Resistance Chuck Todd Humiliated; Gets Lesson In Honesty From FEMA Administrator

After joining his media peers in trying to exploit and politicize the Puerto Rican death count, NBC’s Chuck Todd got educated and embarrassed by Brock Long (FEMA’s respectful and intellectually honest head honcho).

The flooding of facts, nuance and fairness occurred during a segment of “Meet The Press,” where Resistance Chuck being humiliated has become a regular occurrence.

While the media and Democrats have spent months trying to crucify President Trump by writing fiction about the fallout from Hurricane Maria (which happened exactly one year ago today), intellectually honest observers were able to see through the flagrant exploitation and politicization. And now that the conversation has become more public, FEMA Administrator Brock Long has entered the fray to offer some long overdue insight about where the media and Democrats are getting things wrong.

At the center of Long’s expert insight is the difference between “direct” and “indirect” deaths after a weather event.

For all of modernity, the death count from a hurricane has been measured by direct deaths, described by Long as “the wind, the water and the waves.”

Makes sense, right?

But in this new definition being pushed by the media who are colluding with liberal academia to divide our nation and usurp the will of the people, the death count includes indirect deaths as well. And Long gives us a few examples of those, noting “The George Washington University study looked at what happened six months after the fact. And what happens is … you might see more deaths indirectly occur as time goes on because people have heart attacks due to stress, they fall off their house trying to fix their roof, they die in car crashes because they went through an intersection when the stop lights weren’t working.”

Long’s point is one that virtually all fair-minded observers would agree with: Deaths from a weather event are deaths that happen during or in the immediate aftermath of that event. Not those that happen weeks, months or years later.


Deaths that occur in the weeks, months and years after the weather event is long over can’t fairly be described as “because of” the event. They are, at best, incidentally related. And in this specific case, Puerto Rico’s third world infrastructure — thanks to their own incompetent and corrupt politicians, like Carmen Yulin Cruz — merits far more blame than the hurricane and FEMA’s response, combined.

That’s why no one is still counting deaths in Houston after Hurricane Harvey, which occurred around the same time. And that’s why no one should still be counting deaths in Puerto Rico and blaming them on Hurricane Maria. Because at this point you’re not actually auditing how many people died from the weather event. You’re auditing the stability of the region to absorb the impact, and the seriousness and preparedness of efforts by local officials (i.e. politicians, like Carmen Yulin Cruz) to mitigate the loss of life after such an event occurs.

But the media, Democrats, and persistently spineless establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan — with help from their science-bastardizing friends in academia — will continue doing their best to change the rules and politicize real tragedy. And no matter the event, the reason is the same: They are all parasites in the swamp that President Trump is busy draining. He’s proven them all to be useless grifters who for generations have gotten fat and happy while lying to and about We The People, and doing nothing more than protecting and enriching themselves at our expense. And so they must destroy President Trump in order to save themselves, and this is just yet another in their long list of failed attempts to do so.


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  1. Fact is, their Governor and FEMA had a General Contractor (who in turn had an army of utility crews on the ready) to come down and rebuilt their broken Third World power grid right after the storm, but that Socialist idiot Mayor of San Juan, Carmen, said “No thank you, that small company can’t fix our power grid, they are too small” – So, she got her wish…. still a broken third world power grid. Guess she was getting stoned when they taught the concept of a “General Contractor” in school.

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