Socialist Symone Sanders Violently Lashes Out Live On CNN

While she becomes emotionally unhinged quite often, CNN’s Symone Sanders hadn’t done so violently until Wednesday morning when it became clear that she’s very tired of losing and doesn’t know how to conduct herself anymore.

To start, let me be very clear about something: Unless you’re applauding me (which you have every reason to, often), if you slap your hands together while speaking to me then I’ll immediately disengage and write you off as someone incapable of having an adult conversation.

Clap talking, as it’s known, isn’t actually part of verbal communication. And it’s not body language. It’s a physical act of aggression used by people who can’t control their anger and thus use violence and intimidation when their words and ideas no longer work.

Normally the hand-slapping is kept to a rhythmic cadence that, while still aggressive and a signal of violence, is more annoying than threatening.

For unhinged socialist and CNN darling Symone Sanders, her anger boiled over and after trying once to slip into the rhythmic clap talk cadence — she eventually broke down and did the on-air equivalent of punching a wall.


It was difficult to watch because adults, especially those on morning news programs, should really be able to better contain their anger and violent/aggressive tendencies. And I can only imagine what Sanders would have done if she was in person. Would she be getting in the other guests’ personal space? Barking at them menacingly while violently slapping her hands in their faces?

It’s hard to imagine her being more composed if the objects of her anger were standing right in front of her.

Again: The slapping of the hands while speaking is already a violent gesture that is becoming normalized, right alongside the Left’s other violent tendencies. Because speech and reason no longer work for them, and they’re getting crushed in every sector.

It’s increasingly clear that the media and Democrats preferred socialist policies were intended to keep Americans poor and jobless, so — for example — socialist programs like Obamacare would be more “successful.” The more people who signed up for Obamacare, the more of a “success” it was. And the more poor and jobless people there were, the more would sign up for Obamacare. It’s not hard to see why what should have been a strong recovery was, under President Obama, instead designed to be slow and keep Americans in pain. And President Trump, along with his supporters and allies, proved that point beyond the shadow of any doubt with the economic boom that’s occurred since Obama left and Trump arrived.

And now people like Symone have no argument left. So they’re increasingly becoming violent in the streets. And the media ignores and, by default, enables that. And now we’re seeing even supposed professionals like Sanders unable to contain their violent aggression…even while live on air.

Of course she and her defenders will claim that it’s racist to use words like “violent” or “aggressive” when referring to a person who happens to be black. Are we supposed to just ignore the obvious, because of her skin color? If so, that sounds pretty damn racist to me. I don’t care what color you are. If you slap your hands together when you talk to me, an overt act of violent aggression because the words you’re using are entirely ineffective, then I disengage and deem you to be an idiot. And if you become unhinged like Symone Sanders did today, I’m going to re-engage and call you out for being a violent idiot who is incapable of adult conversation. And I’ll suggest that may be why no one is listening to you, and you can’t win elections, and your policies and behavior have resulted in you losing the Supreme Court for a generation or more.

Symone Sanders and her ilk are clearly tired of losing. And so they’re becoming increasingly unhinged and violent.

Meanwhile, the rest of America still isn’t tired of winning! And while watching the left melt down is admittedly a guilty pleasure, the overtly violent and aggressive gestures deserve to be called out.


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  1. Sanders has been a LOUD MOUTH since she was with Bernie’s campaign. Nothing new to see here other than an Idiot on full display. Why she still has a job in the media is what really surprises me.


  2. She does really appear to behave in stereotypical manner. She almost creates those stereotype images from the 1860’s as recreated by Hollywood in the 1930’s. To think she just joined the Biden team is worth noting.


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