Kavanaugh Accusers Cried ‘No!’, But Democrats Forced Them Anyway

The only people who we can say with certainty forced Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers to do things they didn’t want to do, are Democrats and the media. And none other than Anderson Cooper and Ronan Farrow admitted as much Monday night on CNN.

We know what the allegations are made by Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez. And to call those allegations “paper thin” would be generous.

In Ford’s case, setting aside my admitted bigotry against psychologists and people who live in Palo Alto and especially psychologists who live in Palo Alto — it’s a 36 year old allegation that all the alleged witnesses outright deny ever happened, or are wholly incapable of even slightly corroborating. The supposedly helpful re-telling of the story 30 years after the fact while sitting in a shrink’s office explaining her fear of sex to her husband, is also entirely unhelpful because the details are off and there are no real specifics that align with her allegations against Kavanaugh. As for Ramirez, no one on the planet believes she spent 35 years traumatized by and unsure of who stuck their junk in her face but after six days last week hanging out with her lawyer, finally remembered it was that guy who’s currently ascending to the Supreme Court.

In the case of both Ford and Ramirez, the media and their Democrat allies insist that the women have nothing to gain and couldn’t possibly have ulterior motives for making their allegations. This of course is ludicrous as both Ford and Ramirez are staunch political partisans who hate President Trump and, like their peers in the Resistance, are 100% certain that Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court means the total and complete destruction of America. So not only do they have political motivations, but like many unhinged liberal lunatics, neither one of them can even be in the same room as a Trump supporter without blowing their rape whistles for infringement on their safe space. And that means their entire lives, both personal and professional, are spent dealing exclusively with people who already think like they do socially and politically. And to those people (socialists, communists, SJWs, progressives, liberals, “the Resistance”), both Ford and Ramirez are now celebrities with lifetime appointments to “Hero!” status.

So spare me the “They have nothing to gain and everything to lose” nonsense.

But, likely because their stories are flagrant lies, reports are consistent that neither had any intention of coming forward and, in fact, both were firm in their decisions not to come forward. And ultimately, the only reason they ended up coming forward is because they were forced to by Senate Democrats who needed more weapons with which to bludgeon their political opponents.

Against the will of the women, Senate Democrats leaked their names to the media ultimately forcing the women to publicly take ownership of their claims.

So while the media and Democrats are pretending to mourn over the sexual violence these women allegedly endured, the reality — the only fact pattern we can truly be sure of — is this: Both Ford and Ramirez have been forced to do things against their will. And it’s the media and Democrats who, for political reasons, stripped these women down and threw them into the public square naked and afraid and against their will.


Granted, now that they’re out there, both women will no doubt revel in their newfound victim / celebrity / martyr statuses. That’s what liberals do. Victimization is what they live for. And the only alternative would be to come clean and admit they’re lying, which would make them pariahs to everyone on both sides of the aisle. But the only facts we know for sure about any of this is that neither of them wanted to come out, and Senate Democrats — with help from a reliably complicit media — forced them to despite their cries to stop.


Notably: This entire story line is playing out just like the hoax hate crimes that Leftists perpetrate with regularity now. The media reports on a hate crime, everyone breaks down in tears over “what’s become of the US now that it’s ‘Trump’s America,'” and when they find out it was actually a hoax perpetrated by one of their own, they say “Yeah but we know those hate crimes happen all the time for real so our outrage was totally justified.” Kavanaugh is being crucified by the media and Democrats right now not because there’s a shred of substantive evidence suggesting the man has ever done anything even close to what he’s being accused of — but because the media and Democrats are sure other men do this type of thing all the time and go unpunished for it. He’s a symbolic sacrificial lamb being tried based on feelings instead of facts and who, conveniently, they also consider to be a tremendous threat politically.

Notably, two: Many argue that rape is the worst crime you can commit on an individual. If that’s true, then the next worst crime has to be a false accusation of rape. I know people who have been falsely accused. And I’ve seen what it’s done to them and, frankly, it looks and sounds a lot like what sexual assault survivors go through. The falsely accused will blame themselves, and cut themselves off from everyone they love. They live in constant terror of the world around them, hiding out absolutely brutalized by the evil deed of one person who decided to use the falsely accused for their own benefit. And they’re horrified to tell anyone that it happened because there’s such a sick stigma attached to them, simply for being victimized. And they’re afraid to tell anyone because they’re afraid they won’t be believed. And there’s constant fear and shame; guilt and seclusion both emotionally and socially. It festers and eventually manifests physically, sometimes changing the very fiber of what was once a healthy person’s core. And it can take years and years to overcome, and tremendous strength to fight through. It’s no small deal. And now that the #MeToo movement has been fully hijacked by liberals who are exploiting it and forcing women against their will to join it — a lot more consideration needs to be given as well to the damage done by false accusations. Not just the damage done by diluting the plight of real victims who endure real assault by real predators, but damage done to the falsely accused as well. Because that, too, is a very real, destructive, and disgusting assault. And there’s an unfortunately excellent chance that, thanks to the media and Democrats, we’re watching multiple instances of that assault publicly playing out right now against Brett Kavanaugh.


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  1. “…Democrats who, for political reasons, stripped these women down and threw them into the public square naked….” and trust me when I say, it isn’t a very pretty picture.

    There is so much wrong with these women and their accusations that one can hardly be expected to touch all the bases in an otherwise very well written piece. Here’s just one detail that was overlooked. Not only did Rameriz spend 6 days being coached by a lefty lawyer, she also phoned up potential wittinesses and anyone else who might have passed for a wittiness and tried to elicit their recollections. She claims she was trying to refresh her memory. Someone else might assume she was trying to elicit a response in a conspiracy to create a story.

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