Hate Group That Harassed Ted Cruz Gets Crucified On Twitter

Petulant and spoiled American fascists (aka “the Resistance”) were proud that they ran Ted Cruz and his wife out of a DC restaurant, but regular folks on both sides of the aisle took to Twitter and chided the group’s behavior.

The group responsible painted a lovely picture of Cruz enjoying dinner in DC, before bragging about how they and their idiot splinter factions ruined it.

In case you missed it, here’s the video of Cruz and his wife leaving the restaurant in fear for their safety.


Even Ted Cruz’s opponent, Beto O’Rourke, came to the Senator’s defense.

More importantly, because noble as “Beto” was the fact is he won’t be around much after November, regular people of all political persuasions and social backgrounds expressed their disapproval for the anti-Trump group’s behavior.

Here’s a sampling of those reactions…

And there were many more. You can click here and scroll through the hundreds of negative reactions they got. And while the anti-Trump Resistance (socialists, communists, SJWs, progressives, liberals, Democrats, etc) are terrible at using their words to express themselves, and their partners in the media seek to curtail free speech while enabling violence against Trump supporters — it’s nice to see all of these other grassroots people know better, and still know how to effectively articulate their thoughts and views.

UPDATE ON THIS STORY: Unlike so many other chefs and restaurant owners, the owner/chef of the restaurant where this happened said the Cruz and his wife were welcomed back after the situation was diffused — which included calling the cops on the fascist protesters! Good for Fiola and chef/owner Fabio Trabocchi!


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  1. This stunt was a dumb move; actions elicit reactions, at the voting booth this November.

    After you lose, go Antifa on each other.


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