Awkward Silence On CNN After Host’s Flagrant Partisanship

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin proved yet again why her network is the worst, as her attack on President Trump left her hosting several seconds of uncomfortable silence and a guest who had no clue how to respond.

Baldwin, like everyone at CNN, claims to be an impartial and neutral journalist.

As noted many times in the past, that — their claim of impartiality — is what makes CNN such an egregious assault on our collective national intellect.

But Wednesday afternoon, Baldwin’s already irreparable mask of impartiality came crashing yet again to the floor.

Watch as she inserts her flagrantly anti-Trump, pro-Resistance opinion in to the discussion — confusing her guest and leading to several seconds of uncomfortable silence.


It should go without saying, but: If Brooke wants to say she’s an impartial journalist, then she should act like one. And that doesn’t include coloring, contextualizing or characterizing the facts so they fit her preferred narrative.

And frankly, as a pro-Trump partisan (which I freely admit I am), this was one of President Trump’s better answers with respect to the Mueller investigation. He said what any innocent person would. Paraphrasing, “As long as the people involved tell the truth, then I have nothing to worry about.” And the tweet that Baldwin referenced only reinforced that point.

But she saw “BS” because she’s a parasite in the swamp that President Trump is so effectively draining. And he’s called her and her peers out for being the dishonest, partisan hacks that they are. And so, apparently, she’s done pretending to be an actual journalist. And she’s comfortable revealing herself to be a staunchly anti-Trump, pro-Resistance, swamp-over-country hack. I just wish she’d actually admit it out loud, instead of insulting everyone’s intelligence by pretending to be fair and neutral.

Just one more in the long list of reasons that CNN has become literally the least trusted and least watched name in news.


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