Kavanaugh’s Accuser Is ‘Resistance,’ Not ‘Me Too’

While the media’s crisis actors who pretend to be journalists read from a script that solemnly suggests poor Christine Blasey Ford “has nothing to gain and everything to lose,” their anti-Trump peers in the grassroots didn’t get the memo. Because they’re all on social media turning her into a celebrity.

Just check out the #DearProfessorFord hashtag on Twitter, which has been trending all day and is brimming with praise and adoration for the voluntary political football.

I was already honest about my bigotry toward the psychology profession, and people who like their lives in Palo Alto. And I was already honest about the reality that when we said Comey and those like him destroyed the FBI’s credibility, we meant it.

Now I’m going to be honest about the media’s role in all of this, and what the real motivations are of those involved.

And frankly, all of this is information that honest average joes in the grassroots already know. But the power players around this story, as usual, think we’re all idiots and that we don’t see any of it…

First of all, like many unhinged lunatics whose lives are spent immersed in drama of their own making, Christine Blasey Ford is a Democrat activist. She hates President Trump and she’d love to help the Resistance by derailing his very conservative Supreme Court nominee. And because she once kinda went to school with that nominee almost 40 years ago, she found herself in a unique position to go ahead and ring that bell.

“He raped me. Kinda.” -Christine Blasey Ford, mostly

It started with a confidential letter, but conveniently at the very last second blossomed in to a full-blown allegation that couldn’t be ignored. And make no mistake: Ford couldn’t be happier with the results. Rather than have her lie exposed early on, it’s festering at a point in the nomination process that has already forced one delay. And with the national attention and importance that’s being placed on her lie, there are now other unhinged lunatics who also kinda know her and kinda know him and kinda remember that maybe he definitely did rape her.

“Maybe. Kinda.” -Christine Blasey Ford’s friend in the Resistance, mostly

“Maybe not. But kinda, also.” -That same friend

Meanwhile, the media are pretending to hang their heads in shame for our entire nation. They just can’t believe how terrible the terrible GOP are terribly treating this poor rape victim/survivor. And the cherry on top is as universal as their lament…

“She’s so brave for coming forward, because she has nothing to gain from this.

Nothing to gain from this?!

Forget about tanking a Supreme Court nominee whose ascent, per elected Democrats and their grassroots supporters, means the total and complete destruction of America.

Forget about the fact that elected Democrats promised to do everything they could to stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed. (And with elected Democrats making that promise, do you honestly think their unhinged grassroots supporters are afraid to follow suit?)

Forget about “sticking it to” President Trump whose election, I guaran-freaking-tee, left Christine Blasey Ford crying herself to sleep for several nights if not weeks.

I mean none of that is small, but it’s only part of what Christine Blasey Ford “has to gain.”

Of far more value is her own lifetime appointment to liberal celebrity status just for trying to gum up the works.

She’s a total hero to America’s liberal and progressive circles, which no doubt always have and will monopolize both her personal and professional life.

So while the media do a lousy job pretending that “she has nothing to gain from this,” honest observers know that she has plenty to gain. It starts with a chance to tank a conservative Supreme Court nominee, and ends with a lifetime of adoration from legions of equally unhinged lunatics who will forever be grateful for her effort.

And while many of us doubt the FBI’s current neutrality, we know it will only take one more lie from one of Ford’s friends to completely crucify Brett Kavanaugh. It will just take one person to come forward and say, “I also don’t remember where or when because it was so long ago…but I definitely remember a party that she was at, and Brett was there, and she came running out of the bedroom in tears. And then Brett and that other guy followed behind her, stumbling drunk.”

One person lies and says that, and it’s all over.

Just one other unhinged lunatic, among a Resistance that’s rife with them, needs the time and courage and motivation to figure out how they can help Ford by corroborating her story in a way that can’t possibly be disproven.

And the longer this can drag out, the better the odds of that happening. And if that person doesn’t emerge, then it’s still left in the FBI’s hands to be honest about. And as noted, when we said the FBI’s credibility was shot thanks to partisans like Comey and Strzok, we meant it. But it also doesn’t help when allegedly impartial journalists like NBC News’ Ken Dilanian squee with delight over the possibility that some FBI agent is working overtime because they personally don’t like President Trump…

Hey Ken: If you’re trying to convince us that the FBI is stacked with political partisans whose work is motivated by personal grudges (ie, the most broad perception of a “deep state”), you’re doing it right.

So we don’t trust the FBI to do an honest job. And we already told you that. And you heard us, and believed us. But then you forgot about that, even though it was only like a month ago which is pretty sad on your part, media. But it’s still the case: Comey and those like him destroyed the FBI’s credibility, so miss me with your “just let them handle this entirely political matter” nonsense.

And Christine Blasey Ford is no hero. And her life wasn’t turned upside down by a 40 year old groping incident. In part because if your life is turned upside down by a single groping incident that happened your senior year of high school, then there isn’t much of a life there to start with. I’m sorry. It’s just true. (And in your zeal to make women perpetual victims, you’re only diluting the gravity of real sexual assault on real victims by real predators.) But even more than the paper thin gravity of the accusation, she’s no hero because she’s lying; it never happened. Just like so many of the “hate crimes” we hear about that turn out to be hoaxes perpetrated by leftists who just want and feel entitled to prove a point — she’s making it up. And contrary to the media’s laughable lament that she’s just some poor victim who couldn’t possibly have any ulterior motive for coming forward, she’s got a ton of motivation to have fabricated this entire story. And with the media spending all their time pitying her as a poor victim, while their faithful readers/viewers in the Resistance spend all their time hailing her as a hero — life is pretty good right now for Christine Blasey Ford.

And anyone who says otherwise is lying. Either because they’re complicit in her efforts to obstruct President Trump’s work, or because they’re too afraid to say the truth out loud.

I’m not afraid. I just said it. And if I turn out to be wrong, I’ll apologize. But I’m not going to bite my tongue on this one. I have every reason to believe that Christine Blasey Ford is an unhinged liberal lunatic who’s loving every minute of this, and the only thing that separates her from the screaming and crying liberals who tried to obstruct Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing…is that she went to school with him 40 years ago.



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  1. This should be considered a learning moment. The Socialists have gone off the deep end. This ‘accuser’ is a complete idiot. What do you expect from a Fake PhD in a Fake ‘science’ that is psychology! Let’s not forget this tactic – so much for the ”Me too’ movement. Now let’s get the Pedophiles put to death or at least >20 year s in prison!


  2. At SOME point, the rest of the country will need to stand up and demand that they Left stop with the lies and corruption. PUNISHING them would be a good start…


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