Wolf Blitzer Caught Red-Handed Creating Fake News [VIDEO]

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer got busted on Friday manufacturing fake news to fit his network’s anti-Trump narrative.

The unfortunate but all too common incident happened during a discussion about Rod Rosenstein allegedly wanting to coordinate with President Trump’s cabinet to remove him from office (i.e., invoke the 25th Amendment).

The undocumented news was first reported by the New York Times, whose lede read…

The deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, suggested last year that he secretly record President Trump in the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration, and he discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit.

In an effort to create new narratives that would presumably damage President Trump, Blitzer — who works at CNN pretending to be an impartial journalist — tried to change that story.

The story’s sources claim that Rosenstein suggested he should or might record President Trump. Not that he actually did.

Blitzer however twice insists that the story says there is a recording. In fact, while reading directly from the New York times article he even changes “record” to “recorded.”


A few things that are troubling here even beyond the lie itself…

Jim Acosta nods in agreement with Blitzer as he tells his lies to CNN’s literally tens of viewers. Acosta certainly knows better. Reading isn’t that hard. But he’s happy to let Blitzer push the lie.

Additionally, Blitzer is actually reading directly from the article and initially reads it correctly, before taking it upon himself to edit the story so it says what he wants it to say. That’s when he changes “record” to “recorded.”

It’s actually tough to watch, which is probably why so few people do.

But I still consider the media to be a threat and so I monitor CNN and take time out periodically to document their insanely transparent partisanship.

Yesterday I wrote about a particularly flagrant lie being pushed by Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow, who are also employed by CNN and also pretend to be impartial journalists. I actually went ahead and called them “terrorists” because I’ve been tracking CNN’s bias for several years now, and simply calling them “Democrat activists” is no longer sufficient. They’re terrorizing our nation in an effort to sow discord and disunity, and might as well be colluding directly with Russia because that — discord and disunity — is exactly what Putin wants.

And then today we catch Wolf Blitzer actually manufacturing the fake news that President Trump and his supporters (like me) complain about. Yes Evan Perez gets a shred of credit for trying to set the record straight. But that pales in comparison to Blitzer, Acosta, and the rest who spend their entire days either making things up, or characterizing the news in a partisan way to fit their anti-Trump narrative.

As noted many times in the past: They are all parasites in the swamp that President Trump is busy draining, and so they must destroy him before he completes the job we hired him to do.


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  1. Really, is there any more proof necessary that CNN and the leftist legacy media of the DNC are enemies of the state? The light of truth is the only way to cleanse this brood of vampires.


  2. I agree. CNN is such a disgusting joke. 24/7 they try and by doing so become more and more idiotic. Strangely enough, CNN International is not showing Wolf Blitzer or his ‘panel’ anymore. His show has been removed, he is not on for a single minute anymore. Many new faces now, just the same methods of course.


  3. Y’all missing the point of this ‘Rosenstein’ story … it was designed not to denigrate Trump, but to spur him to the point where he fires Rosenstein giving the LEFTISTS the cover they seek to create a basis for Impeachment. Of course it’s going to be difficult basing impeachment of a president who has exercised his legal Constitutional authority, but those cretins will do it just to cause havoc and prevent Trump from accomplishing goals.


  4. […] Moments before Martin’s meltdown, Brett Kavanaugh’s attorney, Beth Wilkinson, sat down for nearly 15 minutes with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. (Note: Just a few days ago we caught Blitzer literally manufacturing fake news by changing a key word from a story. The kicker is that he was actually reading directly from the article which had been scooped by another reporter, read the word correctly the first time, but then changed the word to one that he hoped would be more damning to President Trump! It was wild. You can watch that here.) […]


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