The Truth About President Trump, From One Of His Earliest Supporters

Supposed experts will spend centuries writing about and trying to explain who Donald J. Trump is, but they will never be able to articulate who the man is as seen by his strongest supporters.

And while many of his other supporters might disagree or take exception with my observations, I think many more will agree.

First, let’s get it out of the way: President Trump isn’t what most of us would traditionally call “a conservative.” He has some views that align with conservatism about putting America first, and being proud of our nation, and not being a doormat to other nations. He doesn’t believe, as so many Democrats and the media do, that we’re an evil nation who needs to constantly be atoning for past and present sins. He believes we’re a great nation, and he has no patience for those who seek to harm or take advantage of us.

And in that way, he’s very conservative.

And perhaps, as time has gone on, he’s become more conservative in areas like abortion. Perhaps, as time has gone on, he’s even become more spiritual and empathetic, patient and/or outwardly compassionate.

But I don’t hold him to any of those standards. I know who he’s been for most of his life and career: While charitable at times and certainly progress-minded with respect to gender and race, he’s been a playboy who didn’t excel in the cut-throat world of real estate by playing patty cake.

And I believe while most of his critics have spent their lives drinking, smoking and doing drugs, President Trump’s greatest vice probably is for beautiful women.

I do not believe that he has or would ever sexually assault a woman. And for those who claim “He already admitted it on tape!”, you’re wrong. And I wrote about that here.

But I do believe that while he’s abstained from drinking, smoking and drugs, he does have a deep affection for beautiful women, and that while people use alcohol or drugs to let some steam off, President Trump has likely given in to more intimate temptations and desires.

I also don’t believe that he went in to the 2016 Presidential Campaign thinking he’d win. I believe he did it for some publicity, maybe a little fun, and in the end to build a new following and maybe turn out another best selling book or two. I believe he’s always cared passionately about our nation and the direction it was going thanks to corrupt and dishonest politicians. But I don’t think he actually thought his message would resonate so effectively. Or that he’d so easily be able to dispose of his competition in both the primary and the general.

But his message resonated not because he or his supporters are racist as the media like to claim, but because — as I wrote way back in September 2015 and also way back in December 2015 — he’s honest about issues that the media, Democrats and establishment Republicans for decades have lied to us about.

And perhaps most importantly: When he was attacked dishonestly by each of the aforementioned swamp parasites (media, Democrats, establishment GOP), he didn’t back down. And that’s when I threw my full support to him. And I think that’s when a lot of other early supporters did as well.

And now I’ve written several times that I hope others in the GOP are taking notes about what it looks like when you never bow down or submit to the dishonest media. (Sadly, however, I think very few are actually learning anything. They just think he’s an anomaly, and still don’t “get” why it’s working.)

But in addition to loving our nation and not making us a doormat to impress our European betters, it’s his willingness to fight that made him a great candidate and has resulted in him being a great President. It’s his willingness to not back down when the media, Democrats and establishment GOP play their lazy, dishonest, divisive identity politics games.

But who he is as a person goes far beyond that. There’s still one more glaring difference between him and, quite possibly, every other President who’s ever occupied the office…

While many politicians pretend to be perfect while in the spotlight but are just jerks or worse when the public isn’t watching, President Trump is the exact opposite of that.

He wants to come off as morally and emotionally impenetrable while in the spotlight, but by virtually every account he is a warm and sincerely engaged person when the cameras are off. Even Democrats have marveled, to their own surprise, at his “charm.”

Of course I also believe he’s a brutal Manager. And we all know that competition breeds improvement. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the reports are true about him liking his subordinates to maintain a competitive fire-in-the-belly that has them trying to one-up each other and impress him. But personally, outside of the office and the goings-on of those he hires to get big jobs done, I also believe the other reports about him being sincerely engaged and compassionately deliberate.

But it’s not just charm. You don’t raise the type of kids he has without being a legitimately really good person. And again, I know about the multiple marriages. And the infidelity. And the lies, both big and small. (I’ve written about all of that, too.) And since fully half the posts at this site are about parents honoring their commitments, I can’t say anything good about President Trump’s multiple marriages and likely infidelities.

But I also know, unfortunately, that a lot of that comes with the territory when you’re a rich and famous celebrity. (Let’s face it: People who stay together at all isn’t that common, and it’s way more uncommon for rich and famous celebrities!)

Some people say, “Well he got a million dollar loan from his dad. He was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple!”

Let me pose a question for those people: If I gave you $100, could you turn it in to $1,000,000? Because that’s basically what President Trump did. He did get a million dollar loan from his dad. But he turned it in to ten billion worth of value. And even if that number is inflated (which it likely is), let’s call it five billion. So if I gave you $100, could you turn it in to $500,000? If so, that’s really impressive. And I’d ask you to get in touch asap because I’d like to get started right away!

So he’s done incredible things thanks in large part to his own parents and upbringing. And he excelled in the decisively cut-throat world of Manhattan real estate, and global branding/marketing. And then he saw a lot of things that were going wrong in our nation, and wanted to join the conversation. And then when he was attacked dishonestly and called a racist just for being honest about problems at our border (problems that the media, Democrats and establishment Republicans for decades told us didn’t exist), he didn’t back down. To the contrary, he did something else that many of us had waited our entire lives to see: He picked a fight with the dishonest swamp media, and hasn’t stopped calling out their lies ever since.

And he just keeps winning.

And today, as we see what it looks like when he engages with regular people who right now just want some relief and support and sincerity after having their lives turned upside down…

…it was worth writing a few words about what I see in him and why I have, and likely always will, keep proudly supporting him, and never tiring of winning with him.


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  1. I supported Trump since the day he announced but I never thought he could win over the media and inherent corruption in the voting process. Having said that, 2024 concerns me; which brings me to my next point.

    Regarding: “Sadly, however, I think very few are actually learning anything. They just think he’s an anomaly, and still don’t “get” why it’s working.)”.

    They get it, no doubt they get it, the problem is they don’t want to play that game. They are part of the whole corrupt system which means get along with the media. They have no desire to upset the gravey train. The problem isn’t being obtuse, it’s being corrupt.


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