When We Said ‘Political Hacks Destroyed The FBI’s Credibility,’ We Meant It

With all the talk of the FBI settling a 36 year old sexual assault allegation on which Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination hangs in the balance, it’s important to remember that the intelligence community has very little credibility to a lot of us.

And it will likely be that way for a long time; a generation or more.

And forcing more IC down our throats, particularly on matters of glaring political relevance, isn’t going to change that.

To put it bluntly: When we said “The flagrant and well-documented political partisanship of intelligence community members like James Comey, John Brennan, Asha Rangappa and Phil Mudd has wiped out the IC’s credibility for generations,” we meant it.

It’s all too easy to predict: When Mueller is done, he’ll find exactly zero hard or actionable evidence of any wrongdoing by President Trump or anyone in his campaign with respect to the 2016 election. But he’ll still release a paragraph that’s short enough for Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd to read in its entirety several times throughout their daily programs. And the statement will be rife with carefully crafted language that will be easily weaponized as political ammunition that the media and Democrats can use against President Trump.

And anything the FBI touches that relates to politics in any way, will follow that same prescription.

Because the FBI — like academia and the media personalities who graduate from those environments — has been entirely overrun by a culture of anti-Liberty, pro-big government leftists.

I emphasize “a culture” because I know it’s not what’s actually in the hearts and minds of most who join. But like academia and the media, even they must play the part and nod along or risk being excommunicated from the obvious but unspoken enterprise mission.

And even if that’s not actually true, that’s my perception. And the perception of tens of millions of others just like me. And it’s not because of President Trump. It’s because of glaring partisanship from IC members while they were on the job, and glaring partisanship from former IC members who today spend their lives on cable TV trashing President Trump.

So when the Democrats and media say “We should just let the FBI investigate the Kavanaugh situation from 36 years ago,” it’s no better than saying “Let’s just wait and see what Adam Schiff decides.”

Yes, the media and Democrats also want the FBI involved because it will force a long delay in the confirmation process. And I’m confident that the agents assigned — as a nod to their retired brethren who spend all their time on cable news trashing Trump — will gladly oblige.

Because that’s their culture now. They’re not America’s intelligence community. They’re the swamp’s security, protection and public relations force. (The “swamp,” as defined here: Democrats, media, establishment Republicans, and the entire DC cesspool that feeds off of them.)

And I know there are good rank-and-file members in the intelligence community who would much prefer to work honorably on behalf of our nation, instead of being political tools. And thankfully, many of them are able to do that in important areas like counter-terrorism.

But give any one of them the opportunity to enter the political fray, and regardless of their personal beliefs — the culture among them now demands turning out results that discredit or damage President Trump and all who support him.

(And, like what Jake Tapper does as a media figure, any deviation from that will be a calculated ruse so they have something to hold up as evidence of their impartiality.)

It’s an incredible thing to see because the culture, for so long, stood high on principles of American exceptionalism like honor, integrity and freedom. And they’ll tell you that’s still the case. But deep down, as evidenced in the flagrant hatred that virtually all recent top IC brass hold for President Trump, the dominant belief across the entire IC is that those principles are doomed until they can restore to power the rightful status quo adherents (Hillary, Jeb, etc).

Just turn on your TV at any time of day, and you’ll find some former intelligence community professional excitedly trashing President Trump and all who support him.

Off the top of my head: Asha Rangappa, Phil Mudd, Josh Campbell, Michael Hayden. Today, these people put all their time and energy into stopping President Trump and usurping the will of the people. Yesterday, these people would have been the ones investigating sexual assault allegations from almost 40 years ago that need yield only a whiff of impropriety at any point in Kavanaugh’s life, to doom his ascent to SCOTUS.

Not evidence of impropriety. Certainly not evidence of sexual assault. Just a hint of impropriety — any impropriety — will do. Much like the Mueller investigation will conclude with respect to the 2016 election. Mueller’s statement, and the FBI’s on Kavanaugh if they get a chance to weigh in, will basically be the same:

We want to be clear: There is no evidence of any actual wrongdoing. But there are several apparent lapses in both integrity and judgment that merit more inspection which fell outside of our scope. We leave it to Congress and the American people to decide what’s next.

Enter Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd and the rest…

Folks you can’t get much more damning than this. This is the highest legal authority in the world telling you, in no uncertain terms, that [this person we don’t like] has questions surrounding his integrity and judgment. And that’s not evidence of wrongdoing. We get that. But is that really the person we as a nation want to elevate to this important role? In a nation of 320 million, isn’t there anyone better we can look to?

And so the story will go, over and over again, until the person being considered prescribes to their “Swamp First!” mentality.

And of course when that person who they approve comes along, like they’ve done repeatedly for both Obama and Hillary, any blemish on his/her record will be afforded light years of nuance and benefit of the doubt. They’ll have spent years implying based on sheer speculation that President Trump is actually a Russian spy. But when one of their approved choices comes along, there will be literally nothing they can’t or won’t explain away as unproven and thus immaterial. Because all at once they’ll all suddenly and steadfastly remember, “This is America! Innocent until proven guilty!”

So I’m sorry. I’m sorry to the rank-and-file, who are some of our nation’s best and brightest and got involved because they’re patriots who love our nation and want to make a positive difference.

Your entire community has been discredited by several bad actors. Some of them were your bosses, while others were rank-and-file like you. But they’ve all left the intelligence community and joined the pro-swamp, anti-Trump resistance. And now they spend all their time and energy calling President Trump a dirtbag, and his supporters idiots.

And we don’t think it’s funny. And we do believe they’re being sincere. And it means we don’t trust any of you, or the work you do. In fact we believe the partisanship of people like Asha Rangappa and Phil Mudd is so flagrant that it must be pervasive across your ranks. There’s just no way people like this can graduate from their posts among you, brag about their love of power and aversion to impartiality, and have that not be something that’s widely accepted as a norm throughout the intelligence community.

And if I’m wrong then you need to take it up with them.

Because thanks to them, most of us just don’t believe you anymore.


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  1. Your article is spot on and it’s still another reason why the real investigation has to be of the FBI and Justice Departments themselves as well as the CIA and other intelligence agencies. It must be exhaustive and go up to and including Obama’s Administration and the Hillary campaign with key higher ups being sentenced to serious prison time. Accountability breeds respect. Losing politicians and bureaucrats should not be granted immunity, or impunity.


  2. Today’s left (Democrats), in declaring Judge Kavanaugh guilty with little evidence, is similar to the Democrats in the south who, with little evidence declared guilty a black man for daring to speak to or assault a white woman. Democrats do not change much.


  3. […] Almost every week there’s new information that further validates the right’s distrust of the clearly politicized FBI and its cohort branches. And every week we remind you — media, Democrats, Jeff Flake, etc — that thanks to Comey, McCabe, Strzok and the rest, the FBI’s credibility is shot for a generation or more. And every week you nod along with us, insisting that you understand our lament and that when Comey, Clapper, Brennan and the rest go out there and show their partisan stripes, it’s no wonder so few of us have any faith left in the institutions they recently held total sway over. And yet here we are being told that only the FBI can assure an impartial and honest outcome. No thanks! I wrote a separate piece about that and you can read it here: When We Said ‘Political Hacks Destroyed The FBI’s Credibility, We Meant It! […]


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