Grassroots Trump Supporter Forces Google’s Hand

There’s indisputable evidence that a grassroots Trump supporter is responsible for Google having to rewrite their code to correct anti-Trump bias, and there’s a decent chance that same Trump supporter is responsible for Google’s CEO sending a memo to the entire staff telling them not to let their anti-Trump bias affect their work.

And you’re currently at that grassroots Trump supporter’s website.

This will be a process article devoid of all the juicy details, so if you want to know the specifics, you’ll have to refer back to the pieces linked throughout. (Most notably, the final piece linked at the bottom in the “RELATED” section.)


February 22, 2018I write a piece providing concrete evidence that Google’s anti-Trump bias does make its way into their products.

I share it with every conservative media heavy hitter I can think of.

Nobody cares.

September 12, 2018: A video is leaked that shows Google leadership basically crying over the results of the 2016 election. In response, Google releases a statement claiming emphatically that their employees’ political views do not affect their code or products.

Naturally, at that point, I’m compelled to re-up the evidence I found 7 months earlier that proved Google’s statement was a lie; that their anti-Trump bias does make its way into the code.

September 13, 2018I write that piece. And Mollie Hemingway tweets it out, and the good people at WhatFinger place it prominently at the top of their center column. But other than that, the piece is largely ignored. I shared with every heavy hitter in conservative media I could think of, but all of them ignored it and never bothered to help shed some sunlight on the hard evidence of anti-Trump bias embedded in Google’s code.

Sometime between September 13 and September 21, 2018: After more than 20 months of letting the partisan code fester (since January 20, 2017), Google within days of my piece being published quietly rewrites the code to conceal that the bias was ever there. They make no public statement, or acknowledge in any way that the flagrantly anti-Trump bias was ever deliberately programmed into their products. Also at some point during this time, Google’s CEO releases a memo to all staff about not letting their [anti-Trump] bias affect Google’s products.

September 21, 2018: I realize what happened, and write another piece.  In it I lament that we had Google on the ropes but, thanks to the inaction of elitist conservative media, we never did anything with it. And Google was able to quietly change the code without ever enduring the public scrutiny or forensic accountability the strong evidence merited.

September 22, 2018 (today): I learn about the internal memo Google’s CEO sent to staff. A memo that went out around the same time they were fixing the code that I exposed as having been guided by their employees’ anti-Trump bias. I put it all together, and lay out the timeline you see above.


And it all feels like kind of a big deal to me. Like I exposed, contrary to Google’s claims, that their employees’ anti-Trump bias does make its way into their products. And that because of what I found and Mollie Hemingway and the people at WhatFinger helped expose, Google had to fix the code as quietly as possible while also sending a memo to all staff instructing them to cease any work that incorporates their hatred for the duly-elected, sitting US President.

But it’s still extremely unfortunate that it happened so quietly. Because this was a pretty big deal and it merited some sunlight. To repeat the analogy I used in yesterday’s piece: We were basically accusing Google of robbing banks. But they said, “No, no. Not us. We never steal anything.” Then I caught them shoplifting gum. And that matters. If you think someone is robbing banks, and they say they never steal anything, and you catch them stealing gum…that matters. And I asked the conservative media big dogs to help get the word out. And none of them could be bothered because they’re all too busy congratulating each other for — nobody really knows anymore. And now, because readers like you never got a chance to go test the evidence for yourselves, and that evidence is basically gone now, Google gets to say — sticking with the bank robber analogy — that the video I have of them stealing gum is just a case of mistaken identity. The opportunity for millions of Google users to all go do the simple test and see for themselves, is gone.

Still, the fact appears to remain: I, a nobody writer who doesn’t advertise and works a regular joe day job like most of you, just forced Google to rewrite their code, and lecture their employees about not letting their bias interfere with Google’s products.

And while that’s a big deal to me personally, it’s entirely invisible to the rest of the world. And the worst part, because it’s entirely invisible to the rest of the world, is that until/unless someone finds more concrete evidence of Google employees’ anti-Trump bias making its way into their code, Google remains bulletproof in their denials that it ever happens.

VIDEO ONE: Taken on September 12, 2018, this video shows that Google programmers ensured the “p” would be capitalized for every President except for President Trump.

VIDEO TWO: Taken just 9 days later on September 21, 2018, this video shows that Google programmers corrected the code to remove their personal hatred of President Trump. It came up “president Trump” for all 20 months of President Trump’s time in office, but within days of my piece they fixed it. And that’s great. But now they have a lot of questions to answer about how it happened, why we should believe it’s not happening elsewhere, and what steps they’re taking to prevent it.


Conservative Media Let Google Off The Hook

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  1. I am sorry no one took time. I have a theory, if interested. The problem with the “conserveative” media is some of it is and some is not. They are to busy thinking they are holier than thou and are so scared of being ridiculed by the propoganda MSM. I remember when at the beginning of President Trumps term there were all kinds of fake news stories from the majority of “conserveative” pundits. For example, The Paris Accord, sending more troops over seas, never going to get the tax cuts, never going to get the wall, never going to drain the swamp, never going to have an embassy in Jerusalem, not going to renegotiate trade deals, etc, etc. So I would not be to worried about the “conserveative” media not picking it up. The good news is Jeff Sessions is probing big tech. What is even better news is it has recieved little to almost no coverage. President Trump knows their playbook and while everyone is looking over there President Trump is getting things done. is truly a great site. Without them I would have never stumbled across this article. Keep up the good patriot. One site I wish would be on is That is where the real hard hitting news comes from. If you have not been there, I highly reccomend it. God bless. Keep exposing the swamp.


  2. Way to go, M!!!! You’re a true hero, whether you stay unsung or not. It takes David’s like you to slay the Goliaths that would gleefully suppress us all in their quest for totalitarianism.

    Keep fighting the good fight, my man! I’ll bet you’re nowhere near done yet.

    Alan in Va.


  3. Let me see if I have this right. You gave your concrete evidence to main stream media corporations, who’s primary goal is to make money, and expected them to take on a company ranked 22 in the Fortune 500? Tell me again why anyone working for any corporation would do that?

    Perhaps it would be better, if you gave your concrete information to the alt-media. Maybe Tarl Warwick, or Stefan Molyneux, or Joe Rogan.


  4. Well, I think I read your article when you wrote it. Since I’m not part of the “media, Idon’t count, but I’m on Gab, Voat, et al. I have believed Google and others engage in “steering” for some time no, based on the articles they reference when I search. So THANK YOU!
    I believe we are at the beginning of this battle. The ’60’s leftists have held sway since the days of JFK, and despite the adulation he receives even now, it’s policies he & LBJ & Jimmy Carter instituted that led to where we are today.
    When Trump won the election, I remarked to him, “I feel like we dodged a bullet.” He agreed. Both of us were right, of course, although neither of us at the time knew just HOW right we were. Again, thank you for your work and perseverance.


  5. Thank you sir. I live in the valley, not far from G hq. I am an open Trump supporter and for past 2.5 years, I have become a subject of jokes for that. The vitriol is so sickening, you will be amazed.

    Anyway, here is another observation I have made, unfortunately can not test it, I am Comcast subscriber. Their streaming app always slows down, sometimes doesn’t even connect, if I choose to watch Fox News, agreed they are not as good as WF, however only channel available on broadcast, to get the news which don’t even see the light on every other news channel.

    Can someone test it? Just want to make sure, I am not being paranoid, so hard test data will be refreshing.


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