Resistance Jake Tapper & Pals Lie To CNN Viewers About UN Speech

Resistance Jake and his band of chortling NeverTrumpers shared a hearty laugh while yet again lying to CNN’s literally tens of viewers in an effort to damage the sitting US President.

This time around Resistance Jake — along with NeverTrump acolytes Amanda Carpenter and Kirsten Powers — took aim at a moment from President Trump’s speech on Tuesday to the UN General Assembly.

See if you can spot the three items (by my count) that Resistance Jake and the rest lied about.


Now watch the actual moment they’re referencing which, surprising exactly nobody, they didn’t actually air on CNN because it would’ve shown things didn’t go the way Resistance Jake and his idiots wanted viewers to believe.


So did you spot the lies?

Here’s what I picked up on…

First: Resistance Jake and his band of idiots lied by implying that the General Assembly was laughing at President Trump. Clearly, as you can see from the clip, they were laughing with him in light of how he handled the heckler. They even applauded him!

Second: Resistance Jake and his band of NeverTrump idiots lied when they said that part of the speech “backfired.” It didn’t. If anything, it endeared President Trump more to the group because of how he handled things. Again, the audience applauded.

Third: They lied when they somehow managed to both conflate and mischaracterize President Trump’s reaction to the laughter. President Trump at one point said that wasn’t the reaction he was expecting. Clearly he was referring to the heckler. Then later when asked about the laughing, he said it was the reaction he was expecting. Clearly he was talking about his own reaction to the heckler. So he wasn’t expecting the heckler, and he was expecting some laughs when he responded to the heckler.

This just isn’t that difficult.

Unless you’re Resistance Jake Tapper and his band of NeverTrump idiots, like exiled GOP swamp parasite Amanda Carpenter, and USA Today Chief Democrat Kirsten Powers.

If you’re them it’s all very difficult. Because they’re very, very tired of losing.

Meanwhile, for those of us on the Trump Train: Still not tired of winning!


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