Conservative Media Let Google Off The Hook

With all the accusations that political bias infects Google’s products, you’d think conservative media would’ve helped elevate concrete evidence proving that case. But instead they ignored it. And as a result, Google was able to quietly correct the glaring example that proved their employees’ anti-Trump bias does get built into their code.

I first stumbled on the evidence back in February 2018. And nobody cared. It was a little close to my heart because in addition to proving Google employees’ political bias does affect their products, the evidence I gathered also showed they were happy to exploit people with disabilities while embedding their bias. And I have a loved one who’s blind. So it pissed me off. But again, nobody else really cared. (I often lament that the professional Right are apathetic and don’t actually care about doing anything good. All they really care about is clicks, selling books, elevating their personal brands, etc. And I’m unfortunately very used to them proving that to me over and over again.)

But then the leaked video came out of Google’s leadership all moaning about Trump’s victory. And shortly after the video was leaked, Google put out a statement assuring everyone that their employees’ political views do not affect their products and/or coding.

So I had to re-up my scoop that proved their employees’ anti-Trump bias does make its way into their code.

And this time, a few people noticed.

The good folks at WhatFinger linked it in their center column, and Mollie Hemingway shared it on Twitter.

But I shared it with everyone…

Charles Cooke at National Review.

Sean Davis and Ben Domenech at The Federalist.

John Nolte and Alex Marlow at Breitbart.

Tucker Carlson at Fox News.

Tom Bevan at Real Clear Politics.

Chris Ruddy at Newsmax.

Geoff Ingersoll at The Daily Caller.

Jon Gabriel at Ricochet.

Seth Mandel at New York Post.

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air and James Taranto at Wall Street Journal and Jon Garthwaite at TownHall and Kurt Schlichter and Nick Short and Erick Erickson and Ben Shapiro.

And none of them could be bothered with it.

I needed them to help amplify the scoop because it’s the first concrete evidence we had that Google’s anti-Trump bias does make its way into the code.

It wasn’t a huge thing. It was just that when you use the voice dictation feature (aka speech to text), it would capitalize the “P” in the word “President” for every President except for Trump.

Here’s just one of the many videos I did demonstrating it. This video was done on September 12, 2018…

You can read the entire piece here, which showed several more examples.

But because no one in conservative media could be bothered listening to someone who doesn’t hang out in their circles, Google was able to quietly correct the issue without ever having to answer for it.

Here’s the video I did tonight, which shows that they corrected it. This video was done on September 21, 2018 (nine days after publishing my original piece)…

Had any of the conservative media heavy hitters I contacted bothered to help elevate this, then massive amounts of readers would’ve tried the test themselves. And Google would have been forced not just to correct the purposefully partisan code, but they would have had to answer for it as well.

And it would have been part of the permanent record exposing that left-leaning bias does make its way into Google’s products. And to be honest, not just “part of” the record. It would have been the only actual record we have on file that proves, no matter how small, what we’ve all long suspected and Google has long denied.

Now, it’s effectively moot.

And some might say, “Well c’mon, they didn’t capitalize the ‘P’ in President Trump’s name. That’s kinda petty.”

Sure. But if you think a guy rob banks for a living, his insistence that he’s not a thief loses a lot of weight when you’re able to prove that he shoplifts gum. And that’s what I was sitting on. And that’s what I begged for helped getting out there, only to be snubbed by the same conservative media that for decades have gotten their asses kicked by the left.

But now my evidence that the guy who denies robbing banks does in fact shoplift gum, is gone. It’s done. I had things teed up pretty nicely for the whole world to literally watch him do it, but it was ignored. And now that guy gets to say that video I have is just a case of mistaken identity.

We’re talking about Google inserting their political bias into their search results. And them denying that their political bias ever makes it into their products. And me being able to prove, with concrete evidence, that it does. And the people who have the biggest microphones and platforms 100% just ignoring it — with the exceptions of Mollie Hemingway, and the team at And as a result Google got to quietly correct the clearly partisan political act that was inserted into their product, and they never have to answer for it. And they never have to see it litigated in tandem with our other concerns about their bias, which they can still deny and (now accurately) claim there’s zero evidence of. And there’s no real record of it because it didn’t play out in the public sphere. And so we’re back to still at square one: We believe their bias impacts their products, they insist it doesn’t, and that’s the end of it.

It’s pretty painful. And it’s just more proof that the conservative media is stacked mostly with grifters who came to ‘do good’ but stayed to do well, and in the end do nothing except help themselves and each other. Lord knows they dropped the ball badly on this one, and that’s in part because they’re lazy, but also because they’re mad at me for having said in the past that they’re kinda lousy at their jobs.

And I guess now we have some additional concrete evidence of that, too. As if we needed more.

Exhibit A, fellas. Exhibit A.


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  1. GREAT exposure piece. These dweeb loons were compulsively mastering binary computer code when normal people were studying History, Government, Economics, etc. So It stands to reason that they would be lacking in critical social thinking and logic. Emotionally they are stuck in the 5-year-old stage where they would sneak in the kitchen and put extra salt in the coffee pot because mommy made them take a nap or clean up their room. is the best.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tucker Carlson has covered it; Alex Jones is all over it… Everyone else is scared and must decide to take a risk that defines their integrity.


    • Carlson covered the lower case “president Trump” through the voice dictation feature? (Whereas all the rest were President Obama, President Bush, ect?) Or just the Google bias, leaked video, etc? Because everyone has covered the bias, leaked video, etc. My point here is that they all ignored the hard evidence PROVING anti-Trump bias DOES make its way into the code. If he covered that evidence, then I owe him an apology…and hopefully his team can go ask Google to account for what they found in the code when they fixed the “problem.”


  3. I already solved this problem for me. I dont use google for any searches except maps on my phone. I dont use YouTube for much other than entertainment and I left Facebook (not a Google product) in 2012. I also dont use Twitter except for easy log-ins on comment boards and the ability to look at a tweet someone links…I seldom actually “Tweet”.

    I see Trump has done a White House order that could start an anti-trust probe though, so i’m OK with that too.

    All of the companies should be banned from government contracts or usage on government devices and within government buildings until they are completely unbiased. Otherwise, people do have choices. You dont have to use Google…in fact, its pathetic that any conservative does. Their bias has been known for what?…a decade? That’s when I stopped using it.

    Just say “no” to using any of them


    • If you use a smartphone, you use or Google or Apple. There are no other choices.
      If you use a PC, you use Microsoft. If you use Internet and YouTube, you use Google, the same for maps.
      If you don’t want to support any of them (and all of them are the same), don’t use the PC or mobile phone. Also don’t buy with your credit card, only cash.

      It doesn’t help one thing, it’s only your principle, it has no effect then only making your life difficult.

      Those big brothers like Google and Facebook will receive their just punishment, don’t worry. They are indeed too big and becoming very dangerous. What they do now in America, they did already for years all over the world, especially Europe and Russia. It seems that they also were trying to manipulate the elections in Russia (with not much results) with the help of the CIA and ilk.


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