting down in her safespace on CNN where these terrorists get to lie without ever suffering any consequences.

“I was appalled by her performance,” an unhinged Martin shrieked. “There are so many studies that have been done, credible studies that tell why women don’t come forward. We don’t have to answer that question. That question has been answered over and over and over again.”

So CNN darling Areva Martin is “appalled” because, per her implication, Kavanaugh’s attorney questioned why women who are victims of sexual assault don’t come forward.

Meanwhile, what Kavanaugh’s attorney actually said is “I understand why women don’t report sexual assault. It’s very difficult, and no one should criticize them for that.”


Wilkinson’s point is an excellent one, that if a woman witnesses sexual assault — or, as is the case here, multiple gangrapes over multiple years — she should tell someone about that. And at the very least, you’d think she’d stop going to those parties. So it’s highly suspect that the creepy porn lawyer’s latest creepy client is claiming that she saw all these gangrapes happen, but she never said anything about them and kept going back to the same parties.

She was also clear however that she wasn’t questioning why sexual assault victims often don’t come forward. To her point, this was a bit different. This was a woman who witnessed several gangrapes and instead of reporting them, kept going back to those parties. To Wilksinson’s point, that’s a whole different level!

Still, CNN psychopath Areva Martin just can’t help herself. And of course her swamp parasite pal Brooke Baldwin wouldn’t dare step in to correct her. They want to smear any and everyone they can with whatever lies they can think of, including a flagrant lie about what a previous guest said just minutes beforehand.

As noted in an earlier post

On the days when it really matters — passing tax cuts, gutting Obamacare, pulling from the Paris Climate Accord, nuking the Iran Deal, bringing peace to the Korean peninsula, ensuring an economic miracle for our economy despite Obama’s best efforts to keep people poor and jobless, decimating ISIS, enforcing our immigration laws, no longer being a pathetic doormat for the rest of the world, renegotiating bad trade deals, and of course draining the swamp and exposing the media for the parasites and pro-Democrat propagandists that they are — on those days, when it matters most, all we’ve done is win.

They can have the lazy and hazy days in between. Just like Kavanaugh’s accusers, that’s what they’re all about anyway: They just love the drama.

We, on the other hand, love to win.

Sounds like everyone is getting plenty of what they want.


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